Unofficial World Championship Checker Problem Composing Contest #36
2017-11-18 through 2017-12-31
So far 564 visitors have viewed this contest 920 times.

The ACF Website wishes a big congratulations to Bill Salot, Colonial Heights, Virginia, the composer of Tanglefoot, which was voted the winner of
Unofficial World Championship Checker Problem Composing Contest #36.

Unofficial World Championship Checker Problem Composing Contest 36 - Mystery Theme - RESULTS

An incredible 564 individuals visited the contest web site during this last Contest of 2017. That exceeds, by more than 140, the previous record high of 422 in Contest 23 - August 2015, and almost doubles the total ACF membership of 283. 18 voted, which is about average. Where did these newcomers come from? Will they come back? Why did so few of them vote?

All four problems were unpublished, deferred strokes, featuring jumps of four pieces in a single sweep. That was the mystery theme of the contest.

All received at least one first-place vote.

The winner, with 9 votes, was Tanglefoot, by Bill Salot, who based it on a Roy Little idea.

Second, with 5 votes, was Swiper, by Louis Cowie.

Third, with 3 votes was Waltzing Matilda, by Roy Little, and Trailing with 1 vote was Windcatcher, by Ed Atkinson.

Tanglefoot and Waltzing Matilda respectively required consecutive pitches into-and-out of opposite Kingrows.

Swiper required consecutive back-and-forth sacrifices near the middle of the board.

Windcatcher required parallel jumps by attacking pieces on adjoining squares.

Tanglefoot was the only kingless setting, and used only squeezes for forcing moves.

Swiper and Waltzing Matilda used numerical advantage to force opponents to chase pieces into chaser-demolishing strokes.

Waltzing Matilda had the most forcing moves before triggering the stroke.

Windcatcher was the only Draw, and used both squeeze and chase moves to execute its explosive escape.

The Evaluation Ladder now has 13 players, including 5 from overseas, who have divulged their votes before the conclusion of at least one contest. Liam Stephens has top spot for picking the winner 4 times in 4 tries. Richard Marlowe and Wilma Wolverton are tied for second, each with 2 winners in 2 tries. Four others are 1 for 1.

Here is how Contest 36 was introduced:

This time we will not disclose the common theme of these previously unpublished contest compositions. Doing so would provide a huge hint for potential solvers. After you find the solutions, the mystery theme will be obvious.

The problems are similar in size, solution length and absence of significant variations. Two are man-up wins, and one is a man-down draw.

Please try to solve the problems, and at least review their animated solutions; then vote for the one that impresses you most; and finally, if interested, learn how your evaluation skill compares with others by telling Bill Salot how you voted. Bill's address is below the diagrams.
Composed By: Louis Cowie, Painesville, Ohio
Current Votes:
White to move. White Wins
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Trunk*21 17, 22-13, 31 22, 27-23, *2 6, 23-16, *15 19, 16-23, *22 17, 13-22, *6 9, 5-14, 10 28 {Quadruple}White Wins
Composed By: Ed Atkinson, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Current Votes:
White to move. Draw
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Trunk*20 24, 19-23, *24 19, 23-27, *5 9, 14-17, 19 24 {or 30 25 first}, *28-19, *30 25, 21-30 {or 17-26}, 9 6 {or 11 7 first}, 17-26, *11 7, 3-10, 6 22 {Quadruple}, *13-17, 22 13, *30-26Draw
Waltzing Matilda
Composed By: Roy Little, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Current Votes:
White to move. White Wins
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Trunk*17 14, 29-25, *22 18, 25-22, *18 15, 22-18, *16 11, 18-9, *32 28, 24-27, *10 6, 9-2, *11 8, 4-18 {or 2-18 similar}, *28 24, 2-11, 24 8 {Quadruple}White Wins
Composed By: Bill Salot, Colonial Heights, Virginia
Current Votes:
White to move. White Wins
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Trunk*26 22, 18-23, *22 18, 14-17, *25 21, 17-22, *29 25, 22-29, *30 25, 29-15, *8 4, 15-8, 4 18 {Quadruple}White Wins
Please enter your original, unpublished, dual-free problems in future contests by sending them at anytime to:
Bill Salot
1006 Elmwood Drive
Colonial Heights, VA 23834-2905

or at