From the President's Desk: 2006-11-16

Welcome to our new problemist

Hello everyone:

The ACF Web Site now has a new person who will periodically update our main page problem section. This person wishes to remain anon. for now and uses the name " Mr. Checkerist". This person is not Mr. Checkers, to avoid any confusion:-) I have been very lax in changing/adding anything to my President section and apologize to all readers for this and will try and do better. Next year I will try and do an article about each tournament I attend. At the end of this month I am to referee the GAYP World Title match between Mr. Ron 'Suki' King and Mr. James Morrison and will post a report after the match. The match will be held in Petal,Ms. at the ICHF and thanks go out to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walker for providing the match venue and Mrs. Walker will provide all meals for the contestants and officials. You can still contribute to the match and any donations should be sent to me ASAP, thanks!

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation
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