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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2005-08-26

Checkers and the Movies

Last night I finally had an opportunity to watch the short film, "The Checker King" which has appeared on HBO. I thank newcomer Bill Carmody of California for sending me a copy of this movie. Bill mentioned he became hooked on checkers after watching it!

The film chronicles the life of Harold O'Brien of Mason City, Iowa and his quest to go to Toledo to attend the 2000 National Tournament. Those who attended that tournament may recall the film crew that was present. Many familiar checker players are seen in this movie, including Mr. Alex, Jim Morrison, Larry Keen, Elbert Lowder, Al Darrow, Wade Holder, Les Balderson, Larry Keen, Steve Holliday, Donell Guy, and several Iowa players. I did not see any planned broadcasts on for the near future (it aired twice in July), but JR Smith once mentioned he hoped to have copies of the film available at the NC checker site It is approx. 40 minutes in length.

The 2000 tournament was my first appearance in the Master's division (although I'm difficult to spot in the movie). Elbert Lowder had a phenomenal performance in the tournament, but Alex Moiseyev still won the Master's group on honor points.

Speaking of checkers and movies....ACF secretary Mac Banks' daughter, Hope, has one of the lead roles in the upcoming flick, Bell Witch: The Movie. Info can be found at It's supposed to be a scary movie. I had the pleasure of meeting Mac and his wife (and Hope) for the first time at the 1988 National in Danville, Virginia.

Richard Beckwith
ACF Master Player Rep

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