From the President's Desk: 2003-12-22

Bidding for the National Tournament

Currently, we have one bid for the National Tournament, submitted by Gerry Lopez for Las Vegas, Nevada. The location for our next ACF National Tournament is not cut in stone, but it will be if no other bids are received by December 31, 2003! If you have waited until now to begin preparing a bid, you may have waited too long. An accessible and friendly location is very important and needs to be carefully researched in order to benefit the majority of ACF players.

In past decades, the ACF President alone decided upon a venue according to financial considerations only. As your ACF President, I have assigned a committee to review all bids received and to make a final decision based on many factors. If anyone is interested in submitting a bid, please let me know what you have in mind for airport availability, hotel room rates, playing room size, the amount of your bid, etc. The more details I receive, the easier the decision process will be.

Las Vegas has inexpensive food, affordable hotels, an international airport, and more, but if you would like to see the ACF National Tournament hosted elsewhere, submit your bid now. Time is rapidly running out! Once again, I alone will not make the ultimate decision on location if more bids are received.

On another front, I am excited to learn of the organization of a Florida Open Tournament in 2004. I feel that we will attract more players to this tournament the further north in Florida the tournament is held. Florida is a big state through which to drive. When the Florida Open reigned as one of the big three tournaments in the United States, St. Petersburg was the location for checker "snow birds" to come to enter the annual tourney. Of course, checker players who are "dyed in the wool" will travel just about anywhere to enter a good tourney, including an average player such as myself.

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation

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