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  Tribute: John F. "Jack" Meade John Francis "Jack" Meade was born near Holbrook, Iowa, the son of William T. and Margaret (Ruth) Meade, on July 27, 1924. He graduated from Parnell High School. Jack farmed near Holbrook for a number of years and then moved to Long Beach, California, where he was a mail carrier for 25 years.

Jack was a member of St. Matthew's Catholic Church of Long Beach, where he attended mass every day, and of the Knights of Columbus. He enjoyed playing checkers and all kinds of card games.

Jack Meade passed away on August 25, 2003, at the age of 79 years and 28 days old. He is survived by six siblings and their spouses. Burial was in St. Michael's Cemetary, Holbrook, Iowa.

Submitted by Jack's brother, Wayne Meade.

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