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Tournament Results

District 1 Tournament June 21st , 2003

The District 1 Tournament was held on June 21, 2003, in Melrose, Massachusetts. Mike Magnelli retained his District 1 Title by winning the tournament with 15 points and 42 honor points, just two points ahead of 17-year-old Henrique da Costa! Mr. Magnelli, who recently moved from Massachusetts to Rhode Island, is the new Rhode Island State Champion. Young da Costa is now Massachusetts State Champion. In third place was Al Darrow who narrowly defended his Connecticut State Title on honor points over fourth place finisher Jim Bracnaro. Congratulations, Mike, Henrique, and Al!

The American Checker Federation also welcomes Henrique da Costa as a new member. Here are the complete results of the District 1 Tournament.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Mike Magnelli (RI)1542
2 Henrique da Costa (MA)1540
3 Al Darrow (CT)1351
4 Jim Bracnaro (CT)1336
5 Eric Reid (MA)11--
6 Bill Wheeler (MA)1052
6 Wally Gavin (MA)1052
8 Bill Cox, Jr. (CT)9--
9 Will Kozak (CT)4--

Prairie Checker Tournament December 20th , 2003

The Prairie Checker Tournament was held December 20, 2003, in Sedalia, Missouri. George Cook won the event. Way to go, George! Roy Reed and Howard Steiner withdrew before the fourth and final round. Here are the results.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 George Cook (MO)1131
2 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)1127
3 Wayne Miller (MO)1034
4 George Stallsworth (NE)1031
5 Chris Weiland (MO)928
6 Wilma Wolverton (MO927
7 Roy Reed (KS)8--
8 George Juhl (MO)7--
9 Howard Steiner (MO)6--
10 Kim Willis (MO)5--
11 John Maasen (MO)4--
12 Richard Brownfield (MO)2--

Gould / Fortman Tournament January 10th , 2004

The Gould / Fortman Tournament was held in Pocahontas, Illinois, on January 10, 2004. Two new checker players competed - Ed Bucker from near Indianapolis, Indiana, and Ted Dorris of St. Louis, Missouri. They both made a very respectable showing. Returning were Gene Rader and Bill Henson. They had been unable to attend some recent tournaments due to physical complications and family reasons. In addition to nine players from Illinois, there were one Indiana player, one Kentucky player, and two Missouri players in attendance.

Special thanks goes to Bobby Smith and Roger Doll for their work in making this tournament possible. Bobby has always been a great checker promoter, and Roger is following in his footsteps. Of course, also in attendance were John Grisley, Bill Henson, Gene Ellison and Gary Ellison, all people who have put great effort into the tournaments hosted in recent years in Marion, Illinois and Mount Vernon, Illinois. And let's not forget that Gene Rader is and has been a promoter of tournaments in Wentzville, Missouri, ably assisted by Chris Weiland.

The players had a wonderful time at a great (even if slightly expensive) restaurant. Congratulations goes to Gene Ellison for winning the tournament and to Willis Shewcraft for winning his name on the Gould/Fortman Trophy for the third straight time. Here are the tournament results.

Note: Kenneth Ellison tied for second in regulation play but lost in a playoff.

Class A

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Gene Ellison11--
2 Gary Ellison10--
3 Kenneth Ellison10--
4 John Grisley7--
5 Howard Hoover1--

Class B

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Willis Shewcraft13--
2 Morris Pettijohn11--
3 Gene Rader939
4 Bobby Smith931
5 Ted Dorris8--
6 Ed Bucker7--
7 Bill Henson5--
8 Jennifer Kelton2--

Big Board Tournament February 7th , 2004

Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. held its first combined Big Board Tournament on Saturday, Feb 7, 2004, beginning at noon. The tournament had eleven entrants from both cities. The entrants were Rev. William Moore, Sam Hewauitharana (a native of Nepal, India, residing in the District of Columbia), Fletcher Clark of Baltimore, "The Great" Freddie Owens, Michael Albert, Johnny "Big Board" Coleman, Danny "The 800 Pound Gorilla" Lowe, Curtis Brothers, Tal Roberts, Robert Findley, and William "The Professor" Hill.

The tournament provided many thrills and a few surprises. One of the first surprises was that only a few entrants finished all of their games. A bigger surprise was the first, second, and third place winners. William Hill was the first place winner with 60 points, a major upset. In second place was Danny Lowe with 56 points. In third place was Johnny Coleman with 52 points. Another surprise was that neither Freddie Owens, Michael Albert, nor Robert Findley placed in the money. In all fairness, it must be pointed out that most of the players did not get to finish their games, but the three top scoring players did finish their games. If all players had completed their games, the results may have been different.

The biggest surprise of all was the game between Freddie Owens and Tal Roberts. Freddie Owens hit Roberts with a shot. As Roberts was staggering around the ring, Owens was measuring him for the knock-out. Freddie threw a "hay-maker" at Roberts and hit himself on the chin! Before Freddie recovered from his own blow to the chin, Roberts was able to recover and delivered the knock-out to Owens. Will wonders never cease!

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 William Hill60--
2 Danny Lowe56--
3 Johnny Coleman52--
4 Freddie Owens48--
5 Michael Albert46--
6 Curtis Brothers34--
7 Tal Roberts28--
8 Robert Findley20--
9 Sam Hewauitharana18--
10 William Moore4--

Arkansas Open (Coy Parsley Memorial) Tournament February 21st , 2004

The Arkansas Open (Coy Parsley Memorial) Tournament was held on February 21, 2004, in Newport Arkansas. Here are the results:


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jerry Childers (AR)16--
2 John Post (AR)14--
3 Larry Jordan (AR)13--
4 J. B. Morris (AR)12--
5 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)11--
6 John O"Neal (MO)1061
7 Craig Ward (AR)1051


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Michael Stewart (MS)949
2 Dwain Griffin (AR)940
3 Richard Drake (AR)8--
4 Nick Williams (MS)5--
5 Mike Chamberlin (MS)3--

Tennessee Open Tournament March 5th - 7th , 2004

The Tennessee Open Tournament was held in Lebanon, Tennessee, on March 5 - 7, 2004. Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning the tournament with an astounding 26 points after ten wins and six draws! Larry Keen finished in second place with 19 points and is the new Tennessee State Champion. Here are the complete results:


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev26--
2 Larry Keen19--
3 Hugh Burton18--
4 Gene Lindsay17--
5 Clayton Nash16140
6 John Webster16129
7 Albert Tucker16119
8 Herbert Reed15133
9 Michael Holmes15131
10 Alan Millhone15122
11 Don West14--
12 Lisle Cormier13125
13 Don Brattin13112
14 Robert Shuffett----Withdrew


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ryan Pronk21--
2 John Estes20152
3 Larry Pollard20141
4 Jonathan Chappell19138
5 Kris Gordon19138
6 Doug Hughson19116
7 Wayne Jackson18137
8 Arwood Smith18118
9 Cody Short17139
10 Frank Davis17135
11 Matt Ward16--
12 Ken Christian14--
13 Ken Shultz13110
14 Lynn Steelman13101
15 Byron Woolum12--
16 Dale Headrick8--
17 Ralph Agee----Withdrew
18 Aaron McRay----Withdrew
19 Hollis McClard----Withdrew
20 Arnold Cook----Withdrew


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Bill McClintock24--
2 Wade Holder22--
3 Mike Ross20--
4 Paul Dingler19159
5 Willis Shewcraft19144
6 Teal Stanley19144
7 Gayle Helterbrand19134
8 Jim Stokes19128
9 Morris Pettijohn18--
10 Tom Holmes17125
11 Perry McCracken17121
12 Dallas Ramsey16141
13 Jim Relifors16134
14 Bobby Smith16124
15 Bob Hazelip16117
16 John O"Neal15144
17 J. R. Smith15120
18 Taylor Hayden15110
19 Bobby Rice14--
20 Leonard Hickman13--
21 Kim Willis12--
22 Justin Brown11--
23 Deborah Burge10--
24 Henry Frugard6--
25 Dennis Bullington (W/D)----Withdrew

Illinois State Tournament April 3rd - 4th , 2004

The Illinois State Tournament was held on April 3 - 4, 2004. Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning the tournament and to Cody Short for being named Illinois State Champion. Here are the complete results:

Class A

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)21--
2 Richard Beckwith (OH)20--
3 Ryan Pronk (MN)18--
4 Don West (KY)1794
5 Cody Short (IL)1793
6 Durwood Fogle (IL)1789
7 Herbert Reed (KY)1697
7 Clayton Nash (MS)1697
9 Albert Tucker (LA)15103
10 Gary Ellison (IL)15101
11 Joe Tucker (MO)1588
12 Brian Hinkle (MO)1583
13 Floyd Wilson (MO)1495
13 Byron Woolum (KY)1495
15 Robert Shuffett (KY)1479
16 Alan Millhone (OH)1381
17 Clyde McFarland (IN)1376
18 Nathan Gogo (IL)1292
19 Kris Gordon (GA)1288
20 Ted Meriwether (KY)1278
21 Gene Ellison (IL)1198
22 Dallas Ramsey (AL)1183
23 Bill Wethington (MO)1178
24 John Grisley (IL)1170
25 Richard Baker (IL)----
26 Bryceson Page (IL)----Withdrew

Class B

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Morris Pettijohn (OH)20103
2 LeRoy Wilder (MO)2098
3 Neil Wenberg (PA)18--
4 Flavious Burgess (KY)1793
4 Denny Bullington (IN)1793
6 Ken Christian (TN)1771
7 Bob Smith (IL)1691
8 Byron Polanco (IL)1682
9 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)15104
10 Roger Blaine (IN)1586
11 Howard Hoover (IL)14104
12 Bob Rice (KY)1498
13 Bill Hensen (IL)1394
14 John O'Neal (MO)1391
15 Jennifer Kelton (IL))12--
16 Roger Doll (IL)11--
17 Ed Bucker (IN)10--
18 Kim Willis (MO)9--
19 Stephen Laxson (IL)8--
20 Ben Beggs (IL)4--

Georgia Open Tournament April 16th - 18th , 2004

The Georgia Open Tournament was held in Calhoun, Georgia, on April 16 - 18, 2004. Congratulations to Tim Laverty for winning the tournament and to Teal Stanley for dominating the Major Division. See you in the Master Division next year, Teal! Here are the complete results:


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Tim Laverty29--
2 Clayton Nash23--
3 Harvey Kelley21--
4 Lisle Cormier20--
5 Kris Gordon17--
5 Cody Short17--
7 Lamar McBrayer14--
8 Lynn Steelman----


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Teal Stanley27--
2 Dale Hedrick25--
3 Dallas Ramsey22--
4 Archie Marcotte21--
5 Mike Ross20--
6 Wade Holder17--
7 Ashley Gordon7--
8 Terry Short5--

Greensboro, North Carolina Tournament April 24th , 2004

The Greensboro, North Carolina Tournament was held on April 24, 2004, at the home of Bill McClintock in Greensboro, North Carolina. Here are the results:

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Bill McClintock17--
2 Larry Michael13--
2 Wade Holder13--
4 Teal Stanley12--
4 Fred Church12--
6 Joe McClellan9--
6 Mike Ross9--
6 Jeff Webster9--
9 J. R. Smith8--
10 Bill Stanley7--
10 Clint Pickard7--
12 John Cock4--

District 8 and Oklahoma State Tournament April 24th - 25th , 2004

The District 8 and Oklahoma State Tournament was held on April 24 - 25, 2004, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Ed King of Texas won the tournament and becomes the new District 8 Champion. Luther Stubblefield placed third overall and, as the highest finishing Oklahoma resident, takes over the Oklahoma State Title. Both titles were formally held by Wayne Gober of Oklahoma. Congratulations, Ed and Luther!

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ed King20--
2 Albert Tucker1797
3 Luther Stubblefield1795
4 Steve Graham15--
5 Earl Sweatmon14--
6 Jody Dragoo1387
7 Earl Harvel1385
8 Roy Little1384
9 C. C. Feightner982
10 Dave Rawson979

Minnesota State Tournament May 1st - 2nd , 2004

The Minnesota State Tournament was held on May 1 - 2, 2004, in Bloomington, Minnesota. Congratulations to Ryan Pronk for winning the tournament and becoming the new Minnesota State Champion! Here are the complete results:

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ryan Pronk19--
2 Dustin Kunene18--
3 Dustin Shearer15--
4 Morris Pettijohn10--
5 Kevin Shearer9--
6 Robert S. Vanatta1--

German Open May 1st - 2nd , 2004

The German Open was held in the Haus der Jugend in Reutlingen
Comment about 3 rd and 4 th Dennis Pawlek lost the head to head against John Morgan.
The German Lady Champion is: Agnes Podgorska
The German National Champion is: Dennis Pawlek
The German Youth Champion is: Vanessa Lumpp

The final standings of the top 5 in the master section are:


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Danny Oliphant15--
2 John Reade14--
3 John Morgan11--
4 Dennis Pawlek11--
5 Leo Springer9--

67th Annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival Checker Tournament May 7th - 8th , 2004

The 67th Annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival Checker Tournament was held on May 7 - 8, 2004, in Humboldt, Tennessee. The tournament was organized by Hugh Burton and Larry Keen. A nice playing room, refreshments, and lunch were provided for all participants. Congratulations to Albert Tucker for winning the "A" Class and to Matthew Clark for winning the "B" Class! Here are the complete results:

Class A

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Albert Tucker19--
2 Gene Lindsay15--
3 Arwood Smith15--
4 Anthony Bishop14--
5 Larry Pollard14--
6 Joe Tucker7--

Class B

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Matthew Clark20--
2 Wayne Jackson19--
3 Frank Davis19--
4 Kris Gordon18--
5 Flavious Burgess15--
6 Billy Perry13--
7 Ted Meriwether11--
8 Willis Shewcraft10--
9 Orbra Hawkins8--

Missouri State Checker Tournament May 8th - 9th , 2004

The Missouri State Checker Tournament was held on May 8 - 9, 2004. Leon Kwiatkowski and the Missouri Checker Association each donated $100 to the $445 venue bid. In addition, the prize fund received $190 from tournament entry fees.

The Expert Class played a round robin and so had no honor points. Congratulations to Michael Holmes for winning the Expert Class and to Roger Hampton for winning the "A" Class. Bill Wethington, as the highest finishing Missouri resident, earns the Missouri State Title. Here are the complete results:

Expert Class

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Michael Holmes22--
2 Ryan Pronk21--
2 Bill Wethington21--
4 Floyd Wilson16--
5 Chris Weiland9--
5 Gayle Helterbrand9--
7 Leroy Wilder7--
7 Gene Rader7--

Class A

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Roger Hampton20--
2 Morris Pettijohn19--
3 Arthur Mays18--
4 Wilma Wolverton16107
5 Bobby Smith16105
6 Howard Hoover16104
7 Bill Henson1696
8 Richard Brownfield13--
9 Kim Willis11104
10 Tim Shelton1189
11 Jen Kelton8--

NC State Open May 13th - 15th , 2004

The North Carolina State Open was held May 13th through the 15th in Kinston, North Carolina. This was a swiss style tournament with seven rounds.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Elbert Lowder26--
2 Bill McClintock20110
3 Tim Laverty2096
4 H. O. Baldree2086
5 Jeff Webster18--
6 Roger Creech16110
6 Wade Holder16110
8 Teal Stanley1698
9 Ben Jones1690
10 Paul Dingler14108
11 "Bud" IZ Cobb1496
12 Cecil Lowe12110
13 Fred A. Buchanan1258
14 Buck Smith1254Late Entry
15 Mike Ross1232Late Entry
16 Clint Packard10--
17 J.R. Smith876
18 David Heath870
19 Bill Stanley4--
20 Richard M. "Ricky" Brown12--Withdrew
21 Larry Michael10--Withdrew
22 Bill Richardson----Withdrew

Mississippi State Checker Tournament May 29th , 2004

The Mississippi State Checker Tournament was held on May 29, 2004, in Petal, Mississippi, at the International Checker Hall of Fame. Congratulations is in order for Bill Parker, who notched his first Mississippi Tournament win ever after 26 years of trying! Here are the complete results:


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Bill Parker26--
2 Dallas Ramsey24--
3 Clifton Daniels23--
4 Michael Stewart20--
5 William Pitts18--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Gary Bankston18--
2 Dr. Fasol9--
3 Alex Darby5--

Barbados Open June 6th - 12th , 2004

The Barbados Open was held June 6th through the 12th as part of the Randolph Field International Draughts & Checkers Festival.
Ron King emerged the winner with good competition from American Michael Holmes.

For more information visit

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ron King17--
2 Michael Holmes16--
3 Carson Farley13--
4 Richard Grazette12--
5 Michael Barker12--
6 Clayton Nash12--
7 Don Cadogan11--
8 Alan Millhone10--
9 Sean Philips9--
10 Nathaniel Grosvenor9--
11 Anthony Fergusson9--
12 Junior Walrond9--
13 Olwen Weekes8--
14 Wilfred Fredericks8--
15 DaCoursey Simpson7--
16 Bill Dobbins7--
17 Charles Pinder6--
18 John Walcott3--

Fifth District and Alabama State Tournament June 11th - 12th , 2004

The Fifth District and Alabama State Tournament was held on June 11 - 12, 2004, in Decatur, Alabama. Congratulations to Robert Shuffett and Frank Davis for winning the tournament and to Larry Pollard for defending as Alabama State Champion! Nolie Ramsey, at nine years old, won the Women's Alabama and Fifth District titles. Frank Davis was elected Fifth District President by the tournament participants. Here are the complete results:

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Robert Shuffett28--
1 Frank Davis28--
3 Larry Pollard23--
4 Neil Austin20--
4 Clifford Daniels20--
6 Clyde Hallmark18--
7 Malcolm Stancil16--
8 Dallas Ramsey14--
9 Nolie Ramsey1--
10 Byron Woolum----Withdrew

Third District and Pennsylvania Open Tournament June 12th - 13th , 2004

The Third District and Pennsylvania Open Tournament was held on June 12 - 13, 2004, in Grove City, Pennsylvania. Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning the tournament and to Tony Kozenski for winning the Third District and Pennslyvania State titles! This was the first tournament for Mark Apostolou and Darynn Flango.

A prize of $435 was awarded with donations from Steve Holliday, Leon Kwiatkowski, Joe Caro, Don Guy, Terry Mazzocco, and Tony Kozenski. Here are the complete results:

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)22--
2 Richard Beckwith (OH)19--
3 Ed Bruch (NY)18--
4 Tony Kozenski (PA)17--
5 Louis Cowie (OH)16--
6 Jason Solan (PA)14--
7 Doug Hughson (MI)1398
8 Neil Wenberg (PA)1390
9 Don Guy (DE)12--
10 Joe Caro (PA)1182
11 Mark Apostalou (NJ)1175
12 Darynn Flango (PA)2--

Womens World Qualifier June 13th - 17th , 2004

Jan Mortimer wins the Women's World Qualifying Tournament held in Barbados. Winning this tournament gives Jan the right to challenge Patricia Breen for the Woman's World title. Jan finished well ahead of 2nd place finisher Joyann Branch. Congratulations to Kimberly Willis on a third place finish.
Congratulations and best of luck to Jan Mortimer as she prepares for her world title match.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jan Mortimer27--
2 Joyann Branch21--
3 Kimberly Willis18--
4 Samantha Holder13--
5 Precious James11--
6 Sabrina Bovell10--
7 Ronelle King8--
8 Monica Hinkson----

Texas State Open Tournament June 18th - 19th , 2004

The Texas State Open Tournament was held on June 18 - 19, 2004, in Brownwood, Texas. Texas has a new State Champion! Ed King's reign has ended, at least for now. Ed has won the Texas Championship every year since Professor Cravens left this world. Congratulations go to Rupert Boeselt who has re-entered the checker world! Rupert, who was a state champion in the past and has beaten many great players, finished with 22 points.

The tournament had a strong turnout even with the noted absence of the Oklahoma players. In attendance were 13 players, including two new members of the American Checker Federation. Here are the complete results:

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Rupert Boeselt22--
2 Ed King18--
3 Curtis Chambers1798
4 Doyle Brownlee1788
5 Jody Dragoo16--
6 Steve Graham1396
7 Earl Harvel1383
8 Glen Welsh1381
9 Alan Sellers1379
10 David Fiedler1364
11 Hugh Hawkins1090
12 Vic Graham1065
13 Wayne Maass9--

Burlington, North Carolina June 19th , 2004

The Burlington, North Carolina Annual Tournament was held on June 19, 2004, in Burlington, North Carolina. Joe McClellan won the tournament on honor points over Wade Holder. Here are the complete results:

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Joe McClellan1550
2 Wade Holder1548
3 Teal Stanley14--
4 Bill McClintock13--
5 Fred Church1149
6 Neil Wenberg1145
7 Bob Rose1137
8 L. W. Newsome1157
9 Mike Ross849
10 J. R. Smith836
11 T. W. Stanley4--
12 Lynne Oliver2--

District 1 and Massachusetts State Checker Tournament June 26th , 2004

Mike repeats as District 1 and Rhode Island Champion. Al Darrow is still Connecticut Champion but Bill Cox is improving fast. Eric Reid is the new Massachusetts Champion. Eric has been improving steadily and is close to the top of our group. Bill Wheeler did an excellent job running the tourney. Freeman is still convalescing, but his wife Sally put out and great buffet for the players. The Connecticut turnout was due to the promoting efforts of former CT Champ, Jim Bracnaro. The group was small but, as usual, we had a pleasant social event. This is one of the best characteristics of checker tourneys. They can be fun for everyone!

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Mike Magnelli (RI)16--
2 Al Darrow (CT)15--
3 Eric Reid (MA)13--
4 Bill Cox (CT)12--
5 Bill Wheeler (MA)9--
6 Jim Bracnaro (CT)8--
7 Wally Galvin (MA)6--
8 Bill Kozak (CT)1--

2004 National 100-Square Checker Tournament June 27th - July 3rd , 2004

Kolman Turiy drew with Robert Capriata, and Igor Rybakov drew with Willem Blyheid in the seventh and final round of the American International Checkers Society tournament in Bloomington, Minnesota, on July 2. This set up a tie between the two top masters with 11 points, and a tie for third between Capriata and Jake Kacher, right behind at 10. Kacher defeated Milton Young, and Lyublyana Turiy drew with Johnnie Coleman in other final games. Turiy took the first-place trophy by a coin flip after all tie-break systems came out equal. This was one of the closest and hotly contested championships on record, according to AICS President Warren Williams. Herbert Burrell, Louisiana, defeated Ryan Pronk, Minnesota, in the final game of the Major section, and tied with his brother Joe Burrell for top spot.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
3 Robert Capriata10--
4 Jake Kacher10--
5 Willem Blyheid7--
6 Lyublyana Turiy4--
7 Johnnie Coleman2--
8 Milton Young1--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
3 Ryan Pronk4--
4 Roger Blaine----

Cabool, Mo Tournament July 5th , 2004

The Cabool Missouri Tournament was held July 5th. Ivan Burtch and James Newberry tied for first.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ivan Burtch (MO)14--
1 James Newberry (MO)14--
3 J. B. Morris (AR)12--
4 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)10--
5 Quint Hodges (AR)6--
6 Richard Brownfield (MO)4--

Southern States Open Tournament July 8th - 11th , 2004

The Southern States Tournament was held July 8th - 11th in Lebanon, Tn. Here are the results.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Tim Laverty26--
2 John Webster25--
3 Clayton Nash25--
4 Elbert Lowder24--
5 Gene Lindsay24--
6 Joe Schwartz22--
7 Alan Millhone17--
8 Dr. Robert Shuffett13--
9 Albert Tucker9--Withdrew after 7


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 John Estes29--
2 Frank Davis28--
3 Bill McClintock25--
4 Ralph Agee23--
5 Ken Christian22--
6 Roy Little21--
7 Wade Holder20--
8 Ken Schultz9--
9 Doug Hughson8--Withdrew after 7


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Dale Hedrick30--
2 Teal Stanley29--
3 Paul Dingler25--
4 Gayle Helterbrand25--
5 Leonard Hickman21--
6 Hollis McCloud19--
7 Royce Barnett17--
8 Josh Armstrong11--12 years old
9 Bill Shoffner5--withdrew after 4
10 Tom Stegall3--withdrew after 3

7th District Tournament July 10th , 2004

The 7th District Tournament was held July 10, 2004 in Bethany, Mo. It was a round-robin event in which Durwood Fogle won the tournament. Ryan Pronk is the District 7 winner as high resident. Robert Couch was 3rd on tiebreaker (won head-to-head).

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Durwood Fogle (IL)17--
2 Ryan Pronk (MN)16--
3 Robert Couch (MO)9--
4 Gary Hinerman (MO)9--
5 John Pestal (NE)5--
6 Arden Wilson (IA)4--

Arkansas State Checker Tournament July 11th - 12th , 2004

The Arkansas State Checker Tournament was held July 11-12, 2004 in Newport Arkansas. Jerry Childers wins the majors division and is Arkansas State Champion. Congratulations to all participants


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jerry Childers22--Arkansas State Champ
2 Larry Jordan18--
3 Richard Drake16112
4 Obra Hawkins16103
5 Gayle Helterbrand15--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ted Meriwether15--
2 Johnny Barham14113
3 John Post14101
4 Joe Tucker13--
5 Craig Ward6--
6 Hugh Hawkins6--Withdrew after 4th Rd
7 Jon Hawks3--Withdrew after 4th Rd

National Pool Checkers Tournament July 12th - 16th , 2004

Unofficial results on National Tournament in Memphis, July 12-16, 2004:

Calvin Monroe, Atlanta, took the Top Masters title in American Pool
Checkers by edging out last year's champion Al "East Point" Barnett, also of
Atlanta, 108 points to 106. (Our earlier bulletin said that "East Point"
was not present, but he arrived late Tuesday night and started playing on
A huge table full of trophies was awarded in addition to cash prizes at
the awards dinner on Friday night, July 16. At the moment we have only
incomplete standings, but the top 6 in each division were:
**Note: Point totals missing in masters division, as there were some last-minute
corrections in this division

Top Masters

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Calvin Monroe, Atlanta108--
2 Al Barnett, Atlanta106--
3 Elton Williams, Flint, Mich.102--
4 Henry Miller----90+ points
5 Charlie Brown, Wash. D.C.----90+ points
6 Al Lambert, Chicago90--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 David Jackson, Macon, Ga----
2 Eddie Danzy, Detroit----
3 Clinton Thang----
4 Donald Jackson, Macon, Ga----
5 Fred Shurn, Chicago----
6 Eugene Hampton, Indianapolis----

Junior Masters

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jesse Sherfield, Memphis84--
2 Keith Goodman, Georgia,80--
3 Lonnie Miller, Memphis72--
4 Tim Moore, D.C----
5 Thomas Fletcher, D.C----
6 Robert Thomas, Piedmont, N.C.----

Gold Bar

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Freddie Lambert, Piedmont114--
2 Avie Sharp, Midwest Ohio112--
3 Kim Williams, Piedmont110--
4 Howard McLeod, Piedmont----
5 Paul Haskins, Detroit----
6 Ron Jackson, Macon----

Blue Ribbon

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Robert Hunt, Macon144--
2 Charles L. White, Memphis----106+ points
3 Ernest Lipscomb, Piedmont106--
4 Walter Murphy, Memphis----
5 Oliver Griffin, Wa. D.C.----
6 Isaac Robbins, Detroit----

Children (girls)

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Tiquandra Mack, D.C----
2 Juanita Gwynn----
3 Tamishia Hunter, D.C----

Chldren (boys)

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Joe Brame, Atlanta----
2 David Anderson, D.C----
3 Dietrick McGee----

Northern States Tournament July 16th - 17th , 2004

World champ Alex Moiseyev is the new Northern States champion. While attendance was lower than expected, everybody seemed to think this was one of the most enjoyable Northern State tournaments in many years. Special thanks to Steve & Marilyn Holliday for inviting the players to their home for a delicious supper.

$460 in prizes was awarded. Six rounds of three-move restriction (double-robin robin).

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)22--
2 Richard Beckwith (OH)15--
3 Doug Hughson (MI)6--
4 Steve Holliday (OH)5--

Taylor County Fair Open July 17th , 2004

Joe Boyer has sponsored the Taylor County Fair tournament for 13 years. Elmer Cottle is very close to being 98 years old. He has played much checkers over the years and has contributed much checker play for the Elamís checkerboard publication.

Expert Class

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Hugh Moreland (MO)13--
2 Chris Weiland (MO)11--
3 Richard Slaten (MO)9--
4 John Pestal (NE)843
5 Joe Boyer (IA)832
6 Elmer Cottle (MO)7--
7 Vince Schaben (IA)4--

Class A

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jay Buchart (IA)16--
2 Devan Cooper (IA)5--
3 Kelly Norris (IA)3--

Class B

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Monty Maynes (IA)12--
2 Landon Maynes (IA)8--
3 Kennidi Maynes (IA)2--
4 Eric Hensley (IA)2--Withdrew after 1st Rnd

Class C

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Chase Maynes (IA)11--
2 Caleb Lange (IA)721
3 Colby Lange721Withdrew after 3rd Rnd

Gould-Fortman Floating Trophy Tournament July 17th , 2004

The tournament was enjoyed by all participants. The floating trophy honor went to LeRoy Wilder, per the tradition of awarding the tournament trophy to the top B-class player. Submitted by Roger Doll.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Gene Ellison (IL)15--
2 LeRoy Wilder (MO)11--
3 Willis Shewcraft (KY)9--
4 Howard Hoover (IL)836
5 John Grisley (IL)835
6 Gary Ellison (IL)731
7 Gene Rader (MO)730
8 Bobby Smith (IL)634
9 Morris Pettijohn (IL)623
10 Roger Doll (IL)3--

ACF 3-Move National Tournament 2004 August 1st - 6th , 2004

The ACF 3-Move National Tournament was held August 1-6.

Master Division Prizes: 1st: $1800, 2nd: $750, 3rd: $325 4th-6th: $170.
Clayton Nash received the Youth Trophy.
Mac Banks paid his entry fee but was unable to play.

Major Division Prizes: 1st: $500, 2nd: 275, 3rd: $225. 4th-5th: $175, 6th: 100.
John Post received a copy of Charles Walkerís 2003 Checkers Annual for being the youngest player in the tourney.

Minor Division Prizes: 1st: $200, 2nd: $200, 3rd: $100 4th: $75 5th: $60, 6th: $50. Wilma Wolverton and Jen Kelton qualified to enter the WCDF Womenís Three-Move Tourney.
Kevin Shearer and Bobby Smith withdrew.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)28--
2 Richard Hallett (FL)22--
3 Elbert Lowder (USA)20--
4 Ed Bruch (NY)18138
5 Rich Beckwith (OH)18136
6 Jim Morrison (KY)18130
7 Clayton Nash (MS)16122
8 Tim Laverty (NC)16114
9 John Webster (NC)16110
10 Earl Morrison(CAN)14126
11 Gene Lindsay (TN)14118
12 Gerry Lopez (CA)14106
13 Alan Millhone (OH)10--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Joe Schwartz (FL)30--
2 Clint Olsen (CAN)24--
3 Ryan Pronk (MN)22--
4 Larry Jordan (AR)18100
5 Phil Schwartzberg (NY)1884
6 Larry Atwood (ND)16--
7 John Post (AR)16--
8 Johnny Barham (AR)16--
9 Bob Murr (CO)14--
10 Roy Reed (KS)1481
11 Ken Schultz (TN)1479
12 Wade Holder (NC)12--
13 Paul Lyons (CA)10--
14 Doug Hughson (MI)10--
15 Mike Heckert (CAN)8--
16 Dustin Shearer (MN)16--Withdrew


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Dennis Cayton (VA)26146
2 Andy Metze (SC)26142
3 Jaden Pretzlaw (CAN)24--
4 Teal Stanley (NC)22--
5 Jason Solan (PA)20--
6 John Gibson(CA)18--
7 Paul Dingler (NC)16144
8 Warren Meacham (CA)16128
9 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)16124
10 Dallas Ramsey (AL)16110
11 Francesco La Rocca(NY)14124
12 Wilma Wolverton (MO)14112
13 George Stallsworth (NE)1498
14 Patrick Parker(LA)1492
15 Michael Fly (MS)8--
16 Jen Kelton (IL)6--
17 Kevin Shearer (MN)14--Withdrew
18 Bobby Smith (IL)----Withdrew

U.S. GAYP Open August 8th - 12th , 2004

Sorry for the delay. These are results only. Still waiting for a full report.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ron King26--
2 Jim Morrison24186
3 Richard Hallet24132
4 Elbert Lowder16156
5 Joe Schwartz16134
6 Al Darrow2--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Nery Cardenas30--
2 Phil Schwartsberg24--
3 Larry Atwood2274
4 Richard Callaghan2272
5 Paul Dingler2266
6 Ken Schultz20--
7 Gayle Helterbrand16--
8 Steve Graham10--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Wade Holder22--
2 Warren Meacham1858
3 Yunior Lopez1840
4 Fransesco La Rocca14--
5 John Gibson12--
6 Todd Stewart12--
7 James Bracnaro6--
8 Earl Harvell14--Withdrew

Iowa State Fair Tournament August 21st - 22nd , 2004

The Iowa State Fair Tournament was held August 21-22 in Des Moines. The event was won by Ryan Pronk.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ryan Pronk23--
2 Harry Suter18--
3 John Pestal17--
4 Tim Wheatly11--
5 Arlo Sauer10--
6 Randy Davis5--
7 Brett Bennick----

District 6 / Indiana Tournament August 28th - 29th , 2004

Michael Holmes, Louisville, Ky., won the District 6 and Indiana State Checkers Tourney held Aug. 28-29, 2004, in Plainfield, Ind. The close race was in doubt right to the end as top-rated contender Gene Lindsay was held to two draws by ACF President Alan Millhone. Holmes finished with 20, Lindsay and young Kentuckian Jonathon Chappell were runners-up with 19, and Millhone was fourth at 16. Millhone, of Ohio, was the top District 6 resident and becomes the new District Champion. Ron Bailey, Indianapolis, is State Champion as the top Indiana resident. He succeeded Holmes, who formerly lived in Indiana.

Morris Pettijohn, Lincoln, Ill., won the Majors section with 20
points, squeaking by Neil Wenberg, Pa., who had 19. Last year's District Champion, Richard Beckwith, as unable to attend. We were honored with a visit on Saturday by "Mr. Checkers," Don Deweber of Iowa. Roger Blaine was tournament director.

Master's Prizes: 1st - Holmes, $200. 2nd-3rd tie - Chappell, Lindsay each

Majors Prizes: 1st - Pettijohn, $75. 2nd - Wenberg, $50. 3rd - Henson,
$35. 4th - Bullington, $25.
Novice - K. Smith, set of red & white checkers.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Michael Holmes (KY)20--
2 Jonathon Chappell (KY)19--
3 Gene Lindsay (TN)19--
4 Alan Millhone (OH)16--
5 Robert Shuffett (KY)12--
5 Gene Ellison (IL)12--
7 Nathan Gogo (IL)8--
8 Ron Bailey (IN)6--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Morris Pettijohn (IL)20--
2 Neil Wenberg (PA)19--
3 Bill Henson (IL)16--
4 Denny Bullington (IN)15--
5 Howard Hoover (IL)14--
6 Ed Bucker (IN)12--
7 Bobby Smith (IL)11--
8 Casey Goddard (IN)11--
9 Roger Blaine (IN)10--
10 Kevin Smith (IN)9--
11 Jennifer Kelton (IL)3--

Michigan State Tournament September 3rd - 5th , 2004

The Michigan State Tournament was held over the 3-day Labor Day weekend. Gary Abdella of Fenton, Mi took first place.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Gary Abdella----
2 Corey Modich----
3 Doug Hughson----

Virginia Open Checker Tournament September 10th - 12th , 2004

Les Balderson won the Virginia State Open by 2 honor points over Gene Lindsay. He is the Virginia State Champion. Twelve players participated and all received a cash prize. Prize fund was $480 ($15 registration fee and several nice contributions) with $100 for first place and decreasing down to $15 for last place. The vote was to return to Bedford for next yearís tourney and to re-elect Les Balderson and Jack Richardson as officers.

It was nice to have a lady, Lovetta Currence, participate in the tourney. She is the sister to Ted Taylor.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Les Balderson (VA)24112
2 Gene Lindsay (TN)24110
3 Billy McClintock (NC)18--
4 T. W. Stanley, Jr. (NC)16100
5 Jack Richardson1682
6 Ben Jones14116
7 Jeff Webster1482
8 Ted Taylor1290
9 Buck O.W. Smith1286
10 T. W. Stanley, Sr. (NC)8--
11 J. R. Smith, Jr. (NC)6--
12 Lovetta Currence4--

Ohio State Tournament September 11th - 12th , 2004

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning the tournament and retaining Ohio State Title. We welcomed two youngsters playing in their first tournament, Mike Fulkerson and Paul Bryan. Mike Fulkerson won the ďBĒ group in impressive fashion.

Class A played a round robin, and Class B played a round robin plus 2 rounds of swiss.

$550 in prizes were awarded; donations received by Joe LoConti ($270), Richard Beckwith ($70), Ed Bruch ($10), Tony Kozenski ($10), Don Deweber (Draughts Razoo subscription), and Steve Holliday (book). Vince Delong visited the tourney.

John Grisley and Paul Bryan joined ACF. Joe LoConti renewed his membership for two years.

A copy of the games will be prepared and sent to contributors and participants. Donations are still welcome (money goes toward 2005 Ohio Ty.), and contributors of at least $10 will receive copy of the games. Send to Richard Beckwith, 34490 Ridge Road #115, Willoughby, OH 44094-3035.

Class A

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)22--
2 Ed Bruch (NY)19--
3 Tony Kozenski (PA)18--
4 Louis Cowie (OH)16--
4 Richard Beckwith (OH)16--
6 Alan Millhone (OH)8--
7 Jason Solan (PA)7--
8 John Grisley (IL)3--Withdrew after 4 Rounds

Class B

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Mike Fulkerson (OH)22--
2 Neil Wenberg (PA)15--
3 Steve Holliday (OH)14--
4 Paul Bryan (OH)12--
5 Joe LoConti (OH)11--
6 Morris Pettijohn (IL)10--

South Bend Fesitval September 18th - 19th , 2004


Orlando "Panama" Williams, Chicago, was the top winner in Pool Checkers at
the 6th Annual Pool and International Checkers Festival held Sept. 18-19,
2004, in South Bend, Indiana. Williams scored a sensational 35 out of a
possible 44 to take the $120 first prize in the Saturday event.
Several-time winner Charles "Pecan" Thompson was second with 32, squeaking
by Fred Shurn with 32 and last year's winner Al Lambert with 31.

Arthur "Sonny" Bell, South Bend, won the Big-Board tourney on Sunday by
beating out National Master Johnnie Coleman, who came all the way from
Washington, D.C. Neil Wenberg, of Harmony, Pa., won the Amateur prize on
both days, and inflicted the only loss on Bell in the Big-Board game.
Roger Blaine was Tournament Director.

Pool Checkers (18th)

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Orlando Williams35--
2 Charles Thompson33--
3 Fred Shurn32--
4 Al Lambert31--
5 Clorius Lay26--
6 Johnnie Coleman26--
7 Therman Earnest22--
8 Arthur Bell21--
9 Neil Wenberg12--
10 Donell Guy10--
11 Stoney Burke9--
12 Roger Blaine7--

International Checkers (19th)

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Arthur Bell8--
2 Johnnie Coleman7--
3 Donell Guy6--
4 Neil Wenberg5--
5 Roger Blaine3--
6 Rob Adams1--

Doniphan Missouri Tournament September 25th , 2004

Joe Tucker and Gayle Helterbrand flipped a coin for the tie-breaker. Joe Got 3rd place in Majors, and Gayle was first in Minors. Trophies given to each class. Submitted by J.B. Morris.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 J. B. Morris (AR)16--
2 Larry Pollard (AL)13--
3 Joe Tucker (MO)9--
4 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)9--
5 Obra Hawkins (AR)8--
6 Ray Tucker (MO)5--

Kentucky State Tournament October 8th - 10th , 2004

The Kentucky State Tournament was held October 8-10 in Richmond, Kentucky. Charles Freeman won and had no losses.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Charles Freeman20--Lost no Games
2 Michael Holmes19--Lost 1 Game
3 Gene Lindsay19--Lost 1 Game
4 Jonathan Chappell18--Lost 1 Game
5 Arwood Smith15--
6 Dale Hedrick14--
7 Herbert Reed13--
8 Alan Millhone13--
9 Doug Hughson13--
10 Don Brattin12--
11 Byron Woolum10--Only Played 6 Rounds
12 Robert Shuffett10--Only Played 6 Rounds
13 Quinton East9--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Perry Mccracken20--
2 Jerry Askins19--
3 "Buck" Smith17--
4 Shelby Mays13--
5 Coy Arnett11--
6 John R. Guthrie4--

South Carolina State Tournament October 23rd - 24th , 2004

Here are the results for the South Carolina Tournament. Homer Rankhorn is State Champion. There was not a major or minor group. However, with the prize fund growing each year and the distribution to the liking of the majority I think the tournament will be four times larger next year.

There were 36 total points available in the Master's division.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Michael Holmes33--$750
2 Tim Laverty29--$500
3 Bill McClintock26--$400
4 Kris Gordon22--$175
5 Mike Ross21--$150
6 Homer Rankhorn20--$100 State Champion
7 Ray Shaw12--$75
8 A.J. Jarvis10--$60
9 Bobby Joe Redd6--$50
10 Michael Stowers1--$20


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Pricilla Hill12--$125
2 Josiah Hill7--$60
3 Samuel Hill3--$40
4 Charlie Ross2--$20

District 4 Tournament November 11th - 13th , 2004

The district 4 tournament was held November 11-13. Alex Moiseyev won and Mike Ross is District 4 champion.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)22--
2 Gene Lindsay (TN)21--
3 Mike Ross (NC)16--District 4 Champ
4 Jan Bulstra15103
5 Ken Shultz1590
6 Teal Stanley (NC)1589
7 Bill McClintock (NC)14--
8 Larry Michael1376
9 J. R. Smith (NC)1374
10 Alan Millhone (OH)1295
11 Ben Jones1291
12 Paul Dingler (NC)1274
13 Clint Pickard10--
14 Bill Stanley5--

Sedalia Missouri Open November 13th , 2004

All entrants were from Missouri. Congratulations to Howard Steiner on winning the tournament. The public schools in Sedalia were involved in their own tournament 95 students in all!

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Howard Steiner14--
2 George Cook11--
3 Bob Couch10--
4 Chris Weiland935
5 Wayne Miller926
6 Gayle Helterbrand8--
7 John Maasen6--
8 Gary Hinerman5--
9 Richard Brownfield433
10 Wilma Wolverton428

Ohio Match Championship November 14th - February 6th , 2004

Richard Beckwith won the ten-game Ohio Match Championship over the Louis Cowie (previous champion since 1978) by a score of 2-0 with 7 draws. The match was held in Painesville, Ohio on Nov. 14, 2004 (games 1-5) & Feb. 6, 2005 (games 6-9). Games 5 and 6 were GAYP, and the other games were 3-move. The first Ohio Match was held in 1978, with Louis Cowie defeating Bill Schumann. Cowie defeated Robert Embree and tied Gene Zuber in the next two matches.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Richard Beckwith----
2 Louis Cowie----

Lloyd Mills Memorial Nebraska State Open November 21st , 2004

The Lloyd Mills Memorial Nebraska State Tournament was held November 21st. John Pestal is Nebraska State Champion.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 John Pestal (NE)12--State Champion
2 Vince Schaben (IA)6--
3 George Stallsworth (NE)5--
4 John Brogan (NE)1--

Gould-Fortman Open Tournament January 15th , 2005

Both classes played together as one group. John Acker was the tournament winner. By mutual agreement between the tying players, the top place in the B class was awarded to Howard Hoover. In accordance with the tournamentís tradition, Howardís name, as top B-class player, will be placed on the floating trophy. Trophies were awarded to the top three players in each class. Everyone had a pleasant day playing checkers.

Class A

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 John Acker (IL)14--
2 Clyde McFarland (IN)6--

Class B

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Howard Hoover (IL)1031
2 Morris Pettijohn (IL)1031
3 Bob Smith (IL)9--
4 Bill Henson (IL)8--
5 Roger Doll (IL)7--
6 Jen Kelton (IL)----

Florida Tournament February 19th - 20th , 2005

Here are the result from the 2005 Florida State Tournament. Prize money was $1,160.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Tim Laverty----
2 Pat Quartucci----Florida State Champion
3 Joe Schwartz----
4 Bill Levine----
5 Anthony Tramontano----
6 Mark Rosenberg----
7 Francesco La Rocca----
8 Ziegfried Hau----

Coy Parsley Memorial February 26th , 2005

Here are the results from the Newport, Arkansas Open (Coy Parsley Mem.). Congratulations to Jerry Childers.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jerry Childers (AR)14--
2 Richard Drake (AR)9--
3 Joe Tucker (MO)9--
4 J. B. Morris (AR)9--
5 Craig Ward (AR)8--
6 Orbra Hawkins (AR)6--
7 Dwain Griffis (AR)5--

Tennessee State Open Checker Tournament March 4th - 6th , 2005

Here are the results from the Tennessee State Tournament.
Congratulations to Hugh Burton for becoming the 2005 State Champion. This is Hugh's 37th time as champion.
Also congratulations to Alex Moiseyev, Roy Finster, and Teal Stanley for winning their respective divisions.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev23--
2 Jim Morrison19--
3 Hugh Burton18127State Champion
4 Jon Chappell18119
5 Michael Holmes17127
6 Larry Keen17120
7 John Webster17119
8 Clayton Nash17114
9 Gene Lindsay16--
10 Alan Millhone15112
11 Herbert Reed15108
12 Don Brattin14113
13 Bill Wethington14109
14 Robert Shuffett14108
15 Don West14102


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Roy Finster24--
2 Bill McClintock19--
3 Larry Pollard18135
4 Dale Hedrick18129
5 Frank Davis18126
6 John Estes18122
7 Albert Tucker18118
8 Jan Bulstra15130
9 Earl Harvell15109
10 Doug Hughson1591
11 Denny Bullington14120
12 Paul Dingler14119
13 Ken Shultz13--
14 Ken Christian7--
15 Wayne Jackson----Withdrew
15 Arnold Cook----Withdrew
15 Ralph Agee----Withdrew


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Teal Stanley27--
2 Lynn Steelman22--
3 Mike Ross20129
4 Hollis McClard20114
5 Lamar McBrayer19--
6 Jim Stokes18--
7 J. R. Smith17130
8 Byron Woolum17120
8 Perry McCraken17120
10 Jim Poland17116
11 Howard Gain17115
12 Willis Shewcraft16127
13 Josh Armstrong16119
14 Jerry Askins16114
15 Bobby Smith15111
16 Kim Willis15106
17 Morris Pettijohn15105
18 Leonard Hickman14--
19 Shelby Mays13--
20 Vonda Jones1199
21 Max Macheca1196
22 Jen Kelton10--
23 Deborah Burge----Withdrew

Open New York and District 2 3-Move Tournament March 18th - 19th , 2005

The New York Tournament was a big success. Congratulations to all participants for making this event go well. There are many new champions for New York and District 2. First and second place got trophies, plus the NY and NJ state champions and the womans champion.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev(OH)18--$180
2 Richard Beckwith (OH)15--$120
3 Ed Bruch (NY)14--$70 District 2 and NY 3-Move Champion
4 John Webster (NC)11--
5 Alan Millhone (OH)8--
6 Salvatore Cicero (NY)6--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 La Rocca Francesco(NY)18--$110
2 Phil Schwartzeberg(NY)17--$70
3 Jan Bulstra (NC)17--
4 Donville Springer (NY)7--
5 David Nemschick (NY)5--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 George Gerhauser(NY)23--
2 Trevor Francis(NY)16--
3 Darcy Leacock (NY)15--
4 Henry Frugard(NY)14--
5 Alexander Weaver(NJ)12--New Jersey 3-Move Champion
6 Brenda Castro(NY)8--District 2 Womans 3-Move Champion
7 Debbie Kuzman (OH)6--
7 Robert Unterzuber (OH)6--
9 Fred Johnson (NY)2--

Open New York and District 2 GAYP Tournament March 19th - 20th , 2005

The New York Tournament was a big success. Congratulations to all participants for making this event go well. There are many new champions for New York and District 2. First and second place got trophies, plus the NY and NJ state champions and the womans champion.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev(OH)20--$180
2 John Webster (NC)16--$120
3 Richard Beckwith (OH)15--$70
4 Alan Millhone (OH)9--
5 Mike Magnelli (RI)8--
6 Jan Bulstra (NC)4--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jimmy O'Grady16--$60 (Donated Back)
1 Dave Butler16--$60 (Donated Back) NY GAYP Champion
1 Phil Schwartzberg16--$60 District 2 and NY GAYP Champion
4 Francesco La Rocca13--
5 Donville Springer11--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alexander Weaver (NJ)22--NJ GAYP Champion
2 Mark Apostolou (NJ)17--
3 Darcy Leacock (NY)16--
4 Alan Ingber (NY)14--
5 Henry Frugard (NY)11--
6 Cameron Wilson9--
6 Trevor Francis9--
6 Angel Marti9--
6 Brenda Castro(NY)9--District 2 Womans GAYP Champion

100th Illinois State Checker Tournament April 2nd - 3rd , 2005

Total prize fund: Class A $462.00
Class B 277.00
Class C 30.00
Total $769.00

Alan Millhone donated six books to the tournament. One to the Class A winner, one to Class B winner and four to the beginner players.

The IL State Champion is Nathan Gogo as he was the highest finishing player in IL. The Class B winner was Byron Polanco as he was the highest finishing player in IL. Class C goes to Johathan Moye his first Checker tournament.

Class A

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)21--$152
2 Clayton Nash (MS)18--$95
3 Don West (KY)17100$45
3 Michael Holmes (KY)17100$45
5 Gene Lindsay (TN)1799$45
6 Larry Keen (TN)1798$45
7 Dr. Richard Beckwith (OH)16104$10
8 Brian Hinkle (MO)1697$10
9 Nathan Gogo (IL)1688$10 New State Champion
10 Durwood Fogle (IL)1683$10
11 Bill Wethington (MO)15--$5
12 Alan Millhone (OH)14--
13 Morris Pettijohn (IL)13--
14 Byron Woolum (KY)1290
15 Joe Tucker (MO)1288
16 Gene Ellison (IL)1282
17 Steve Holliday (OH)1280
18 Ted Meriwether (KY)1279
18 John Grisley (IL)1279
20 Cody Short (IL)1278
21 Gary Ellison (IL)1178
22 Richard Baker (IL)1169
23 Clyde McFarland (IN)7--

Class B

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)19--$97
2 Flavious Burgess (KY)18--$65
3 Neil Wenberg (PA)17100$97.00
4 Dallas Ramsey (AL)1798$33
5 Ken Christian (TN)1789$33
6 Wilma Wolverton (MO)1690$7.50
7 Byron Polanco (IL)1688$7.50
8 Arthur Mays (KY)15--
9 Bob Smith (IL)1487
10 Kim Willis (MO)1480
11 Howard Hoover (IL)13--
12 Bob Rice (KY)1293
13 Bill Henson (IL)1286
14 Roger Blaine (IN)11--
15 Roger Doll (IL)9--
16 Jeff Stanley (IL)----Withdrew

Class C

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jonathan Moye (IL)14--$15
2 Jennifer Kelton (IL)8--$10
3 Quinton (IL)8--$5 + lighted key chain
4 Dylan Phelps (IL)2--lighted key chain

Big-Board Checkers & Jack of All Games April 9th , 2005

Arthur Bell rolled over all opposition to win the Big-Board Checkers tourney Saturday morning, April 9, 2005, at Fix Coffee House in South Bend, Ind. The games went fairly fast and we decided to make it a double round robin.

Bell, who was the International Checkers winner at South Bend last September, won 8 straight for 16 points. He was awarded a numbered checker board.

Blaine won the "Jack of All Games" in the afternoon by winning 5 straight in Scrabble, Nine Men's Morris, Straight Checkers, and International checkers.

Players in this mixed event take turns choosing which game of skill to play. Other choices include chess, mancala, Chinese Checkers, and backgammon. Each player earns a bonus point for each different kind of game played.

A special welcome to Jeff Stutzman, a teacher at Concord High School who is an enthusiastic player on; Alan Schrader, who was active in chess tournaments back in the 60's and 70's; and Darien Mattix, 9, the son of one of the store managers.

The honor points column for "Jack of All Games" lists the number of bonus points recieved.

Big Board

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Arthur Bell16--
2 Roger Blaine11--
3 Jim Perkins8--
4 Shirley Perkins3--
5 Jeff Stutzman2--

Jack of All Games

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Roger Blaine945 wins
2 Jeff Stutzman844 wins
3 Alan Schrader7.552.5 wins
4 Shirley Perkins5.541.5 wins
5 Jim Perkins541 win
6 Darien Mattix440 wins

Greensboro, N.C. Checker Tournament April 16th , 2005

Bill McClintock’s Greensboro Checker Ty – Greensboro, NC

One Day - Saturday, April 16th, 2005

3-Move 5rounds-2game matches (swiss style play)

Here are the results.

Congratulations to Bill McClintock for winning.

Thanks to John Greene for his donation.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Bill McClintock1450
2 LW Newsom1444
2 Buck Smith1444
4 Mike Ross1345
5 Wade Holder1340
6 Fred Church12--
7 Jeff Webster1155
8 Joe McClellan1149
9 Fred Taylor9--
10 JR Smith837
11 Cecil Lowe834withdrew last round
12 Teal Stanley821late entry
13 Larry Michael747
14 Ted Taylor743
15 TW Stanley732
16 Lovetta Currence5--
17 Clint Pickard4--withdrew last round
18 Tray Stanley3--late entry

68th Annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival Checker Tournament May 6th - 7th , 2005

Congratulations to Jim Morrison and Larry Keen as co winners of the tournament. The Masters and Minors did a round robin, so there were no honor points. Thanks to Hugh Burton for putting on another fine tournament.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jim Morrison18--
1 Larry Keen18--
3 Michael Holmes17--
4 Anthony Bishop15--
4 Gene Lindsay15--
6 Robert Shuffett10--
6 Albert Tucker10--
8 Joe Tucker9--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Arwood Smith18--
2 Frank Davis17102
3 Larry Pollard1794
4 Gayle Helterbrand1195
4 Gene Ellison1195
6 Flavious Burgess10--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Billy Perry21--
1 Willis Shewcraft21--
3 Josh Armstrong17--
4 Harold Thornton15--
5 Bobby Smith14--
6 Eddie Moore12--
6 Bill Thomas12--
8 Alex Holmes----6 yrs old

North Carolina State Open Checker Tournament May 12th - 14th , 2005

Here are the results for the North Carolina State Tournament. Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning and Bill McClintock for winning the B division.

Also Congratulations to State Champion Elbert Lowder.

Visit the website if NC Checkers at for more details.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev24--
2 Gene Lindsay22--
3 Michael Holmes18--
4 Elbert Lowder14--State Champion
5 Tim Laverty12--
6 Les Balderson1090
7 Alan Millhone1068
8 John Webster2--Withdrew


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Bill McClintock22108
2 Wade Holder2298
3 Ben Jones18112
4 Teal Stanley18110
5 Paul Dingler18106
6 Francesco LaRocca1698
7 Ken Shultz1694
8 Mike Ross1498
9 Buck Smith1488
10 Jeff Webster1482
11 Larry Michael1284
12 Cecil Lowe1282
13 Clint Pickard10--
14 Bill Burnett888
15 JR Smith860
16 AY Saul2--

Missouri State Checker Tournament May 21st - 22nd , 2005

Congratulations to Wilma Wolverton for winning the 2005 Missouri State Checker Tournament and becoming the new Missouri State Champion!

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Wilma Wolverton20--
2 Bill Wethington19--
3 Josh Armstrong1610113 yrs old
4 Ted Davis1698
5 Gene Rader1685
6 Chris Weiland15107
7 Bobby Smith15100
8 Bill Henson14--
9 Howard Hoover13105
10 Gayle Helterbrand13100
11 Jenny Kelton7--
12 Tim Shelton4--withdrew after 4 rounds

2005 Mississippi State Tournament May 28th - 29th , 2005

Here are the results from the 2005 Mississippi State Tournament.

Congratulations to Clayton Nash for winning and becoming new State Champion.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Clayton Nash22--New State Champion
2 Albert Tucker17103
3 Patrick Parker1785
4 Stan Morris16105
5 Larry Pollard1692
6 Earl Harvell1496
7 Harold Thornton1486
8 Hugh Hawkins1483
9 Josh Armstrong1479
10 Eddie Moore13--
11 Clifford Daniels12--
12 Joshua Parker8--8 Years Old
13 Joseph Fasold5--
14 Sam Parker3--

Burlington Annual Checker Tournament June 4th , 2005

Here are the results from the Burlington Annual Checker Tournament.

Congratulations to Fred Church for winning, and thanks to all who came for making this tournament a success!

For more information visit the NCCA Website at

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Fred Church17--$40
2 Joe McClellan14--$30
3 Wade Holder1344$20
4 Teal Stanley1337$15
5 Paul Dingler1252$10
6 Bill McClintock1251$10
7 Clint Pickard11--$10
8 AY Saul10--$8
9 Mike Ross9--$5
10 JR Smith848$5
11 T.W. Stanley841$5
12 Bob Rose7--$5
13 Tray Stanley6--$5
14 Lynne Oliver----$5

Arkansas State Tournament June 10th , 2005

Congratulations to Jerry Childers for winning the 2005 Arkansas State Tournament and for retaining the Arkansas State Title.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jerry Childers15--
2 Richard Drake12--
3 Johnny Barham1153
4 Gayle Helterbrand1135
5 JB Morris9--
6 Obra Hawkins8--
7 Joe Tucker6--

Pennsylvania State Tournament June 11th - 12th , 2005

Here are the results from the 2005 Pennsylvania State Tournament.

Congratulations to Ron King for winning this year! Neither Alex or Ron lost a game. Congratulations to Tony Kozenski for winning the Pennsylvania State Championship again.

Prize fund was $480. Donations were received by Tony Kozenski, Don Guy, and Richard Beckwith. Next year's PA/District 3 open will be at the same place, June 10 & 11, 2006.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ron King (Bar)22--
2 Alex Moiseyev (OH)19--
3 Louis Cowie (OH)17101
4 Rich Beckwith (OH)17100
5 Tony Kozenski (PA)16--
6 Alan Millhone (OH)1588
7 Steve Holliday (OH)1581
8 Neil Wenberg (PA)12--
9 Don Guy (DE)11--
10 Joe Caro (PA)8--
11 Debbie Kuzma (OH)2--Withdrew after 4 rounds
11 Rob Unterzuber (OH)2--Withdrew after 4 rounds

2005 National Youth Championship June 18th - 19th , 2005

Here are the results from the 2005 National Youth Tournament.
Congratulation to Ryan Pronk for becoming National Youth Champion! Also Congratulations to Trey Stanley for winning the 'Lower' division!
We'd like to thank all participants for making this tournament a success.
A special thanks to Clayton Nash for organizing this event.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ryan Pronk26--
2 Cory Modich19--
3 Josh Armstrong18--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Trey Stanely----
2 Alex Holmes----
3 Solomon Reese----
4 George Chen----
5 Raymond Chen----
6 Erin Stanely----

2005 ACF National Tournament June 20th - 24th , 2005

Here are the results from the 2005 National GAYP Tournament.

Voting was held before the tournament by each division to score by round or by game. All divisions decided to score by game. Four game rounds were still used so a possible 8 points per round was available.

Congratulations to Ron King for winning the Masters division!
Also congratulations to Albert Tucker for winning the Majors and Anthony Tramontano for winning the Minors.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ron King42--
2 Richard Beckwith36257
3 Jack Francis36256
4 Alex Moiseyev36248
5 Clayton Nash35--
6 James Morrison34--
7 Richard Hallett33236
8 Earl Morrison33231
9 Tim Laverty33224
10 Ed Bruch33223
11 Elbert Lowder32238
12 Karl Albrecht32232
13 Leroy Adams32226
14 John Webster31226
15 JoeSchwartz31221
16 Nathaniel Grosvenor31197
17 Carl Reno30--
18 Alan Millhone29--
19 Michael Holmes26--
20 Gene Lindsay1--Withdrew After 1 Round


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Albert Tucker46--
2 Larry Pollard39--
3 Rick Callaghan38--
4 Jimmy O\'Grady34261
4 Teal Stanley34242
4 Warren Meacham34224
4 Bill McClintock34195
8 Earl Harvell31--
9 Paul Dingler28--
10 Howard Gain26--
11 Francesco La Rocca24--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Anthony Tramontano41--
2 Mike Ross40258
3 Wade Holder40249
4 Patrick Parker37--
5 Corey Modich36--
6 Neil Wenberg35--
7 Donald Andrews34--
8 Gayle Helterbrand33--
8 Paul Bryan33--
10 Kim Willis30--Woman National GAYP Champion
11 Roger Blaine27--
12 Donnell Guy25--
13 Alex Holmes21--

2005 ACF National GAYP Tournament June 20th - 24th , 2005

Total prize fund: $8,252. Masters prize fund: $4,887. Majors prize fund: $2,240. Minors prize fund: $1,225

This was the first year where game point scoring was implemented in all the divisions.
Congratulations to the division winners: Ron King (Masters), Albert Tucker (Majors) and Anthony Tramontrano (Minors).


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ron King (BAR)42--2005 National Tournament Champion
2 Dr. Richard Beckwith (OH)36257
3 Jack Francis (BAR)36256
4 Alex Moiseyev (OH)36248
5 Clayton Nash (MS)35--
6 Jim Morrison (KY)34--
7 Richard Hallett (FL)33236
8 Earl Morrison (CAN)33231
9 Tim Laverty (NC)33224
10 Ed Bruch (NY)33223
11 Elbert Lowder (NC)32238
12 Karl Albrecht (MI)32233
13 Leroy Adams (CAN)32226
14 Nathaniel Grosvenor (BAR)31228
15 Dr. John Webster (NC)31226
16 Joe Schwartz (FL)31221
17 Carl Reno (KY)30--
18 Alan Millhone (OH)29--
19 Michael Holmes (KY)26--
20 Gene Lindsay (TN)1--withdrew after the first round


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Albert Tucker (LA)46--
2 Larry Pollard (AL)39--
3 Rick Callaghan (ID)38--
4 Jimmy O\'Grady (NY)34257
5 Teal Stanley (NC)34242
6 Warren Meacham (CA)34224
7 Bill McClintock (NC)34219
8 Earl Harvell (TX)31--
9 Paul Dinger (NC)28--
10 Howard Gain (FL)26--
11 Francesco La Rocca (NY)24--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Anthony Tramontrano (FL)41--2005 U.S. GAYP Youth Champion
2 Mike Ross (NC)40258
3 Wade Holder (NC)40249
4 Patrick Parker (LA)37--
5 Corey Modich (MI)36--
6 Neil Wenberg (PA)35--
7 Donald Andrews (NC)34--
8 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)33--
9 Paul Bryan (OH)33--
10 Kim Willis (MO)30--2005 U.S. GAYP Women's Champion
11 Roger Blaine (IN)27--
12 Dr. Donell Guy (DE)25--
13 Alex Holmes (IN)21--

American International Checkers Society (100-Square) National Tournament July 4th - 8th , 2005

Igor Rybakov took first place in the 2005 US Championship for 100-square
International Checkers by defeating Eric Volel in the final round on Friday,
July 8, at the Continental Inn in Lancaster, Pa. Rybakov and Alexander Mogilyansky had been tied at 9 points going into the final, but Mogilyansky was held to a draw by Pierre Etienne and finished in a tie for second with Kolman Turiy.

Joe Burrell won the Majors division, with Wilner Gaston and Herminio Matias tying for second.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Igor Rybakov11--National Champion
2 Alex Mogilyansky10--
3 Kolman Turiy10--
4 Wilbert Aly Edouard9--
5 Eric Volel8--
6 Pierre Etienne7--
7 Numa Jean-Baptiste6--
8 Willem Blyheid6--
9 Lyublyana Turiy5--
10 Gerard Landais4--
11 Ernst Gachelin4--
12 Milton Young4--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Joe Burrell17--
2 Wilner G. Gaston10--
3 Herminio R. Matias10--
4 Herbert Burrell9--
5 Donnell Guy8--
6 Roger Blaine6--

Southern States July 7th - 10th , 2005

Congratulations to John Estes for winning Masters and Frank Davis for winning Majors!
There were only 4 minors, so they play in the Majors.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 John Estes25--$170 + 2 CB meal tickets
2 Tim Laverty23--$120
3 Elbert Lowder22--$95
4 Larry Keen21195$70
5 Dr. Robert Shuffett21191$70
6 Albert Tucker20--$50
7 Gene Lindsay18--$40
8 Herbert Reed3--withdrew after rd. 3


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Frank Davis26--$115
2 Joe Schwartz25--$80
3 Bill McClintock24200$65
4 Larry Pollard24198$65
5 Roy Little23--$55
6 Q. T. East21198$47
7 Ken Shultz21184$47
8 Wade Holder20172$45
9 Hollis McClard20171$45
10 Dale Hedrick19186$35
11 Bill Perry19185$35
12 Ken Christian18--$30
13 Paul Dingler17176$30
14 Gayle Helterbrand17163$30
15 Leonard Hickman16--$25
16 Josh Armstrong15--$25
17 Royce Burnett14--$25
18 Ralph Agee12--withdrew after rd. 6
19 Neal Jenkins5--withdrew after rd. 7

7th District Tournament July 9th - 10th , 2005

Here are the express results of the tournament. The amount of points might be different, but the standings are official:
Congratulations to Hugh Moreland for becoming the new 7th District Champion

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Hugh Moreland16--new 7th District Champion
2 Robert Couch12--
3 Bill Wethington11--
4 Neil Wenberg11--
5 Gary Hinerman10--

Northern States Tournament July 18th - 19th , 2005

$555 in prizes were awarded. Seven rounds of three-move restriction (Round-robin) were played. Tony Kozenski & Richard Beckwith tied on points and are declared co-champions. Vince Delong and Joe LoConti visited the tourney. Donations were received by Richard Beckwith, Doug Hughson, Joe LoConti, Tony Kozenski, Corey Modich, and Alan Millhone.

Our new playing room and hotel were a hit, not to mention the excellent sirloin dinner ($7) and prime rib specials ($10). We look forward to a big crowd at the September Ohio State Tournament.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Tony Kozenski (PA)20--$157.50
1 Richard Beckwith (OH)20--$157.50
3 Louis Cowie (OH)19--$95
4 Alan Millhone (OH)16--$65
5 Corey Modich (MI)12--$50
6 Steve Holliday (OH)10--$30
7 Doug Hughson (MI)2--withdrew after rd. 3

California State & District 9 Tournament August 1st - 2nd , 2005

A nice tournament that crowned 5 state champions and 1 district champion. If you live in any of these states, best way to challenge them is to organize a tournament and may the best man win! Congratulatins to Gerry Lopez for winning and putting on the tournament.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Gerry Lopez10--California and District 9 Champ
2 Nery Cardenas8--
3 Ryan Pronk4--(withdrew) New AZ State Champ
4 Bob Murr2--Colorado State Champ


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 John Gibson----
2 Alex Lopez----
3 Robert Ferguson----Utah State Champ
4 John Cardie----
5 Tom Jones----Nevada State Champ
6 Paul Stein----
7 Joe Coleman----

2005 Texas State & 8th District Tournament August 26th - 27th , 2005

Congratulations go to Rupert Boeselt who wont the Texas Open for the 2nd time. He is also the District 8 champion.

Fourteen players showed up for this tournament, and I must say, It was one of the toughest tournament played in a long time. This is how everyone placed.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Rupert Boeselt20--
2 Ed King19--
3 Albert Tucket18--
4 Curtis Chambers17--
5 Jody Dragoo16--
6 Hugh Hawkins15--
7 Doyle Brownlee14--
8 Steve Graham14--
9 Earl Sweatmon13--
10 Earl Harvell13--
11 Wayne Mass12--
12 Glen Welsh11--
13 David Fiedler9--
14 Alan Sellers6--

Indiana State & District 6 Tourney August 27th - 28th , 2005


Millhone retains District 6 title, Bailey keeps State crown

Powerful checker master Gene Lindsay, Morristown, Tenn., took the $200 first prize in the Indiana State and ACF District 6 tournament in Plainfield, Ind., the weekend of Aug. 27-28, 2005. Lindsay scored 22 out of a possible 28 points, and was held to an even match only by 2nd place winner Charles Freeman, Louisville, Ky., who made 19.

ACF President Alan Millhone, Belpre, Ohio, took third prize and retained his title as champion of District 6, which includes Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. Ron Bailey, West Lafayette, Ind., was top Indiana resident and kept his title of State champion.

Howard Hoover, Odin, Ill., topped the Majors division, followed by Bobby Smith, Effingham, Ill., and Casey Goddard, Muncie, Ind. Each division was a round robin of 8 players, directed by Roger Blaine.

Much of the conversation on the weekend was about last year’s Major winner, the late Morris Pettijohn, who passed away in May and was very much missed. Last year’s top Master, Michael Holmes, Ft. Knox, Ky., was not able to come this time. Ed Bucker reported that he had visited Elijah Kivett, a well-known Indiana checker organizer in the 1960’s to 1980’s. Mr. Kivett is now 97 years old and lives in a nursing home in Martinsville, Ind.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Gene Lindsay22--$200
2 Charles Freeman19--$80
3 Alan Millhone16--$45 (remains District 6 champion)
4 Jonathon Chappell14--
5 Robert Shuffett13--
6 Nathan Gogo11--
7 Ron Bailey10--(remains IN state champion)
8 Neil Wenberg7--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Howard Hoover21--$80
2 Bobby Smith20--$55
3 Casey Goddard19--$40
4 Ed Bucker17--
4 Dennis Bullington17--
6 Bill Henson13--
7 Andrew Kravetz5--
8 Jennifer Kelton----

Ohio State Tournament September 10th - 11th , 2005

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning the tournament and retaining Ohio State Title. Steve Holliday won the "B" group (those players 7th place and down). All players played in one division of Swiss. Terry Mazzocco and newcomer Jerry Jacobson visited the tourney. George Tartt, Jon Shedlock, and Charles Stevenson all joined ACF. Terry Mazzocco renewed his ACF membership.

$500 in prizes were awarded; donations received by Joe LoConti ($245), Alan Millhone ($10), Tony Kozenski ($10), and Doug Hughson ($10).

A match book is being prepared to include:

∑ Games from 2004 & 2005 Ohio Tournament (Masters)

∑ Moiseyev-Beckwith Match (2005), Beckwith-Cowie Match (2005), Cowie-Zuber match (1984),

∑ Louis Cowie checker problems

∑ Alex Moiseyev will contribute a few original problems

∑ Other miscellaneous info, Ohio history, opening index, etc.

Price is $20. The book will be available around January. Games will be annotated, with diagrams. Write to Richard Beckwith, 34490 Ridge Road #115, Willoughby, OH 44094. Checks can be made out to Ohio State Checker Association. Paypal users may purchase this item at the store under game transcripts.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev23--$160
2 Louis Cowie18--$105
3 Tony Kozenski17104$67.50
4 Richard Beckwith1798$67.50
5 Johnny Barham16--$40
6 Alan Millhone14--$25


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Steve Holliday1385$12
2 Paul Bryan1382$12
3 Joe LoConti1370$12
4 Neil Wenberg12--
5 Doug Hughson11--
6 George Tartt----withdrew after rd. 1
6 Jon Shedlock----withdrew after rd. 1
6 Charles Stevenson----withdrew after rd. 1

Virginia State Tournament September 23rd - 24th , 2005

Old Dominion Checker Association - 2005 Virginia Tournament - Super
Motel Bedford, VA - September 23rd & 24th

This Tournament dedicated to the memory of Lester A. Balderson

Total Prize Money: $145.00

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Kevin Burks24--$40 - New Virginia State Champion
2 Ken Shultz16110$21.67
3 Teal Stanley1696$21.67
4 Ted Taylor1674$21.67
5 Bill McClintock14--$10
6 O.W. \"Buck\" Smith10--$10
7 J.R. Smith870$10
8 T.W. \"Bill\" Stanley866$10

South Carolina State Tournament October 1st - 2nd , 2005

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning and Dan Ball for becoming the new South Carolina State Champion!

Total Prize Money: $1750

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev35--$700
2 Bill McClintock26--$400
3 Mike Ross24--$300
4 Earl Harvell21--$250
5 Paul Dingler20--$100
6 Dan Ball17--New South Carolina State Champion
7 Ray Shaw15--
8 Earl Chapman10--
9 Ben Wilson6--
10 Josh Armstrong6--withdrew after round 4 (illness)

Illinois 101 Open October 1st - 2nd , 2005

We had a very pleasant tournament with much excellent checker playing. Jerry Childers is the IL 101 Champion. Gene Ellison is the Class A IL State Champion. Flavious Burgess is the Class B Champion. Bobby Smith is the IL Class B Champion. The total prize fund was $722 with a special donation for the B Class prize fund.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jerry Childers20--$120
2 Larry Keen18--$80
3 Don West17--$60
4 Gene Ellison1693$35
5 Cody Short1676$35
6 Robert Shuffett15--$20
7 Kenneth Ellison14--$14
8 Ted Meriwether13--
9 Byron Woolum1298
10 Gary Ellison1278
11 John Grisley10--
12 Richard Baker5--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Flavious Burgess21--$120
2 Willis Shewcraft20--$80
3 Bobby Smith19--$60
4 Roger Doll17--$40
5 Leonard Hickman16104$25
6 Howard Hoover1682$25
7 Bill Henson13--$8
8 Jennifer Kelton8--
9 Quinton Drone4--withdrew after 4 rds
10 Chris Oliphant----withdrew after 6 rounds

Kentucky Open Tournament October 7th - 9th , 2005

Congratulations to Herbert Reed for winning the tournament and becoming the new state champion. Honor points were only calculated to determine a winner.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Herbert Reed21142New KY State Champ
2 Robert Shuffett21126
3 Don Brattin19--
4 Jonathon Chappell19--
5 Alan Millhone19--
6 Earl Harvell17--
7 Dale Hedrick17--
8 Byron Woolum17--
9 Perry McCracken12--
10 S. Mays11--
11 G. Wilson10--

World GAYP Qualifier October 10th - 14th , 2005

Congratulations to Jim Morrison for winning the 2005 World GAYP Qualifier and earning the right to challenge Ron 'Suki' King to the GAYP World Title.
Congratulations to Amangul Durdyev for becoming the new Ladies GAYP World Champion and to Lukus Valenta for becoming the new Youth GAYP World Champion.

The Men played a 10 round Swiss style tournament while the Ladies and Youth played a Round Robin.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jim Morrison26--ACF
2 Bagtyar Durdyev24--TNDF
3 Mustafa Durdyev24--WCDF
4 Richard Beckwith23--ACF
5 Michael Holmes20--ACF
6 Rawle Allicock19--EDA
7 Ingo Zachos18--NZCF
8 David Harwood17--EDA
9 Thomas Canning17--ICF
10 Dennis Pawlek16--GDA
11 Tomas Novotny14--CUD
12 Igor Keder13--CUD
13 Jaroslav Tichy12--CUD
14 Sune Thrane9--DDF


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Amangul Durdyev16--TNDF - new Ladies GAYP World Champion
2 Jan Mortimer10--NZDF
3 Kim Willis7--ACF
4 Alena Sorokina6--CUD
5 Marie Riedlbauchova1--CUD


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Lukus Valenta16--CUD - new World GAYP Youth Champion
2 Bashim Durdyev15--TNDF
3 Shane McCusker11--IRE
4 Filip Kareta10--CUD
5 Marek Jurkovic5--CUD
6 Jiri Jurkovic2--CUD

District 4 Tournament November 3rd - 5th , 2005

Congratulations to Elbert Lowder for winning the tournament and becoming the new 4th District Champion. There was $1,435 total prize money. They played match point system at 4 games per round.

Larry Michael was the tournament director.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Elbert Lowder22--$400 New 4th District Champion
2 Tim Laverty20112$235
3 Gene Lindsay20108$235
4 Mike Ross18--$140
5 Ken Shultz1692$85
6 Bill McClintock1690$85
7 Teal Stanley14102$33
8 Paul Dingler1488$33
9 Wade Holder1484$33
10 Jan Bulstra1478$33
10 Larry Michael1478$33
12 Cecil Lowe12--$20
13 O.W. \"Buck\" Smith10--$20
14 Bill Stanley8--$20
15 Clint Pickard8--$15 withdrew after round 6
16 J.R. Smith4--$15

2005 Nebraska State Tournament November 13th , 2005

The 107th Nebraska State Open (Lloyd Mills Memorial) Tournament was won by George Stallsworth and congratulatins on becoming the State Champion.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 George Stallsworth10--
2 John Pestal9--
3 John Brogan3--
4 Ryan Horner2--

Missouri One-Day Tournament November 19th , 2005

Congratulations to George Cook for winning. Special thanks to Chris Weiland for sponsoring this event.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 George Cook1234MO
2 Wayne Miller1038MO
3 Howard Steiner1037MO Tied with same honor points and drew each other
3 Bill Wethington1037MO Tied with same honor points and drew each other
5 Gayle Helterbrand1031MO
6 Chris Weiland836MO
7 Gary Hinerman834MO
8 Wilma Wolverton830MO
9 George Stallsworth735NE
10 Hugh Hawkins734TX
11 Richard Brownfield6--

2006 Tennessee State Tournament March 3rd - 5th , 2006

An end to another excellent tournament! Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for running away with yet another TN state tournament and Hugh Burton for retaining his title of TN state champion. Also congratulations to John Estes (wins honor points tie breaker) and Frank Davis for tying for 1st in Majors on match points and to Paul Bryan for winning Minors.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev24--
2 Hugh Burton19--
3 Larry Keen18129
4 Jonathon Chappell18124
5 John Webster18118
6 Gene Lindsay17124
7 Ryan Pronk17120
8 Albert Tucker17118
9 Clayton Nash17114
10 Michael Holmes16127
11 Dr. Robert Shuffett16113
12 Don Brattin14115
13 Alan Millhone14111
14 Joe Tucker13--
15 Lynn Steelman12107
16 Lamar McBrayer1294
17 Herbert Reed5--withdrew after round 4
18 Don West4--withdrew after round 3


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 John Estes22133
2 Frank Davis22131
3 Larry Pollard21126
4 Teal Stanley21108
5 Billy Perry17119
6 Byron Woolum17111
7 Earl Harvell16--
8 Dale Hedrick15125
9 Ken Christian15122
10 Bill McClintock15117
11 Ken Shultz15108
12 Hollis McClard1592
13 Perry McCracken13--
14 Shelby Mays12--
15 Arnold Cook12--withdrew after 6 rounds
16 Ralph Agee4--withdrew after 3 rounds
17 Doug Hughson2--withdrew after 2 rounds
18 Hillous Jones2--withdrew after 3 rounds


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Paul Bryan23--
2 Mike Ross22147
3 Jim Stokes22141
4 Josh Armstrong20138
5 Willis Shewcraft20126
6 Patrick Parker19128
7 O.W. (Buck) Smith19125
8 Jimmy Reliford18--
9 Harvey Powell17117
10 Dallas Ramsey17115
11 Leonard Hickman17107
12 Bobby Rice16115
13 J.R. Smith16108
14 Gary Wilson15126
15 Bill Stanley15114
16 Kim Willis13111
16 Robert Jackson13111
18 Deborah Burge1391
19 Vonda Jones11107
20 Jim Poland11102
21 Alex Holmes11977 yrs old
22 Henry Frugard10--
23 Bill Shoffner12--withdrew after 6 rounds

Sedalia, Missouri Open Checker Tournament March 18th , 2006

Here are the results of the 2006 Sedalia, Missouri Open Tournament.

Congratulations to Wayne Miller for winning. Thanks to all for coming.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Wayne Miller12--MO
2 Gayle Helterbrand11--MO
3 Howard Steiner11--MO
4 George Stallsworth10--NE
5 Chris Weiland8--MO
6 Wilman Wolverton8--MO

101st Illinois State Tournament April 1st - 2nd , 2006

The 101st Illinois State Checker Tournament was held on April 1st and 2nd, 2006. Congratulations to the winners, Alex Moiseyev (A) and Ken Christian (B).

Also congratulations to Gene Ellison the 2006 IL State Champion and to Earl Kennell the IL Class B Champion.

Jenifer Kelton won the prize donated by Michael Holmes: Checker Book and Gift Set by Robert Pike.

Class A -- $555.00

Class B -- $425.00 Gene Ellison, Sec & Treas. IL Checker Assn

Total Prize fund -- $980.00

Class A

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev22--$185 (OH)
2 Michael Holmes17104$90 (KY)
2 Richard Beckwith17102$90 (OH)
2 Larry Keen1793$90 (TN)
5 Don West1694$30 (KY)
5 Mike Fulkerson1686$30 (OH)
5 Ted Meriwether1677$30 (KY)
8 Gene Lindsay15101$4 (TN)
8 Josh Armstrong1595$3 (AL)
8 Gene Ellison15832006 State Champion $3 (IL)
11 D L Fogle1488(IL)
11 Bill Wethington1487(MO)
13 Joe Tucker13--(MO)
14 Nathan Gogo1286(IL)
14 Byron Polanco1268(IL)
16 Byron Woolum1194(KY)
16 Alan Millhone1183(OH)
18 Gayle Helterbrand977(MO)
19 Gary Ellison976(IL)
20 John Grisley973(IL)

Class B

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ken Christian21--$145 (TN)
2 Aaron Parker19104$82 (LA)
2 Earl Kennell19101IL Class B Champion $82 (IL)
4 Bob Rice18--$45 (KY)
5 Willis Shewcraft17106$25 (KY)
5 Kenneth Ellison17102$25 (IL)
7 Flavious Burgess1699$7 (KY)
7 Wilma Wolverton1690$7 (MO)
7 Hollis McClard1688$7 (TN)
10 Denny Bullington1590(IN)
10 Howard Hoover1588(IL)
12 Bob Smith14--(IL)
13 Roger Doll1382(IL)
13 Lonnie McClain1376(IL)
15 Neil Wenberg12--(PA)
16 Roger Blaine9--(IN)
17 Jenifer Kelton769(IL)
18 Alex Holmes758(IN)
19 Dustin Belcher7--(TN) Withdrew after 4 Rounds
20 Cory Arnett6--(KY) Withdrew after 4 Rounds
21 Jerry Skinner3--(IL) Withdrew after 4 Rounds

Greensboro Checker Tournament April 22nd , 2006

This Tournament was dedicated to the memory and in honor of Paul Dingler … a friend and checker player who touched us all.

Congratulations for Teal Stanley for winning.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Teal Stanley1447NC: $65
2 Wade Holder1351NC: $57.50
3 Bill McClintock1347NC: $57.50
4 Joe McClellan1250NC: $43.75
4 Mike Ross1250NC: $43.75
6 Fred Church1245NC: $43.75
7 Trey Stanley1242NC: $43.75
8 J.R. Smith1046NC: $37.5O
9 Buck Smith1044VA: $37.50
10 Clint Pickard941NC: $35
11 T.W. Stanley832NC: $32.50
12 Mike Garvey834NC: $32.50
13 Larry Michael1034NC: $30

KRCC early bird tournament April 22nd , 2006

All players were from Nebraska. Draws were eliminated.
Congratulations to George Stallsworth for winning.

* KRCC will be hosting the Omaha City Championships this August 12, 2006..any interested players contact Dave Stovie at

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 George Stallsworth13--
2 John Pestal11--
3 Dave Stovie10--
4 Calvin Lathan8--
5 Rev. Smartt6--
5 Ryan Horner6--
5 John Incontro6--
8 Roger Stovie4--
8 Paul Larmon4--
8 EC - Oliver4--
11 T. Kyles2--

69th Annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival Checker Tournament May 12th - 13th , 2006

The annual West Tennessee 3-move Open Strawberry Festival Checker Tournament was held at Humboldt, TN on May 12 & 13, 2006. There were two divisions consisting of 23 players. Prize fund was $2115.
Local restaurants donated food for lunch for both days. Numerous door prizes were given with estimated value of $300. We thank Mr. Hugh Burton for all the hard work he puts into making this tournament a success. We would also like to thank the Chamber of Commerce in Humboldt, TN for their support of this tournament each year.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)1991$400
2 Larry Keen (TN)1797$250
3 Michael Holmes (KY)1684$200
4 Clayton Nash (MS)1387$150
5 Dr. Robert Shuffett (KY)1189$100
6 Joe Tucker (MO)889$64


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Gene Ellison (IL)1899$125
2 Arwood Smith (KY)1893$125
3 Ted Meriwether (KY)1892$125
4 Larry Pollard (AL)17101$80
5 Frank Davis (TN)1797$80
6 Byron Woolum (KY)16100$57
7 Wayne Jackson (TN)1690$57
8 Harvey Powell (TN)1596$50
9 Ken Schultz (TN)1492$45
10 Patrick Parker (LA)1386$40
11 Flavious Burgess (KY)1287$30
12 Bill Shoffner (TN)1284$30
13 Orbra Hawkins (AR)1283$30
14 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)1278$30
15 Perry McCracken (KY)873$25
16 Pepper Martin (TN)867$21
17 David Lane (TN)----Withdrew

2006 North Carolina Open Checker Tournament May 18th - 20th , 2006

3-Move Restriction Style of Play-Swiss System of scoring. 7 rounds at 4 games per round. This Ty crowned a new NC Champion, so with a group of good players who are closely matched we score the round as a mini-match between opponents and not scoring the 4 games; therefore, "winner-takes-all."

Tim Laverty - Scorekeeper

This Tournament was dedicated to the memory and in honor of Lester Allen Balderson… a friend and checker player who gave a lifetime of committed service to Checkers.

Congratulations to John Webster for winning the Masters and Teal Stanley for winning the Majors


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 John Webster (NC)24--$175
2 Tim Laverty (NC)18--$150
3 Elbert Lowder (NC)16--$125
4 Gene Lindsay (TN)14--$100
5 Jan Bulstra (NC)12--$50
6 Anatoly Rayevsky (NC)----$20


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Teal Stanley (NC)22--$100
2 Ken Shultz (NC)20--$90
3 Ben Jones (NC)18100$75
3 Bill McClintock (NC)18100$75
5 Cecil Lowe (NC)1892$60
6 Mike Ross (NC)14106$40
7 Joe McClellan (NC)1488$35
8 Jeff Webster (NC)1476$30
9 Larry Micheal12--$20
10 Bill Stanley (NC)1078$20
11 Clint Pickard (NC)1024$20 -- Entered tournament in 4th round
12 Bill Burnett (NC)8--$20
13 JR Smith (NC)6--$20

Missouri State Checker Tournament May 20th - 21st , 2006

Our congratulations go to Gayle Helterbrand who won his first State Championship!! Elie Solomon who came in 2nd in his first checker tournament - quite an accomplishment! Taking 3rd was several times state Champion Bill Wethington. Traveling the farthest was Francesco La Rocca all the way from New York. We were pleased to welcome him. Also attending his first tourney was Ted Chapman. Chris Weiland resigned as MCA President after 11 years. Thank you Chris for your hard work leading the MCA! Taking Chris's place is Kim Willis who willingly consented to take the job. Thank you, Kim, and we wish you all the best as you take over the MCA!

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)21--$100
2 Elie Solomon (MO)18114$75
3 Bill Wethington (MO)18109$75
4 Francesco La Rocca (NYC)17--$23.80
5 Chris Weiland (MO)16--$22.40
6 Wilma Wolverton (MO)15110$21
7 Gene Rader (MO)15104$21
8 Bobby Smith (IL)14--$19.60
9 Roger Doll (IL)13--$18.20
10 Kim Willis (MO)12--$16.80
11 Howard Hoover (IL)11--$15.40
12 Jen Kelton (IL)6--$9
13 Ted Chapman (MO)4--$5.60 -- Withdrew

District 3 & Pennsylvania State June 10th - 11th , 2006

Alex Moiseyev won the District 3 & PA Open.

Tony Kozenski is again PA State and District 3 champ. Prize fund was $460.

Tournament donations were received from Tony Kozenski, Terry Mazzocco, Donell Guy, and Steve Holliday. Alan Millhone also donated to PA treasury.

Alex distributed his new book Sixth to recipients at the tournament.
Thanks goes to Tony Kozenski for arranging the venue, Alan Millhone for providing pop and pizza, and
Anatoly Rayevsky for bringing in birthday cake for his birthday.

Next year’s PA/District 3 open will be at the same place, June 9 & 10, 2007.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)22--$115
2 Richard Beckwith (OH)17--$80
3 Tony Kozenski (PA)16100$46
3 Louis Cowie (OH)16100$47
5 Ed Bruch (NY)1699$47
6 Alan Millhone (OH)1596$32.50
7 Dale Rumpf (PA)1584$32.50
8 Neil Wenberg (PA)13--$25
9 Donell Guy (DE)10--$20
10 Anatoly Rayevsky (NC)7--$15
11 Tom Rea (OH)5--

Burlington Annual Checker Tournament June 10th , 2006

Congratulations to Kevin Burks on an impressive performance in winning the event.

Swiss, by game - 2 points for wins, 1 for draws, 3 for a bye Position determined by points, then honor points
Mike Ross - Tournament Director & Francis McClintock - Score Keeper

Prize Fund donation from Don Andrews

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Kevin Burks (Gretna, VA)1850$30
2 Wade Holder (Fayetteville, NC)1350$22.50
3 Joe McClellan (Winston-Salem, NC)1346$22.50
4 Teal Stanley ( Greensboro, NC)1252$15
5 Bill McClintock ( Greensboro, NC)1252$15
6 Mike Ross (Burlington, NC)1038$5
7 Lawrence Newsom ( Winston-Salem, NC)944$5
8 Clint Pickard (Sanford, NC)940$5
9 Roger Sample (New Bern, NC)841$5
10 Bill Stanley (Greensboro, NC)840$5
11 AY Saul (Elon, NC)838$5
11 JR Smith (Greensboro, NC)838$5
13 Michael Garvey (West End, NC)734$5

Arthur Niederhoffer National youth tournament June 17th - 18th , 2006

Congratulations to Ryan Pronk for winning the 2006 National Youth Championship. Congratulations also goes to Trey Stanley for winning the lower division. This was both Pronk's and Stanley's second straight year of winning their respected divisions. Pronk and Corey Modich have been endorsed by the ACF to participate in the next World Youth Championship cycle. Since the ACF won the bid for the next cycle, Paul Bryan is also officially endorsed.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ryan Pronk (AZ)25--2006 National Youth Champion
2 Corey Modich (MI)15--
3 Paul Bryan (OH)13--
4 Josh Armstrong (AL)11--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Trey Stanley (NC)26--
2 Alex Holmes (IN)24--
3 Solomon Reece (OH)19--
4 Forest Reece (OH)10--
5 Erin Stanley (NC)9--

Edward A. Bruch 2006 Three-move National Tournament June 19th - 24th , 2006

Referee for the National tournament will be Don Brattin and Leon Creek. Entry fees will be $50 (Masterís) / $30 (Majors) / $20 (Minors). ACF Membership required to enter all divisions, and may be paid at registration. Registration will take place Monday morning from 8:30-10:30 followed by a business meeting. All divisions will play eight four-game rounds. All divisions will play one round Monday. The Majors and Minors will play 2 rounds (6 hour limit per round) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, followed by the final round on Friday. The masters will play one-and-a-half rounds Tuesday through Friday, with the final round on Saturday. Masters will have an 8-hour limit per round.

This will be a three-move restriction event using 156-opening deck and Swiss system. Recording of games and time clocks will be used in the Masters group. (Players in other divisions are welcome to do the same, but optional). Clocks and scoresheets will be provided. Masters will use a tough deck consisting of 80 openings if the round is still tied after the first two games. The Masters will use the traditional round scoring. The Majors and Minors will play 4-game rounds, scoring by game (2 points for each win, 1 point for each draw).

Official ACF ratings (at time of registration) will be used as a guide to placing entrants into the appropriate division (Masters, Majors, or Minors). The ratings cutoffs for Masters/Majors/Minors are 2300 and 1950. The gray areas are 2250-2300 and 1900-1950. That is, players with a rating of 2300 and higher will enter the Master division. Players with ratings of 1950-2250 will be placed in the Majors, and entrants with a rating of 1900 and lower shall enter the Minors. Players are welcome to play up one division for the challenge and to try for higher prize money.
Winners of the Minors/Majors division of the last 3 Nationals must also move up a division.

The Travelerís Choice Hotel is located on I-71 between Columbus and Cleveland (closer to Cleveland) and is less than a two hours drive from our 2005 Dublin venue. The hotel is located on the northeast corner of the Exit 218 interchange with state highway 18. Go east ľ-mile, and the hotel is on the left. (Need to do some type of a U-turn at the light to get around the median.)

The Travelerís Choice has many guestrooms. They will also offer a daily complimentary breakfast, which they donít normally do for their other patrons. The rate on the sleeping rooms will be $33.00 plus tax. Phone number = 330-725-4571 or e-mail with type of room, dates, etc. The hotel contains a bar and outdoor swimming pool.

Nearby Attractions

Many restaurants are located at this interchange, including within walking distance --Dairy Queen, Cracker Barrel, Bob Evans, Waffle House, Buffalo Wild Wings, Alexanderís (a great find!), Louís Landing Grill and more. A large antique mall is nearby. The Lodi outlet mall and Strongsville mall are both 15 minutes away by interstate.

Cleveland has many attractions, including Lake Erie, Jacobís Field, Tower City, Rock ĎN Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Zoo, Great Lakes Science Center, Playhouse Square, Geauga Lake Amusement Park, and the John G. White chess & checker collection at the Cleveland Public Library.

Airport Transportation to Medina

Airport Direct Transportation (440) 479-1515
$55 (with tax) per trip from Cleveland Hopkins airport to Medina. $65 from Akron-Canton airport to Medina.

Ace Taxi (216) 361-4700
$54 from Cleveland Hopkins airport to Medina, or $95 roundtrip.

I also contacted Hopkins Shuttle service (in airport terminal). Medina is not on their regular route, and cost is $80 (1-6 people) one-way.

Unfortunately, the airport situation is not ideal for those who wish to fly, since Medina is in another county. I may be able to assist with rides for a few travelers who arrive on the weekend. (contact me at or 34490 Ridge Road #115, Willoughby, OH 44094 and we can discuss).

Donations are most welcome and may be sent to Alan Millhone or R. Beckwith. A copy of the select games will be given to contributors of at least $10 (or $15 will get you the youth tournament games too.) Paypal donations can be made under ACF Store under Donations/ACF Tournament Fund Donation.

The hotel is located on the northeast corner of the Exit 218 interchange with state highway 18. Go east ľ-mile, and the hotel is on the left. (Need to do some type of a U-turn at the light to get around the median.)

The rate on the sleeping rooms will be $33.00 plus tax. Phone number = 330-725-4571 or e-mail Jeff at with type of room, dates, etc


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
0 Earl Morrison (CAN)16114
0 Elbert Lowder (NC)16114
1 Ron King (BAR)24142
2 Alex Moiseyev (OH)24138
3 Richard Hallett (FL)24132
4 Richard Beckwith (OH)20--
5 Ed Bruch (NY)18148
6 Clayton Nash (MS)18106
7 Larry Keen (TN)16140
8 Joe Schwartz (FL)16124
9 Jim Morrison (KY)16118
12 Tim Laverty (NC)16108
13 John Webster (NC)16106
14 Michael Holmes (KY)14--
15 Mike Fulkerson (OH)12--
16 Karl Albrecht (MI)8122
17 Gene Lindsay (TN)892
18 Alan Millhone (OH)6--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Larry Pollard (AL)48--
2 Ryan Pronk (AZ)44--
3 Jimmy O\'Grady (NY)38--
4 Ken Shultz (TN)31--
5 Josh Armstrong (AL)30243
6 Byron Woolum (KY)30242
7 Paul Bryan (OH)30212
8 Teal Stanley (NC)29--
9 Wade Holder (NC)27--
10 Earl Harvell (TX)23--
11 Steve Holliday (OH)24--withdrew
12 Perry McCracken (KY)16--withdrew


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Patrick Parker (LA)45--
2 Corey Modich (MI)42--
3 Joe LoConti (OH)38--
4 Leonard Hickman (TN)34--
5 Neil Wenberg (PA)33--
6 Kim Willis (MO)322152006 U.S. Women's Champion
7 Roger Blaine (IN)32212
8 Raymond Shelly (MD)32197
9 Donell Guy (DE)30--
10 Wilma Wolverton (MO)29--
11 Trey Stanley (NC)20--
12 Bob Amicarelli (OH)14--withdrew

New England States & District One Open June 24th , 2006

Congratulations to Mike Magnelli for winning the District 1 Championship for the 6th time in the past 7 years. Also congratulations to Joe Margolin the MA state champ and Al Darrow the CT state champ.

Wheeler, White, Margolin, Darrow, and Bracnaro are also former New Engl./District 1 champs

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Mike Magnelli (RI)23--New England/District 1 champ 6 of last 7 years
2 Joe Margolin (MA)22--MA Champ
3 Richard White (MA)18--
4 Al Darrow (CT)16--CT Champ
4 Steve Kelly (MA)16--
6 Bill Wheeler (MA)15--
7 Frank Freeman (MA)14--
8 Mike Festa (MA)12--
9 Bill Cox (CT)11--
10 Jim Bracnaro (CT)10--
10 Eric Reid (MA)10--
12 Mark Gainer (MA)7--
13 Carl Gainer (MA)5--
14 Bill Kozac (CT)3--

Southern States July 6th - 9th , 2006

Congratulations to Joe Schwartz for winning the Southern States Masters and to young Josh Armstrong for winning the Majors. The prize fund was $1220. Local newspapers also covered the event.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Joe Schwartz (FL)27--
2 Gene Lindsay (TN)25--
3 Hugh Burton (TN)24--
4 Larry Keen (TN)24--
5 Frank Davis (TN)21--
6 Larry Pollard (AL)20--
7 Arwood Smith (KY)20--
8 Roy Little (OK)17--
9 John Estes (TN)----withdrew after 6 rounds


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Josh Armstrong (AL)25199
2 Bill McClintock (NC)25197
3 Homer Rankhorn (TN)23200
4 Ralph Agree (TN)23195
5 Hollis McClard (TN)21197
6 Ken Shultz (TN)21197
7 Earl Harvell (TX)20191
8 Dallas Ramsey (AL)20158
9 Ken Christian (TN)19--
10 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)18191
11 Harvey Powell (TN)18188
12 Sanford Roath (TN)12--
13 Tommy Smith (TN)----withdrew after 3 rounds

District 7 Tournament July 15th - 16th , 2006

Congratulations to Durwood Fogle for winning tournament and to Bill Wethington for winning the title of District 7 Champion (as the highest finishing resident). This is Wethington's first District 7 title since 2002.

Longbranch Inn, 28933 Sunset Drive, phone 660-385-2125. Motels: Regal 8, 660-385-5788; Sandman, 660-385-4212. If coming in RV, there is a campground at the next exit west, Shoemaker's RV Center, 660-775-5313


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Durwood Fogle (IL)22--
2 Bill Wethington (MO)20--New District 7 Champion
3 Gary Hinerman (MO)17--
4 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)16--
5 Robert Couch (MO)16--
6 Hugh Morehead (MO)14--
7 George Stallsworth (NE)7--

Western States Open Championships August 6th - 8th , 2006

Congratulations to Ryan Pronk and Gerry Lopez for being Co Champions of the tournament and the title of 9th District Champions. Also to Yunior Lopez for winning the B division.

1 Ryan Pronk14--
1 Gerry Lopez14--
3 Bob Murr11--
4 John Gibson7--
4 Ken Shultz7--
4 Earl Harvell7--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Yunior Lopez1873
2 Hugh Hawkins1871
3 Sol Kaplan15--
4 Paul Stein1371
5 Francesco La Rocca1369
6 Alexander Weaver12--
7 Robert Ferguson1176
8 Tom Jones1171
9 Nico Pradenas9--

Tennessee State GAYP Open TY August 12th - 13th , 2006

Congratulations to John Webster for winning the Tennesee State GAYP Open. We'd also like to congratulate Jay Bailey for winning the B division in his first tournament and welcome Matthew Finley who played in his first tournament as well.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 John Webster (NC)24--
2 Gene Lindsay (TN)18--
3 Bob Butler (TN)16--
4 Teal Stanley (NC)15--
5 Bill Pendleton (TN)1494
6 Wade Holder (NC)1479
7 Jim Strokes (VA)13--
8 Shelby Mayes (KY)10--
9 Ken Christian (TN)9--
10 JR Smith (NC)6--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jay Bailey (TN)26--1st Tournament
2 Matthew Finley (TN)16--1st Tournament
3 Bill Stanley (NC)12--
4 Trey Stanley (NC)12--
5 Vonda Jones (TN)11--

Eastern NC Open State Tournament August 19th , 2006

Congratulations to Tim Laverty for winning the Eastern NC Open Tournament.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Tim Laverty18--
2 Bill McClintock15--
3 Teal Stanley12--
4 Raleigh Johnson1153
5 Cecil Lowe1147
6 Bud Cobb952
7 Bill Stanley941
8 JR Smith939
9 Trey Stanley6--
10 Tyler Moore----

Indiana State and District 6 Championship August 26th - 27th , 2006

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning the District 6 title and to Casey Goddard for winning the Indiana State title.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)21--Captured the 6th District Championship
2 Alan Millhone (OH)18--
3 Dr. Robert Shuffett (KY)16--
4 Neil Wenberg (PA)14--
5 Casey Goddard (IN)13--Captured Indiana State Championship
6 Dennis Bullington (IN)13--
7 Pal E. Bucker (IN)13--
8 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)11--
9 Earl Kennell (IL)11--
10 Bobby Smith (IL)9--
11 Roger Blaine (IN)5--Only played 3 rounds

Ohio State Tournament September 9th - 10th , 2006

Congratulations to Alex for winning his 4th straight Ohio state title and 5th straight Ohio Tournament. Ed Bruch at age 90 had another solid performance and didn’t lose a game. Neil Wenberg was the “B” champ.

Special thanks to those who donated: including Joe LoConti (always a big contributor!), Kozenski, Bruch, and Millhone. Also, thanks to Steve (and Marilyn) Holliday for assisting me with referee duties and for providing cookies & ginger bread.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)22--
2 Ed Bruch (NY)18104
3 Tony Kozenski (PA)1894
4 Richard Beckwith (OH)15--
5 Louis Cowie (OH)1493
6 Steve Holiday (OH)1481
7 Neil Wenberg (PA)1479
8 John Acker (OH)1393
9 Alan Millhone (OH)1389
10 Joe LoConti (OH)12--
11 Bob Amicarelli (OH)5--

Virginia Open Checker Tournament September 15th - 16th , 2006

Congratulations to John Webster for winning the tournament. Also to Kevin Burks for winning the state title for two consecutive years.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 John Webster (NC)26--Wins Tournament
2 Gene Lindsay (TN)22142
3 Kevin Burks (VA)22136Virginia State Champion (New ODCA President)
4 Teal Stanley (NC)18136
5 Bill McClintock (NC)18130
6 Joe McCellan (NC)18128
7 Wade Holder (NC)16112
8 Ted Taylor (VA)16100
9 Mike Ross (NC)14130
10 Buck Smith (VA)14110
11 Jim Stokes (VA)12--
12 JR Smith (NC)1092
13 Paul Heavener (VA)1088
14 Fred Taylor (VA)8--

Bagnell Dam Days Checker Tournament September 30th , 2006

Congratulations to Chris Weiland for winning the A class and to Alac Page for winning the beginners group. Congratulations also goes to all the youngsters for coming out and enjoying our grand old game. A fun time was had by all.

Class A

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Chris Weiland6--Tournament Winner
2 Kim Willis6--
3 Richard Brownfield5--
4 Jerry Berry4--
5 Jerry Hogland4--
6 Lawrence Sherrill3--
7 Wilma Wolverton2--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alac Page----
2 Cody Kramer----
3 Katie Oppliager----
4 Joe Oliver----
5 Heather Craig----
6 Jessica Smith----

72nd Annual Illinois 101 Counties Checker Tournament October 7th - 8th , 2006

The tournament was dedicated to Bill Henson and Morris Pettijohn, two long time Illinois checker players who have passed away recently. We had a good turnout and a pleasant tournament. The 2006 tournament champion is Jerry Childers. This championship is Jerry’s 4th 101 Tournament Championship. The 2006 Illinois tournament champion is John Grisley, who has been the IL champion three times previously. In the B Class, the top player is Brandon Like, in his first checker tournament ever. The B class top Illinois player is Kenneth Ellison.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jerry Childers (AR)23--4th Championship Win
2 Don West (KY)18--
3 Larry Pollard (AL)17--
4 John Grisley (IL)16--IL Champion
5 Gary Ellison (IL)1599
6 Cody Short (IL)1594
7 Flavrious Burgess (KY)1584
8 Alan Millhone (OH)1487
9 Gene Ellison (IL)1481
10 Byron Woolum (KY)1396
11 Don Verble (IL)1386
12 Joe Tucker (MO)1284
13 John Cohen (MO)1272
14 Wade Holder (KC)11--
15 Bill Wethington (MO)10--
16 Earl Kinnell (IL)6--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Brandon Like (IN)21--1st Tournament
2 Kenneth Ellison (IL)18105IL B Class Champion
3 Willis Shewcraft (KY)18101
4 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)17--
5 Leonard Hickman (TN)15--
6 Howard Hoover (IL)1380
7 Kim Willis (MO)1373
8 Roger Doll (IL)12--
9 Bob Smith (IL)7--Withdrew
10 Jennifer Kelton (IL)3--

Kentucky Open checker tournament October 13th - 15th , 2006

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning the event and to Jonathan Chappell for winning the Kentucky State Championship title. Congratulations also goes to Ken Shultz for winning the majors division. Ian and Joan Caws are also to be commended for traveling as far as England to attend this tournament. Chappell is also the Kentucky Match Champion.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)24--
2 Jonathan Chappell (KY)22--New Kentucky State Champion
3 Gene Lindsay (TN)21--
4 Michael Holmes (KY)18--
5 Dr. Robert Shuffett (KY)15--
6 Alan Millhone (OH)10--
7 Joan Caws (England)9--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Ken Shultz (TN)20148
2 Byron Wollum (KY)20142
3 Jim Stokes (VA)20128
4 Earl Harvell (TX)20123
5 Ian Caws (England)19132
6 Jerry Askins (KY)18--
7 Gary Wilson (KY)16--
8 Arthur Mays (KY)12--withdrew after the 6th round
9 Shelby Mays (KY)10--
10 Alex Holmes (IN)3--7-years-old!

108th Annual Nebraska State (Lloyd Mills Memorial) Open Tournament October 14th , 2006

Congratulations to Rev. EC Oliver for winning the Nebraska State title. Oliver edged out previous champions John Pestal and George Pestal to take home his first championship. Byron Baldwin won the B class.

Class A

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Rev. EC Oliver13--New Nebraska State Champion
2 John Pestal12--
3 George Stallsworth11--
4 Don Gebers9--
5 Calvin Lathan8--
6 Ryan Horner7--

Class B

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Byron Baldwin18--
2 Felix Bivieca17--
3 Rev. Smartt15--
4 Dave Stovie14--
5 John Butler14--
6 Paul Larmon13--
7 Gary Shields7--

2006 Canadian Open October 20th - 22nd , 2006

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning the 2006 Canadian Open! Earl Morrison, the highest Canadian finisher, is the Canadian Champion. Leroy Adams is the new President of the Canadian Checkers Association and already has plans to host the 2008 Canadian Open in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)17--$700
2 Dr. Richard Beckwith (OH)11--$500
3 Earl Morrison (Quebec, CAN)10--New Canadian Champion ($375)
4 Leroy Adams (Manitoba, CAN)9--President of the CCA ($175)
5 Alan Millhone (OH)8--$150
6 Ken Shoesmith (Ontario, CAN)5--$100

2006 Irish Championships October 28th - November 1st , 2006

Shane Mc Cosker led the Masters into the last game of the event, while you will see that other divisions had a number of players on equal points.

The Irish Open 2007 will be held at the Inishowen Gateway Hotel, Buncrana, County Donegal, from Sat 27th - Wed 31st October 2007 inclusive. The P. Breen Vs A. Durdyeva WCM (3 Move) will be held alongside this. More on this later.

1 Myles Hannigan26-- 2 Shane Mc Cosker24-- 3 Charles Mc Kenna23-- 4 Garret Owens22-- 5 Sean Cronin22-- 6 Sean O\'Driscoll22--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Francie Mc Nally25--
2 Con Boyle25--
3 Joe Maguire24--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 John Davie----
2 Charlie Mc Elroy----
3 Brendan Crowley----
4 Vincent Beirne----
5 Mike Igoe----

District 4 Tournament November 3rd - 4th , 2006

Congratulations to Teal Stanley for winning the tournament and becoming the new District 4 Champion!


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Teal Stanley (NC)22--New District 4 Champion
2 Dr. Robert Shuffett (KY)21--
3 Bill McClintock (NC)20--
4 Wade Holder (NC)19--
5 Mike Ross (NC)18130
6 Joe McClellan (NC)18129
7 Jim Stokes (VA)17--
8 Anatoly Rayevsky (NC)15107
9 Bill Stanley (NC)1595
10 Neil Wenberg (PA)14--
11 Larry Michael (NC)13--
12 JR Smith (NC)12114
13 Clint Pickard (NC)1295
14 Ken Shultz (TN)9--withdrew after the 6th round
15 Trey Stanley (NC)7--entered in the 5th round

2006 Montana Match Championship November 3rd - 4th , 2006

Congratulations to Jim Loy for becoming the Montana State Match Champion by winning over his challenger Paul Heringer 12-5-5.

From Jim Loy: 22 games in two days, plus driving 300 miles each way, is tiring.
Paul is 86 years old, and just plays for fun, which are his excuses. He and I met for the first time, at the beginning of this match. He has 17 great-grandchildren, and has had a full life.

Jim Loy vs Paul Heringer

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Jim Loy----Jim Loy wins 12-5-5

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
2 Paul Heringer----

2006 Arkansas Open November 4th , 2006

Congratulations to Don West for winning the tournament and to Jerry Childers for retaining the Arkansas State title. On a side note, Childers was leading the tournament heading into the last round but lost to West in the last game


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Don West (KY)16--
2 Jerry Childers (AR)15--Arkansas State Champion (27th time)
3 Joe Tucker (MO)12--
4 Obra Hawkins (AR)10--
5 Richard Drake (AR)9--
6 Hugh Hawkins (TX)9--
7 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)9--
8 Bill French (TX)7--
9 Clint Hodges (AR)5--
10 Larry Jordan (AR)----withdrew after 3 rounds

8th Annual POOL and INTERNATIONAL CHECKERS FESTIVAL November 11th - 12th , 2006


Charles "Pecan" Thompson, Top Master from Chicago, won the 8th Annual American Pool Checkers tournament in South Bend, Indiana, on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2006. Thompson scored 41 out of a possible 48 points, with Clorius "Mongoose" Lay, Gary, Ind., second at 38. 13 players competed.

Orlando "Panama" Williams, Chicago, topped 8 players in the Big-Board or International Checkers event on Sunday, Nov. 12, with a perfect 14 out of 14. Thompson followed with 11.

Madi Eberle, of Wakarusa, Ind., is 8Ĺ years old and quite a fan of straight checkers. She bravely took on the "old men" in her first try at Big-Board, and was awarded a set of checkers and a wooden board as the Beginner's Prize.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Charles Thompson41--
2 Clorius Lay38--
3 Orlando Williams34--
4 Lee Pittman30--
5 Fred Shurn29--
6 Arthur Bell27--
7 Therman Earnest26--
8 Jackie Williams21--
9 Andrew Young20--
10 Stoney Burke14--
11 Wayne Purdy13--
12 Dr. Donell Guy9--
13 Roger Blaine8--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Orlando Williams14--
2 Charles Thompson11--
3 Roger Blaine8--
4 Arthur Bell8--
5 Dr. Donell Guy7--
6 Vern Cloud5--
7 David Rockwell3--
8 Madi Eberle----

Alabama State & District 5 Tournament November 17th - 18th , 2006

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning the masters and Earl Harvell for winning the majors. The District 5 championship was split three ways this year, while Larry Pollard defended his Alabama state championship yet again in this very competitive tournament. We are grateful for Frank & Mary Davis who officiated as scorekeeper and for our Tournament Directors Larry Pollard and Dallas Ramsey. Thank you to all who helped bring this event together. Channel 6 TV and Haleyville News reported the event.
The masters played 7 rounds of round robin. The majors played 7 rounds of swiss. The total prize fund for the masters was $708. The total prize fund for the majors was $561


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)25--$225
2 Anthony Bishop (TN)15--District 5 Co-Champion
3 Larry Pollard (AL)15--Alabama State Champion and District 5 Co-Champion
4 Albert Tucker (LA)15--District 5 Co-Champion
5 Dallas Ramsey (AL)12--Alabama State Runner-up Champion
6 Neal Austin (AL)11--
7 Frank Davis (TN)11--
8 Clyde Hallmark (AL)8--


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Earl Harvell (TX)19--$135
2 Hollis McClard (TN)18--
3 Ken Christian (TN)17--
4 Ken Shultz (TN)16--
5 Bill Shoffner (TN)15--
6 Wade Holder (NC)1497
7 Clifford Daniels (MS)1486
8 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)1192
9 JR Smith (NC)11--
10 Riley Cole (AL)1--Alabama Youth Champion (withdrew in the 3rd round)

2007 Tennessee State Open Tournament March 2nd - 4th , 2007

The Tennessee State Open Checker Tournament will be held on March 2-4, 2007, at the Americas Best Value Inn & Suites, in Lebanon, TN.
PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE. The inn is located on Highway 231 (822 Cumberland Street) near I-40 (take exit 238 north). The tournament consists of 3 divisions. Two rounds will be played on Friday, four on Saturday, and two on Sunday. Registration will begin at 1 pm followed by a business meeting at 3 pm. Play will start at 4 pm on Friday and end Sunday at 1 pm. For reservations, call 1-615-449-5991 and tell them you are a checker player. Please make your reservations early.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)26--
2 Ryan Pronk (AZ)19129
3 John Estes (TN)19126New Tennessee State Champion
4 Dr. John Webster (NC)18131
5 Arwood Smith (KY)18126
6 Tim Laverty (NC)18125
7 Clayton Nash (MS)18119
8 Larry Pollard (AL)18111
9 Anthony Bishop (TN)17127
10 Gene Lindsay (TN)17124
11 Dr. Richard Beckwith (OH)17117
12 Larry Keen (TN)16117
13 Lamar McBrayer (GA)1695
14 Herbert Reed (KY)15126
15 Frank Davis (TN)15113
16 Don West (KY)15112
17 Alan Millhone (OH)15108
18 Wayne Jackson (TN)13115
19 Wade Holder (NC)13113
20 Dr. Robert Shuffett (KY)13111
21 Lynn Steelman (GA)13105
22 Howard Gain (FL)1298
23 Albert Tucker (LA)1293withdrew 8th round


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Patrick Parker (LA)21123
2 Jan Bulstra (NC)21118
3 Ken Christian (TN)19--
4 Teal Stanley (NC)18130
5 Bill McClintock (NC)18128
6 Gene Ellison (IL)17--
7 Dale Hedrick (TN)16--
8 Ken Shultz (TN)14117
9 Hollis McClard (TN)14102
10 Earl Harvell (TX)12--
11 Dallas Ramsey (AL)11112
12 Francesco LaRocca (NY)1199


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Leonard Hickman (TN)23--
2 Mike Ross (NC)22131
3 Bill Shoffner (TN)22127
4 Harvey Powell (TN)20--
5 Bobby Rice (KY)18120
6 JR Smith (NC)18113
7 Kim Willis (MO)17--
8 Sanford Roath (TN)16130
9 Irma Sierra (Mexico)16130
10 Gary Wilson (KY)16125
11 Bill Stanley (NC)16116
12 Howard Hoover (IL)1699
13 Jim Poland (ME)1698
14 Jimmy Reliford (KY)14120
15 Henry Frugard (NY)14104
16 Elbert Jones (TX)13--
17 Vonda Jones (TN)9--
18 David Marshall (TN)16--withdrew 7th round
19 Joe Caro (PA)13--withdrew 8th round
20 Robert Jackson (England)5--withdrew 5th round
21 Debra Burge (AL)4--withdrew 5th round

District 3 & Pennsylvania State June 9th - 10th , 2007

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning the event and to Tony Kozenski for retaining the District 3 and Pennsylvania championships.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)22--
2 Dr. Richard Beckwith (OH)17--
3 Tony Kozenski (PA)16100District 3 and PA Champion
4 Louis Cowie (OH)16100
5 Ed Bruch (NY)1699
6 Alan Millhone (OH)1596
7 Dale Rumpf (PA)1584
8 Neil Wenberg (PA)13--
9 Dr. Donell Guy (DE)10--
10 Anatoly Rayevsky (NC)7--
11 Tom Rea (OH)5--

Nebraska State Open Checkers Tournament (GAYP) August 18th , 2007

3-Move restriction held Aug. 18
GAYP (freestyle) held Oct. 13
American Legion Post #1, 7811 Davenport St., Omaha, Nebraska.
Both tournaments will be open class with two groups of players. You will play two games with everyone in your group (6 or 7 rounds). The winner of each group will play off for the championship.

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Gayle Helterbrand25--
2 Al Kopko21--won his 5th State Title
3 John Pestal III20--
4 Calvin Lathan17--
5 Geo. Stallsworth15--
5 Jim Albin15--
5 Everett Markey15--
8 EC-Oliver14--
9 Dave Stovie12--
9 Rev. Smartt12--
11 Al Baillargeon11--
12 John Butler9--
13 Byron Baldwin7--
14 Roger Stovie3--

Illinois 101 Open October 6th - 7th , 2007

The 73rd Illinois 101 County Checker Tournament was played in Marion,
Illinois on October 6 and 7, 2007. Sixteen players attended. A
pleasurable and challenging tournament was had by all. Alex Moiseyev won
the A class with Gene Ellison as the top Illinois player. In the B
Class Flavious Burgess won with Howard Hoover as top Illinois player.


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Alex Moiseyev (OH)25--
2 Larry Keen (TN)19--
3 Don West (KY)1498
4 Gene Ellison (IL)1485
5 Gary Ellison (IL)13101
6 Joe Tucker (MO)1386
7 John Grisley (IL)12--
8 Jerry Childers (AR)8--Withdrew
9 Kenneth Ellison (IL)4--Withdrew
10 Don Verble (IL)1--Withdrew


RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Flavious Burgess (KY)21--
2 Howard Hoover (IL)20--
3 Gayle Helterbrand (MO)16--
4 Coy Arnett (IL)1391
5 Ed Buckner (IL)1387
6 Jennifer Kelton (IL)1--

Nebraska State Open Checkers Tournament (3-Move) October 13th , 2007

The Nebraska Checkers Association held their 109th annual State Open Checkers Tournament on Saturday 8-18 at the American Legion Post # 1 in Omaha, Nebraska. The total entries of 14 exceeded last years entries of 13...

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Rev-EC Oliver23--
2 Al Kopko21--
3 John Pestal20--
4 Calvin Lathan17--
5 Everett Markey16--
6 Jim Albin15--
7 Geo. Stallsworth13--
8 Dave Stovie11--
9 Bob Carley10--
10 John Butler10--
11 Al Baillargeon9--
12 Roger Stovie3--

District 4 November 2nd - 3rd , 2007

Joe McClellan is the New District 4 Tournament Winner!
Larry Michael - District IV Mgr. / Tournament Director / Referee & Scorekeeper
Delicious Dinner & Lunch; Delightful Tournament & Fellowship; L.W. Newsom came by Saturday to visit
20 classic checker book given out as door prizes from The Robert Armstrong Library (all books in excellent condition, some in dust-jackets)
Refreshments/Coffee/Juice/Drinks/Fruit throughout tournament. Both days a Delicious Lunch served & catered by ladies (Frances, Barbara, and Judy)
Big Delicious Buffet Dinner in Fellowship Hall !
7 wives attended

RankNamePointsHPAdditional Info
1 Joe McClellan (NC)23--$400
2 Teal Stanley (NC)21138$200
3 Ben Jones (NC)21129$200
4 Bill McClintock (NC)19--$125
5 O.W.\"Buck\" Smith (VA)18--$100
6 Mike Ross (NC)17122$60
7 Anatoly Rayevsky (NC)17115$55
8 Cecil Lowe (NC)15--$50
9 T.W. \"Bill\" Stanley (NC)14105$45
10 Larry Michael (NC)13115$30
11 J.R. Smith (NC)13108$30
12 Howard Gain (FL)13105$30
13 Jim Martin (NC)12--$30
14 Clint Pickard (NC)8--$20

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