From the President's Desk: 2007-02-26


The American Checker Federation (ACF) today announced the signing of a contract with internet game site Gold Token making Gold Token the official on-line play site for the ACF. The announcement was made by ACF President Alan Millhone.

" ACF members have been asking for an 'official' home for their on-line checker play," Mr. Millhone stated. " The agreement we signed with Gold Token will provide our members with a high-quality on-line experience that meets our needs for serious checker play."

The ACF selected Gold Token at the end of a rigorous process that included vendor pre-qualification, evaluation of responses to a very complex request for proposals, and contract negotiations with the winning proposer. " Gold Token was willing to provide the extensive set of features we require," added the ACF President, " and our qualification process determined that they would be able to deliver on their commitments to us."

Mr. Millhone pointed out that checkers played at a serious level of competition is no mere child's play, involving significant skill and the adherence to strict rules and standards. " We specified everything in detail, from the method by which opening moves are chosen to the exact color of the board and checker pieces," he said. " Our members are very serious about their checker play and they insist that everything be done according to the official rules."

Mary Strazicich, owner of the Gold Token site is positive about Gold Token's partnership with the ACF. " This contract will bring checkers on the internet to the next level, and will benefit not just the ACF but all Gold Token players, " Ms. Strazicich said, adding, " our programming and design teams will deliver on the ACF's requirements over the next six to twelve months, and we're most excited about this important juncture for both us and the ACF."

Gold Token has also made an announcement on :

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation
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