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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2009-01-12

Recap of 2008 and a Look Ahead to 2009

We saw many highs and lows in 2008. Checkers gained an Olympic-like feel with its entry into the 1st World Mind Sports Games in October in Beijing, China. Tim Laverty started out 2008 in fine style winning the 11-man ballot National tournament held in Elbert Lowder's hometown of Albemarle, NC. Alex Moiseyev started the year slowly, but ended 2008 on a high note winning the 11-man ballot title match over Tim Laverty, the U.S. National tournament (3-move), and also the gold medal in Beijing. Ron King successfully defended his GAYP world title against Lubabalo Kondlo of South Africa. A documentary film crew was present for the match, and the crew now plans to do some shoots in South Africa.

Wilma Wolverton stepped down as editor of the Missouri Checker Newsletter. I received my first newsletter back in October 1995. The newsletter continues to be put out on a timely basis every month with an annual cost of still only $10. Kudos to Wilma for her many years of service to checkers, and to Darlene Stallsworth for taking on her new role as editor.

Late in 2008, we lost a checker legend in Richard Fortman. He was a long-time annotator, author, and former world champion at correspondence play. His presence will be missed. John Acker has proposed having the next 3-move National in 2010 in the Springfield, IL area in Mr. Fortman's honor.
The 2009 U.S. GAYP National has been awarded to Lebanon, Tennessee. Many thanks to Frank Davis and company for bringing our National Tournament to a central location. Lebanon offers affordable hotel room rates and many nearby restaurants within a mile. For those flying in, the Nashville airport is a bit of a drive away (20 miles), but the connection is doable by private taxi, car rental, or other personal arrangement.

In 2009 we anticipate yet another King-Moiseyev 3-move title match, as they were the gold and silver medalists in Beijing. Hoja Durdyev continues to work on setting up a match between his daughter Amangul and Jan Mortimer, with Javzan Gerechuluun of Mongolia also waiting to challenge Amangul.

Two other developments this January: I recently provided Igor Keder with several cross-tables of 2008 US tournaments, so we should see a ratings update from WCDF in the near future. The ACF ratings remain in limbo, as a suitable replacement for Dave Butler has not been found.

Gene Lindsay's estate settlement is finally complete. Funds are being dispersed for the Tennessee Checker Association, ACF 300 Club (to be used for prizes for 3-move Master's division at National tournaments, at Gene's wishes), WCDF (fund for annual qualifiers), and an International Match Fund. While I personally miss Gene's presence at tournaments, I am grateful for his generosity and for thinking of the checker community in his estate planning.

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