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Welcome to the ACF Website!

     Due to personal circumstances beyond my control, I am in the process of resigning from all checker positions, including President of the World Checker Draught Federation.

     I am requesting that the officers of the WCDF select my replacement at the next WCDF Meeting. During the interim I have requested that Alan Millhone act as my assistant and moderator. Please send all correspondence relating to decisions, votes, etc. to Alan Millhone with a copy to me.

     On a positive note it pleases me that the WCDF is now established and very close to uniting with the FMJD to create a stronger global checker organization, and objective that I have had since 1980.

     In regards to the ICHF, Mrs. Carolyn Lucas has agreed to complete the final issue of the Checkers Magazine whcih will be available later this year. This issue will be $25.00 plus $5.00 for shipping. Those who are interested may send their check and order to the ICHF, P. O. Box 365, Petal, MS 39465.

     Over the last 25 years, we believe the ICHF has served its purpose and will soon officially close its doors. The accumulated books and memorabilia will be stored until an appropriate home and suitable location can be found. We believe the Chess and Checker Exhibit at the Cleveland, Ohio Library may be a possibility.

     Checkers has been and will always be an important part of my life. My wife and I ask that you remember us in your prayers as well as the checker promoters and officials around the world. Please continue to support the game. With your continued enthusiastic help organized checkers will survive and flourish.

     May the Good Lord Bless and Keep Each of You until we meet again.

Charles Walker
President, WCDF
Founder, ICHF

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