From the President's Desk: 2011-11-14

Calling All Checker Problemists

This edition comes from Bill Salot of Virgina, who writes:

Active, dormant, or potential checker problem composers, of all skill levels, are invited to compete in one or more of a series of checker problem composing contests for 1) the “Unofficial Current World Checker Problem Composing Championship”; 2) retention of the title from one contest to the next; and 3) possible worldwide publication of each fully accredited, winning composition.

The contests will follow the format recently demonstrated in the “POSITIONS’ section of the “FORUM” on the ACF web site at All forum visitors will be able to vote anonymously in each new contest poll for the problem they like best.

Now or later, contestants should send their best, original, unpublished checker compositions, with solutions, to Bill Salot at . As soon as two or more acceptable compositions are in-hand, the next contest can start.

There is no deadline, no cost, no pressure, and no travel involved. With most tournaments under wraps for the winter, this may be a good competitive substitute for us all. The object is not to solve, but to recognize and appreciate good new problems and their composers.

The prizes are as stated on the announcement: a real “title” and the possibility of worldwide publication and recognition of winning compositions. Those prizes are better than money to those composers who take pride in their product.

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation
" "

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