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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2006-02-24

ACF News (Feb 2006)

Checkers is becoming more of a global game. ACF has recently joined FMJD for this year. This is no cost to WCDF since we already belong to WCDF, plus WCDF also requires this. If nothing else, FMJD will give us more international exposure and access to their benefits. The following excerpt is from John Reade, who explains the history:
The FMJD is the world body for 10x10. The WCDF is the world body for
checkers. The FMJD has the advantage of having been in existence since
1947. The FMJD is affiliated to GAISF which is the General Association of
International Sports Federations. GAISF is the only route to recognition
by the International Olympic Committee. (IOC)

The main reason we want to be affiliated to the FMJD is that this is the
only way we can get recognition by the IOC. GAISF will only recognize one
international draughts association and the FMJD got there first.

There are other reasons. Mainly we can get interaction with draughts
players in other countries via the FMJD contacts. Also we have the benefit
of their experience in running a world wide draughts organization. For
example we can use their statutes as a model. And their rules of draughts,
modifying for checkers of course!

The recent meeting in Las Vegas voted that all checkers associations
affiliated to the WCDF should automatically affiliate to the FMJD at no further charge.
Secondly, I submitted an proposal (since approved) to have ACF by-laws updated to recognize a world federation (WCDF in this case) as overseer of world qualifier tournaments and world title matches for youth, ladies, and men's divisions. (Updated by-laws will be displayed in a future site update.)

The new checker season will be in full swing soon with the upcoming Tennessee tournament (always a large and tremendous field) in March and the Illinois Tournament (some have described this as the best-run tournament) in early April.

Checker books continue to be in the news. I obtained a copy of the 10th ACA Ty., as sold by Alan Millhone. This is an excellent little tournament book with much annotated play and stories. The book seems to be selling well. Since it was written recently, Mr. Fortman mentions a number of updates to Basic Checkers play. After years of work, Alex continues to near completion of "Sixth" 350 pages and 500 diagrams! I spoke with Alex this week, and can tell he cares very much about the quality of this book. Charles Walker has yet another Int. Checker Hall of Fame annual for sale (write the ICHF, Box 365 Petal, MS 39465 ($25 US/$30) to order the 2005 copy), which contains articles, problems, and unpublished play from Pask.. The large 8th International Match book is still in the works. I spoke with Gerry Lopez yesterday about this book. He is making progress, although book will not be available for a few more months due to the volume of annotated games (some 200 of them). For those who have ordered the 2005 NYC tournament book, the project has been stalled at 50% completion. I am open to volunteers if someone would like to finish this work, or else refunds will be offered.

I continue to work on the Ohio book and hope to be done around the end of March (although not sure I will make it). This book will contain much annotated play (from Ohio tournament and matches), diagrams, problems, Ohio history etc. Alex has graciously sent me his first tournament games (1996 OH Ty.) for historical purposes, as well as several problems. I have been consumed with this project for much of the winter (along with various other ACF administrative matters, ACF store duties, etc.), but want this book to have accurate content, as almost all play has been computer checked. New play and corrections will be included.

See ACF bulletin or ACF store (books or transcripts page) for order info for any of these books.

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