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  Robert Pike: Teaching Checkers to Kids of All Ages Every organization counts on its young people to support its established veterans. The American Checker Federation is no different. We look to our youths to bring fresh ideas to the table and to make our organization even better.

Parents, how do you get your kids away from mind-numbing TV and computer games? Teachers, how do you raise those SAT scores while letting your students have fun? And youths, how can you learn and do what your parents tell you to do while playing games with friends? The answer to all these questions is checkers.

Perhaps no one has been more instrumental in selling checkers to the youth than of Chula Vista, California. Mr. Pike, a former Massachusetts State Checker Champion, has been teaching checkers to kids in schools for years with excellent results. The positive effect that learning checkers has made in kids' lives is evident in the following letters:

Educators have praised Robert Pike for the critical thinking and social skills the students learn from his interactive presentations. Students love to go home after listening to Bob, anxious to challenge their parents, friends, and siblings with newly discovered skills.

A Brown University graduate and Navy jet pilot, Robert Pike has written many books on checkers, including an official American Mensa game book, Play Winning Checkers, published by Sterling. A few years ago, while introducing his grandchildren to the "granddaddy of board games," Mr. Pike responded to their intense interest in the game and began searching for primers on checkers. Finding none, he wrote Winning Checkers for Kids and, for younger audiences, Checker Power. Mr. Pike also produced an award-winning video, Learning to Play Better Checkers, that incorporates visualization into the learning process. His checker problems have been featured in Highlights for Children magazine, and he has published two books on checker puzzles.

Things People Say About Robert Pike's Teaching Program

  • "Your Checker Program is more than entertaining - it encourages and inspires intellectual interaction."
    - Dr. Tutela, Regional Superintendent,Wachusett, Massachusetts

  • "... not just fun, but a valuable strategic exercise in judgement, conceptual planning, and visualization."
    - Children's Bookwatch

  • "Winning moves and easy to follow advice."
    - School Library Journal

  • "Your presentation was clear, fascinating and stimulating. Everyone had a wonderful time."
    - M. Lo, Children's Librarian, Boston Public Library, Massachusetts

  • "We use Checkers with Math to help students visualize geometrically. It also produces social skills."
    - G. Bak, 4th Grade Teacher, Dawson School, Holden, Massachusetts

How would you like to teach checkers to kids in school as Robert Pike has done? How would you like to earn up to $50.00 per hour doing so? Robert Pike's Teaching Brochure (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) gives you all the information you need to get started. The brochure also lists several books and teachers' guides, an instructional video, a demo board, and a tournament manual that Mr. Pike has developed and used successfully to teach kids of all ages.

Don't miss out on this golden opportunity. Our youth need you to help them build a smarter and better world!

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