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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2007-01-09

8th IM Match book review

I received my 8th I.M. book this past week and just love it! (I've been having a hard time putting it down.) Here is my review of the book:

The 8th IM book of the 2005 international match between USA and Great Britain-Ireland is here! The book is reminiscent of the colossal 4th International Match book put out by the ICHF for the 1983 match. The 8th IM book is 200 pages long with hard cover. Highlights of the book include several pictures (some in color), player biographies, history of past international matches (2005 was the 100th anniversary), opening index, problem section of selected positions, and, of course, 200 games. Owners of past International Match books will also value Jim Loy's 11-page set of corrected games of past matches since 1973.

The games are deeply annotated by a dozen well-known collaborators including world champ Alex Moiseyev. While I noted some presentation errors in the book (what checker book doesn't have these?), the bulk of the analysis (featuring many diagrams) is highly accurate given today's availability of checker programs. These are advantages that were not seen with the older IM books. While many contributed to this book, I consider Gerry Lopez' and Jim Loy's efforts (both of whom did the bulk of the work) their crowning achievement to the checker literature.

This book is available through Gerry Lopez (41858 Corte Selva, Temecula, CA 92591) for $40 ($45 outside U.S.) or $100 for a numbered copy, and also through the ACF Store under the Books page

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