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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2008-11-07

ACF Elections

Perhaps many of us are burned out on elections by now, but we still have one more election to go (and without all the overdone campaign ads and phone calls). The ACF election ballot will appear in the February bulletin. Nominations for Exec positions (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Player Rep), Vice Presidents (2), and District Managers (9) can go to Gene Ellison by December 31.

I personally do not wish to run again for ACF Player Rep, and will take this opportunity to explain the situation. I have served for two terms (two-years each) now after serving as National Organizer. Over the years I have accumulated numerous other roles for ACF. These tasks included lingering National Organizer duties, ratings assistance, conducting checker tournaments (Ohio and PA) including a Medina National and world title match bid, ACF Store, ACF site articles, ACF trustee, ICHF Annual editor, annotator, Ohio book editor, and, of course, tournament checker player. On top of this, I have a full-time chemistry job and serve on an additional exec position for WCDF. The WCDF role is important, as I am the only member of six on this side of the Atlantic. As you can see from this list, I am spread way too thin and need to reduce the stress levels.

I step down in 2009 with no hard feelings. I have enjoyed working with Alan Millhone.
I also emphasize that I am not planning to disappear, but will still be active in most of the above roles, such as managing the ACF store, consulting, etc. I simply wish to do other behind-the-scenes things, like helping Alex annotate a great World Mind Sports Game book, doing another Ohio book, etc.

Jonathon Chappell has informed me that he is stepping down as treasurer due to continued concerns of time commitments. I thank him for his service to ACF. I hope the transition to new officers is a smooth one.

So please consider this election opportunity to serve ACF as an Exec member, District Manager, or in some other small way. Alan Millhone also does many things at once, which leaves little time for various badly-needed unelected tasks, such as ACF marketing, ACF site tournament results page, ACF ratings processor (with expertise to start from scratch), to name a few.

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