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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2007-07-10

Behind the Scenes of the ACF Store

The ACF Store has been a source for checker equipment, new checker books, game transcripts, 3-move decks, ACF memberships, donations, and more.

I am the guy that funnels orders to the appropriate vendor, which could be Roger Blaine for equipment, Alex Moiseyev for a copy of Sixth, Robert Pike for his books, or others.

We have made approximately 500 sales since the store's inception in 2004. (Many thanks to Lisle Cormier and Jason Solan for getting things up and running for me). The majority of buyers are made by names unfamiliar to me, including occasional international orders, which shows that our site is reaching many people. Naturally there is a personal time commitment to look for orders in timely fashion, inform the vendors, handle questions, and cut checks to the vendors. But this is all part of servicing the game of checkers.

What are the newest items in the store? Some of Mr. Pike's books (once temporarily unavailable) are now back in the store. Also, some of the checker pieces that were recently out of stock are back. There is now a pre-order entry for Alex's upcoming book on the 2007 World Qualifier games under Store/Games Transcripts menu.

Other tips....make sure your Paypal name and address are current and reflect where you want items shipped. If anyone does not have Paypal (which charges a small fee) or prefers other methods of payment, please e-mail me at and we can arrange something (check, cash, or money order, but no credit cards). If multiple things are ordered simultaneously, be aware that your items may arrive at different times from different people....There is no official "ACF warehouse" with all the goods in one place. :)

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