From the President's Desk: 2007-12-23

King Vs. Kondlo 2008

Hello Checker/Draughts Players:

September 8-13 in Medina,Ohio will see an exciting World Title Match played between a well established and very well know Champion by the name of Ron "Suki" King from Barbados and Lubabalo Kondlo who hails from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Lubabalo distinguised himself this past Summer at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas by winning the ACF GAYP Nationals and came back later to win the WCDF World Qualifier in GAYP and thus earned the right to challenge Mr. King for the World's Title in GAYP. Personally I think this match will produce some very exciting games. Not sure what the WCDF will do with the played match games, but my hope is that they will " pre sell" those games and have them annotated to contributors to the match for say $20.00. This decision is up to the WCDF. I hope to be the referee for this match and look forward to the match being played next year. More details on exact Medina hotel location,etc. as they become known.

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation
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