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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2006-06-25

More Thoughts about the 2006 National

Ron King was the only player not to lose a round in the Masters group (although he did lose a game or two). See ACF forum for more comments and preliminary results.

Ed Bruch continues to be amazing at age 90, placing 5th while playing an extremely difficult schedule. His finish would likely have been higher had it not been for a couple late lost games. (One of my most memorable games of this tournament came against our "honoree" when we played for well over three hours on an interesting Skullcracker ending until time was finally called on us.). Ed competed in his first National in Flint, Michigan in 1939.

As with many other tournaments, the 2006 National featured a variety of interesting games and endgame positions. Many games were played on the Octopus and Inferno openings. One of my favorite quotes of the week came when Alex was trying to navigate the weak side of the Octopus against the well-booked Ed Bruch. After venturing 20-24,
Alex eventually stepped away for a break and said to me, "I may be in trouble now, he started thinking!" (Alex managed to draw the position.)

Anyone take pictures during the week that they would like to share (with credit)? Please send to JR Smith for his fine checkers site at He will also post scoresheets as they become available.

The Southern players appeared to enjoy the cooler summer Ohio weather. (And no, it doesn't usually rain this much in Ohio in June!)

This was my first attempt at bidding for a National. Overall, I received many positive comments about the hotel, fine playing room, and proximity of restaurants. Joe Schwartz gave me a high "thumbs up" and remarked that these may have been the best rooms available for $33, perhaps in the whole country! It's quite possible we will return to Medina for a future National.

I received a comment about holding a future national tournament further south to accommodate people from the southern states. Actually, the bulk of our Nationals in the 1980s and 1990s (1970s too) were held in the South with tournaments in Tupelo (several), Hot Springs, Hattiesburg, Danville (Virginia) and Garland, Texas. It appears that many of these past bidders are no longer available. The ACF will solicit bids until December 31, 2006 for next year's GAYP National.

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