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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2011-12-23

Preview of Alex Moiseyev Interview

I recently conducted interview with Alex Moiseyev, 3-move World Champion. Topics included his 2011 match with Michele Borghetti, Alex’s future plans, and general promotion of checkers. The full interview will run 5 pages in next edition of ICHF Checkers Annual (to be available in a few months). In the meantime, selected quotes (excerpts) from this interview are supplied.

1. Michele was prepared better for this match.

2. Absolutely everything has impact and influence on both players, but sometimes it is positive impact and sometimes – negative.

3. What we also need here – electronic boards

4. The only thing which I would certainly change and avoid in my future matches – physical appearance of someone with webcam ... This reminds me of matches in old days and timekeepers!

5. My toughest match is still ahead !

6. Match score must be 6-4 or close.

7. I can’t say Michele Borghetti will be a World Champion, but I can say – he may!

8. One of the biggest problems for Michele is emotions.

9. All after all – I think myself today can still beat narrowly this “terrible Alex” from ten years ago !

10. I certainly will do it at least one more time and compete for GAYP World Title

11. Having one checker player in family already exceeds limit !

12. Future Books projects: game book “AMG” (All My Games) and problem book “PPP” – Practical Problems and Positions.

13. There were only few online players who joined real tournaments during past years.

14. In Beijing 2008 it was greatest fiasco Anglo-American Checkers ever had !

15. I am completely unaware if any WCDF officer today does any serious work on regular basis to promote checkers.

16. Potentially we are dealing with many millions audience and absolutely unexplored market.

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