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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2009-09-17

World Qualifier Wrap-up and Title Matches

Many thanks to those who have sent me notes of good wishes regarding the outcome of the recent Qualifier Tournament held on the Isle of Wight, England. I thought I was pretty much out of the competition heading into the last day. However, I won four games on the last day, coupled with an unexpected loss by Jim Morrison to Charles Freeman, which turned everything around. Despite all this, Jim had a strong tournament and had by far the toughest schedule of opponents, as all eight of his opponents eventually finished in the Top 10. We had six players within one point of the lead heading into the final round. To recap, the Top 6 finishers, with tie-breaks considered, were as follows.

1. Rich Beckwith (21)
2. Charles Freeman (20)
3. Shane McCosker (20)
4. Jim Morrison (20)
5. David Harwood (19)
6. Anthony Bishop (19)

Congratulations also goes to Wilma Wolverton, who came from behind to beat former ladies champ Joan Caws in their head-to-head match. It was a good week for USA and ICHF; Charles Walker was very pleased to see his ICHF representatives take the top two spots.

The challenge to play Ron King in 2010 for the GAYP World Title is obviously a daunting one, especially since Ron did not even lose a game in his last three matches. However, there is much time between now and then to prepare. I have already received many kind offers for help with this match much appreciated!

I had a nice visit to my first ever trip to Isle of Wight. I toured the Carisbrooke Castle, Flamingo Park, and other local sights. I was pleased to spend time with Ian and Joan Caws on their home soil.

A second purpose of my trip to England was to preside at the WCDF General Assembly.
I feel we had a productive meeting. A committee will be formed (which I will chair) to make recommendations to the bidding process for World title matches.

I recently learned that Mongolia has withdrawn their bid for the ladies 3-move title match. In the meantime, we have a Moiseyev-King match to look forward to next month in Medina, Ohio. Alex Moiseyev appears to be in excellent form, winning both the recent District 6 and Ohio State Tournaments by 10 points each (wow!), with only a handful of draws.

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