From the President's Desk: 2005-01-28


Dear all A.C.F. Members:

Your ACF has little or no money to operate with. Your by-monthly bulletin consumes about all of the membership dues collected. I know that Mr. Les Balderson put on the front of ACF Bulletins asking for Life Members to contribute $10.00 to help ACF financial woes. When I took office I instructed Mr. Al Lyman to stop that plea. The ACF has a World Champion, Mr. Alexander Moiseyev. This Summer he will defend his title Vs. Mr. Ron 'Suki' King. According to our ACF by-laws we are to contribute $2,500.00 towards this match. Later this year we have the 100th. Anniversary of the USA Vs. Great Britan Team Match. The ACF will provide rooms and meals to the team to the estimated tune of about $9,000.00. Something has to be done in the ACF to address the ongoing money shortage. Let me state that your ACF is not broke. We have about $193,000.00 in trust funds that are safe and secure. I feel that your previous President did not want the amount published for fear players would not contribute money. It is a proven statistic that only one in ten give anything to our National Tournaments ! The ACF needs more members and we need to attract the youth to our fold. We either need to reduce the six bulletins issued per year or increase yearly dues to say $35.00. Life Membership either needs to be 'frozen' or raised to say $500.00. Bank rates are very low as most of you know and we cannot rely on interest income as we once did. The ACF could really use a corporate sponsor. Currently I have two volunteers helping me in this area. The ACF needs more volunteers to be sure. Your ACF is not alone in declining membership,etc. Many civic and Church related groups face the same problems as the ACF does. We have a handful that are very generous in giving. Others are retired and give as they can afford. All of you are important to the ACF. This financial problem needs to be addressed now and I welcome comments back to me from all of you. Your ACF has been around since 1948 and has a deep and rich history that need to be preserved for generations to come. I will ask our ACF Bulletin Editor to put my article in an upcoming bulletin as well. I sincerely wish our ACF all the best, but it needs your help to survive and grow.

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation
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