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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2010-06-28

USA vs. Barbados Round 2?

Many of you recall that a team of USA players went to Barbados in 2004 for a GAYP International Match. The USA won by a very slim margin. I have been in communication with Barbados about the 2nd edition of this match series. However, because of the cost involved of transporting financially-challenged players to USA, it has been suggested to play an on-line match. Rather than have every player competing at an unguarded computer terminal, the concept is that all participants would still play at their checkerboards with time clocks. Their moves are relayed over the internet by officials. We also propose having cameras in both central locations to constantly monitor the playing room of the other side.

Barbados has proposed dates of December 10-13, 2010 for this match. (Their second option was the following weekend, Dec. 17-20, although that is cutting it close to Christmas.) Alex Moiseyev is interested in leading a contingent of US GAYP players in what may be a very tough match for us to win. The proposed format consists of 8 rounds, commencing Friday evening. Each side will have 8 players, with alternates welcome. The USA players will have to gather in one central location. Charles Walker has offered the ICHF for this purpose, but very limited on-site lodging is available, given their current circumstances. Other bid locations for this proposed match are will be considered. Furthermore, Barbados has also proposed a practice match session between now and December to work out any kinks with the technical aspects of on-line play. Perhaps it is most logical to do this in conjunction with another tournament when many of our players are already gathered.

Therefore, I invite any masters, upper majors, and GAYP specialists to lend me your name (at if you are interested in participating in this match as a player. We also need officials and technical computer people to kindly volunteer as well. We have many details to put in place by December -- selecting players, alternates, technical people, assistants, equipment (computer and playing equipment), venue, as well as someone to organize and maintain correspondence to all those involved, etc. While I can provide occasional input and may play in match, I will be pre-occupied with my upcoming GAYP match in October. The Barbados representatives appear very anxious to participate in this match and await our next move!

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