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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2006-10-17

WCDF Ratings List Official

Last month an official world ratings list was issued by the WCDF ratings committee (of which I assisted). This has been several years in the making. The currently committee is chaired by Ingo Zachos (Germany) with Igor Keder (Czech Rep.) as processor, but this process began many years ago by George Miller. The list will be published twice a year and is downloadable from the ratings menu of this site (or by contacting Ingo Zacho or myself). The current list does not include the July Stonehaven tournaments or subsequent events, as the lists will be published around June and December. A list of rated events has also been published. It has already been brought to my attention that a few tournaments were overlooked. These tournaments (at least the ones I am aware of) will be processed for the next report. As always, U.S. tournament directors should submit round-by round results and full names (including relevant nicknames) of participants to Dave Butler (ACF) and Igor Keder (WCDF), or submit to our ACF National Organizer to distribute (I'm temporarily filling in here

We currently have two ratings lists displayed on this site. (I suppose that's not a problem, as even college football has more than one poll.) The traditional ACF list has a longer history and has focused on events with just ACF players, whereas the WCDF includes all international events and players. Different formulas are also used. All recent and future ACF tournaments should count for both lists, provided results are submitted. Both lists combine all face-to-face styles of play (primarily GAYP and 3-move). While it is acknowledged that some folks specialize in one particular format, the combined rating list is used for simplicity and to make sure we have adequate ratings data for stable ratings.

Our next goal is to issue certificates for titles that have been recognized by the WCDF committee. In 2007, we will begin recognizing those who have attained a grandmaster title (male and female).

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