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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2007-05-01

My Visit to ACF President Alan Millhone's House

Earlier this year, I made my first trip to Belpre, Ohio while traveling to the Tennessee state tournament. Belpre is a town of about 7000 people, and Alan has lived there all his life along with his long-time wife Vicki. The Millhone house is located on a one-way residential street. If one faces the house, the right side of this duplex is the Millhones. It is not an overly big house, but certainly adequate for two people (and is still much bigger than my own apartment). Their home is only a few blocks form the Ohio River, with Belpre situated across from Parkersburg, West Virginia. Alan showed me another house in town where Tinsley had visited.

The house is entered through the living room which features a piano, where I entertained Vicki with a number of songs out of her music books. The next room, the kitchen, is also Vicki's workplace for her crafts of paintings and homemade jewelry. The refrigerator sports pictures of the three grandsons. Alan's computer is contained in one of the bedrooms, located on the main floor. I stayed in a very nice second bedroom.

Pets are very much a part of the household. There is a large Maine coon cat "Alex" and two very eager small dogs. (The dogs are so small that the cat weighs twice as much as the dogs combined.) On top of this, there appears to be an aquarium in most every room of the house.

The downstairs features one room I was quite anxious to see -- the checker library! The back wall of this room contains shelves lined with checker books, publications, and other checker memorabilia. A closer inspection reveals a whole second set of books behind the front row of books -- "two deep" as I noted. Needless to say, Alan is not missing too many checker publications. In the middle of the room was a desk and a second table holding a checkerboard, along with a few key books for study (Basic Checkers, Pask's Golden Dozen, etc.).

I thank the Millhone's for their hospitality and for a peek into checker history.

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