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  From the President's Desk: September 16, 2004

The German Open Booklet and Young Players !

Hello A.C.F. Members:

Recently in the mail I recieved my copy of the German Open Booklet, from Dennis Pawlek. This fine literature is spiral bound, full of nice color photos, many games with annotations, and biographys of some players along with their color photos. 26 total pages (front and back) for $25.00 !! It would be nice to have something similiar for one of our ACF National Tournaments. I am sure we could produce one for slightly less as to order my copy from Dennis in Germany the shipping was $11, which was included in the price. Anyway I would love to see one made for the ACF sometime. Thanks Dennis for my copy and for an excellent job in your publication. It will be a welcome addition to my collection. Nice also to see some faces with names (like Dennis'). I had met Dr. Reade in Cookstown last year and was nice to see the write up on him and others.

I took a real 'battering' this week-end at the hands of Mr. Alex, Mr. Kozenski, Mr. Bruch, etc. at the Ohio State Tournament. I was lucky to win one round and draw a few games. Once again I say you HAVE to know p.p. and be astute on your end-game to compete with these heavyweights. I had a good time and as usual learned a lot and have some more games to look play up and to see where I erred. It was very nice to see new players come and compete. Some players planned on coming and could not make it, you all were missed:-)

A young man by the name of Mike Fulkerson won the B division in impressive fashion. He is a Junior in High School and I was impressed with his playing ability. Paul Bryan is another youth and it was great to see him enter for the first time as well. I could also tell that the families of both of these two young men were very supportive of their Checker activities. I look forward to seeing both of them in many more tournaments.

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation

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