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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2012-04-01

Recap of “King Me” Premiere Week

Think Media Studios’ hard work came to fruition this past week when King Me aired three times as part of the Cleveland International Film Festival, shown daily on March 27 through March 29. I attended the Wednesday showing at 5:10 pm. Steve Holliday (local player featured in movie) and director Geoff Yaw were present. After the film ended, Geoff asked Steve and me to stand and be recognized to the seated audience. Geoff and his crew fielded many good questions from the audience after the film. Some of the questions covered things like film cost and background music selection. Others asked, “How did the concept come about?” “Will there be a sequel?” and, “Why Medina, Ohio?” The theater was half full (or more) for all three showings. A local NPR reporter covering the film got hold of me outside the theater for a couple comments. See

I attended the day with eight co-workers from my chemistry lab, all of whom enjoyed the movie and the group outing (once we got past the parking difficulties). Our day concluded with a gathering at the Hard Rock Café in Cleveland’s Tower City.

Geoff Yaw held a “King Me” gathering at the nearby Cleveland House of Blues on both Wednesday and Thursday nights. I attended the Thursday party along with Alan Millhone (and family) and Alex Moiseyev, who drove in for the final late-night showing at 9:45 pm. The pre-movie gathering occurred in an upstairs private bar and lounge area, where appetizers were served.

The film features the path of Lubabalo Kondlo playing Ron King for the World Title in 2008. The crew traveled to Barbados and South Africa to show the home life of both players. Many ACF members, such as Neil Wenberg, John Acker, Michael Holmes, J.R. Smith, Perry McCracken, and Don Deweber appear in the film. Much footage was taken at the 2009 U.S. National Tournament (Lebanon), 2008 Ohio State Tournament, and subsequent world title match between Kondlo and King.

Think Media Studios has received a few offers to distribute the film in other theaters, and we wish them the best. They have appreciated the support and technical expertise from the checker community, and we hope they can bring publicity to our game through this fine film and any related media coverage.

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