From the President's Desk: 2004-02-02

It's Time for a Membership Drive

As we approach 500 members, I feel it is time to launch a membership drive. :-)
Let's see who can bring in the most new members by the time of our National Tournament in August. If you renew your own membership, we will count that as one member. That should get each of us started.
Remember, we still have the Dream Young program. How about finding a young player and paying for their dues for one year? The youth will keep our ACF going, and we need all the young players we can enlist in our ranks.
I have not decided on the prizes for the 2004 Membership Drive yet but will announce them by the end of this month in the President's Corner.
Gerry Lopez wrote the article Each One Get One, meaning every current ACF Member brings in just ONE new member. That would DOUBLE our membership with little effort!
Another thought ...
Can someone locate one sponsor to help the ACF? Whoever finds me one viable sponsor who will agree to help the ACF in a financial way (say $5,000 to $10,000 per year), will receive a reward that I will put together. The reward will be more than a one-year paid membership, etc.

All of us need to constantly solicit potential members and to do all we can to promote the ACF to anyone who will listen. I feel the ACF in 2004 is at a crossroads. I see good things happening for our association. :-) All of you can and should do your part to help either by being a volunteer when asked, by helping financially as you can, by mentoring a beginner player, etc.

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation

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