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  Checker Periodicals There are a number of checker periodicals available. Most major checker organizations offer a periodical as a benefit of membership. There is one ongoing independent checker publication available as well.

  Checker Organization Periodicals

  • The American Checker Federation Bulletin

  • Published bi-monthly by the American Checker Federation. A sample ACF Bulletin is available free of charge to prospective members while supplies last. Those interested should email their mailing address to the . Learn how to join the ACF today!

  • The English Draughts Association Journal

  • Published quarterly by the English Draughts Association. Information on how to join the EDA is available at the bottom of the EDA homepage.

  • The Lancashire Draughts Association Newsletter

  • Published bi-monthly by the Lancashire Draughts Association. Email for a complimentary copy, or view old Newsletters. To join, send $15.00 in cash (or £10) to John Reade, 123 Andover Avenue, Middleton, Manchester M24 1JQ, England. More about the LDA is available on the LDA website.

  • The Missouri Checker Association Newsletter

  • Published monthly by the Missouri Checker Association. Contains tournament announcements and results, checker problems, annotated games, news, and interesting articles, most notably by legendary analyst Richard Fortman. Click here for information on how to join the MCA.

  • The Northwest Draughts Federation Newsletter

  • Published quarterly by the Northwest Draughts Federation (Ireland). For more information on joining the NWDF, email . You can also view the NWDF website.

  Independent Periodicals

  • Draughts Razoo

  • Published tri-annually by in London and distributed by Lisle Cormier in North America, the first issue of Draughts Razoo was released to the public in June 2003. Of the well-known periodicals of old, Draughts Razoo most resembles the Keystone Checker Review. World Champion Alex Moiseyev endorsed Draughts Razoo at the U. S. GAYP Nationals in August 2003, saying that he found material in the Razoo that improved even his game. Click here for more information about Draughts Razoo.

Know of a checker periodical that isn't listed here? Email the .

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