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  Tournament Fun for Everyone, by Don Deweber

For those that have never attended a checker tournament, I would surely recommend that you do so. One may feel that such events are only for the better players - their names are like everyday household words for many of us - but this perception is entirely untrue. These annual get togethers are really fun for everyone regardless of your level of play. The comradery that is experienced, not only in playing checkers but also through the intermingling with the notables of our game is like taking a walk in checker history. The old-time players are virtual encyclopedias of knowledge. Their stories of the personalities of the game command one's attention, and their play across the board leaves one spellbound in amazement.

Nobody loses in these events, for the memories of the cast of characters that you meet will be treasured more than the winning of any game. What better way to meet a group of nice guys, make a new friend or two, and get to play checkers all at the same time. I hope to see you there soon, so please try to take in the next checker tournament in your area, for "Tournament Fun For Everyone."

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