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Tournament Results

ACF 3-Move National Tournament 2004 August 1st - 6th , 2004

The ACF 3-Move National Tournament was held August 1-6.

Master Division Prizes: 1st: $1800, 2nd: $750, 3rd: $325 4th-6th: $170.
Clayton Nash received the Youth Trophy.
Mac Banks paid his entry fee but was unable to play.

Major Division Prizes: 1st: $500, 2nd: 275, 3rd: $225. 4th-5th: $175, 6th: 100.
John Post received a copy of Charles Walkerís 2003 Checkers Annual for being the youngest player in the tourney.

Minor Division Prizes: 1st: $200, 2nd: $200, 3rd: $100 4th: $75 5th: $60, 6th: $50. Wilma Wolverton and Jen Kelton qualified to enter the WCDF Womenís Three-Move Tourney.
Kevin Shearer and Bobby Smith withdrew.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)28--
2 Richard Hallett (FL)22--
3 Elbert Lowder (USA)20--
4 Ed Bruch (NY)18138
5 Rich Beckwith (OH)18136
6 Jim Morrison (KY)18130
7 Clayton Nash (MS)16122
8 Tim Laverty (NC)16114
9 John Webster (NC)16110
10 Earl Morrison(CAN)14126
11 Gene Lindsay (TN)14118
12 Gerry Lopez (CA)14106
13 Alan Millhone (OH)10--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Joe Schwartz (FL)30--
2 Clint Olsen (CAN)24--
3 Ryan Pronk (MN)22--
4 Larry Jordan (AR)18100
5 Phil Schwartzberg (NY)1884
6 Larry Atwood (ND)16--
7 John Post (AR)16--
8 Johnny Barham (AR)16--
9 Bob Murr (CO)14--
10 Roy Reed (KS)1481
11 Ken Schultz (TN)1479
12 Wade Holder (NC)12--
13 Paul Lyons (CA)10--
14 Doug Hughson (MI)10--
15 Mike Heckert (CAN)8--
16 Dustin Shearer (MN)16--Withdrew


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Dennis Cayton (VA)26146
2 Andy Metze (SC)26142
3 Jaden Pretzlaw (CAN)24--
4 Teal Stanley (NC)22--
5 Jason Solan (PA)20--
6 John Gibson(CA)18--
7 Paul Dingler (NC)16144
8 Warren Meacham (CA)16128
9 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)16124
10 Dallas Ramsey (AL)16110
11 Francesco La Rocca(NY)14124
12 Wilma Wolverton (MO)14112
13 George Stallsworth (NE)1498
14 Patrick Parker(LA)1492
15 Michael Fly (MS)8--
16 Jen Kelton (IL)6--
17 Kevin Shearer (MN)14--Withdrew
18 Bobby Smith (IL)----Withdrew

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