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  A view from ACF Player's Representative Richard Beckwith : 2006-10-17

My thoughts on 2007 WQT Site Selection

The last three world qualifying tournaments have been held in Barbados (2004), Prague (2005), and Stonehaven, Scotland (2006). It will now be USA's turn to host in 2007. Why was Las Vegas chosen as the city? I think Kim Willis summed it up best with her 6 reasons:

1).International Airport
2).free playing room
3).food is cheap
4).shuttle service is great from airport to hotels
5).and we get great rates on our rooms.
6).Plus many attractions

I'm personally not much of a gambler, but still have found plenty of attractions in Las Vegas in my past 3 visits -- the hotel architecture, evening light show on Fremont, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, the buffets, aquariums, lion & tiger habitats, numerous shows (some are free), and many more attractions etc. There are water parks and "Circus Circus Adventuredome" for families too. I understand opinions vary on Las Vegas, but I know of no complaints with site selection at last year's 8th Int. Match, where we had many first-timers to America. Furthermore, no other US cities entered bids.

The decision about dates was more difficult, as there does not seem to be a perfect answer. Summer is best for youth because of school being out, but the summer heat in Las Vegas is a concern for some of our European friends. Also, the summer is already "busy" with other week-long events with US Nationals, British Open, etc. We considered having a "youth only" event in the summer, but it is also desirable to have players and referees all in one place the same week. Also, I note that Prague had a nice youth tournament in 2005 even with the event held in October.

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