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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2008-01-22

Looking Ahead to 2008

2008 looks to be an exciting year in checkers. We start off next week with the new 11-man Ballot National in North Carolina in honor of Elbert Lowder. As we move toward spring, the Tennessee and Illinois state tournaments are always well attended. Our 3-move National will occur this July in conjunction with the National youth and District 9 tournaments. This fall, we have a new matchup for the GAYP world title taking place in Ohio Ron King will defend vs. Lubabalo Kondlo of South Africa. The Ohio State tournament on the preceding weekend may have quite a field if Alex, Ron, and Lubabalo all participate! The other big story of the year is the upcoming Olympic event in Beijing, China in October 2008, which will also double as the 3-move qualifier. A very strong international field is shaping up with participants coming from U.S., U.K. & Ireland, Barbados, Turkmenistan, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy. Of course there are many other state, district, and local events for 2008 for everyone to participate. At the end of the year, it will be time again for ACF elections, and there may be open Exec positions to fill with new candidates.

There are many challenges to the state of checker today. There has been much behind-the-scenes work in ACF to look for sponsorship. Now we can say we have an Olympic-caliber game!

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