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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2008-07-15

New 3-move Decks / New ICHF Annual

ACF has recently ordered a new batch of 3-move cards. The decks are similar to the previous design, but with the one correction applied to the opening that said 21-19 instead of 21-17. The new decks have 156 openings and the same look and design as previous. Decks may be ordered through Alan Millhone ($11 + $2 overseas shipping) or through ACF Store / Equipment page. (The current store entry is not up to date yet, but may be used.)
The new ICHF annual is about ready and will feature events of 2006 and 2007. I recall getting my first issue back in May 1987 when it came out monthly. The content has not changed much over the years. That first issue featured a Marion Tinsley article on the 9-14 23-18 opening, as well as Tinsley analysis of Boland's Masterpieces p. 115 #6 (the tough 4 4 king ending where red has single pieces stuck on 12 & 20, and white has pieces on 31 & 32.) The rest of the issue had the usual stories, pictures, and some international checkers coverage. Later, the frequency of the magazine changed to bimonthly, and then annually. Now, the ICHF is kicking off its 3rd decade -- respectable longevity for a checker publication.

It is well known that the Walkers have been through much adversity in recent years. Their property was damaged by Hurricane Katrina and, of course, there was last year's devastating fire. It is inspiring that the Walkers still have a passion for promoting checkers, and that it's nearly "business as usual" with their annual magazine and other future plans.

This year's edition has more personal significance for me. I replaced the great Richard Fortman as editor, and also contributed many articles and compilations. (Much of the Walker's material for this issue was lost in the fire.)
I have already begun articles for the future 2008 issue. For those who have not obtained games from recent years (such as 2006 Medina select games, 2007 WQT games, King-Morrison GAYP match, etc.) this 2006/2007 annual is an excellent opportunity to get many of these works in one publication. Charles Walker described this 375-page issue to me as "the best yet." Cost is $30 in North America ($40 overseas) and may be ordered through the Hall of Fame in Petal, Mississippi, An ACF store button has also been added to the Periodicals page. Half of the cost will go to a new youth fund. Alan Millhone will also reserve copies for those wishing to pick it up in Las Vegas at the 2008 National.

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