My nomination 2005.

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My nomination 2005.

Postby Alex_Moiseyev on Wed Dec 14, 2005 12:04 pm

Ok, it's a right time to do this. I decided to make my nomination not like XMas greeting, or "congrats message", but most informative, to reflect a real deals. I breakdown my nominations by categories.

I was very selective (trust me !) and only choose a real deals based on my understanding - what is important and beneficciary for checkers.

1. Books, publications
R. Pask (many)
D. Pawlek (German Open booklet)
W. Wollverton (MCA Newsletter)

2. Websites
B.Newell (Marven)
J.Solan (ACF site)
J. Smith (NC site)

3. Programs
E. Gilbert (KR)
M. Fiertz (CB, Cake)

4. Organisers
I. Keder (QT ty's in Prague)
G. Lopez (8th Intl)

4. Players
A. Moiseyev (3 moves WCM)
P. Breen (Woman 3 moves WCM)
A. Durdyeva (Woman GAYP World ty)
R. King (US NT 2005)
J. Morrison (QT)
M. Durdyev (QT)
B. Durdyev (QT)
J. Shwartz (8th Intl)
R. Beckwith (US NT 2005)
Valensa (World Youth Championship)

5. Promoters
G. Miller (Suicide Checkers)
L. Edwards (online ty's & matches on Kurnik)
J. Mortimer (woman checkers)

6. Analyses
R. Fortman (from MCA Newsletter)
M. Holmes (US NT 2005)
J. Loy (ACFB)
KingsRow (various)

I didn't find a right category :roll: for people like Alan Millhone. He is just a great manager, who organize and keep his umbrella on everything !

Sorry, if you find some inaccuracies and typos on my list.


Alex Moiseyev
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Additional Nominees & Votes Casted

Postby Ingo_Zachos on Wed Dec 14, 2005 1:20 pm

My additional nominees are:

2. Websites

Sune Thrane, for the site of the Danish Draughts Federation

5. Players

Hugh Devlin, best performance at the 8th Internationals (he had stronger opponents then the American players!)

6. Promotors:
Alan Millhone ,what u describe , Alex is exactly what I call promoting checkers/draughts !!
Dennis Pawlek, promoting checkers/ draughts in Germany

Votes I will cast as follows:

1. Books, Publication:

Dennis Pawlek for his Book on the German Open 2005

2. Websites:

Sune Thrane , see above (close race)

3. Programs:

Marinn Fierz, support of Checker Board (close race)

4. Organizers:
Igor Keder and the CUD for the Prague event, may their next effort get the attandance they deserve!!

5. Players:

Ron King , for despite his clear loss to Alex Moiseyev he won everything else confidentally this year

6. Promotors:
Alan Millhone (closest race)

7. Analyses:
Michael Holmes, for the US 2005 nationals (So sad it didn't became a book!!)

And let me give a forecast as who will be winner of the Book, Publication and Analyses category in 2006: Alex Moiseyev for his outstanding book! (for those who didn't heard of it: buy it immediately when it's out!)

Greetinx from winter-cold Dortmund, Germany

Ingo Zachos
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Re: My nomination 2005.

Postby Lindus Edwards on Wed Dec 14, 2005 7:07 pm

Thank you very much Alex. I am sure than Jan Mortimer will feel proud also.
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Lindus Edwards
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Re: My nomination 2005.

Postby Dennis Pawlek on Fri Dec 16, 2005 12:55 pm

Many thanks for the nomiations. Im suprised Alex how can you nominate my book if you dont have one... it could be totaly rubbish and I did bribe the people to do positive postings haha.
Just the all of us together can improve checkers!
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Dennis Pawlek
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Re: My nomination 2005.

Postby Jake Lopez on Sat Dec 17, 2005 3:55 am

My voting.

1. Books, publications = R. Pask. His recent release of Key Landings on the internet is helping me dramatically only after a few days.

2. Websites = B. Newell.
It's just too fun. Everyone deserves recognition for making a website for checkers, though. There are also a lot of checker teams across the internet that makes website for their clubs to keep stats/news.

3. Programs = Checkerboard, and everyone who contributed to it. By far the best program available. This opinion is not only based on it's engines (cake, KR) strength, but for all the options avalaible with CB.

4. Organisers = Igor Keder! The events in Prague were a BLAST to read about and follow til the end. I hope there are more events like this in the future.

5. Players = Alex Moiseyev. Consistant dominance in all events played. Close race between Patricia Breen, Jan Mortimer and Amangul Durdyeva for women player of the year. All 3 did very well, but I would say the nod goes to Patricia Breen for the 8th Intl performance and defending the 3 move title.

6. Promoters = Alan Millhone. Non-stop effort and concentration on promoting the game.

7. Analysis = Michael Holmes. Seems like I always see his fine work under all analysis subjects throughout the BBS/ACF Forum. I think Ingo Zachos is another nominee for lots of analysis input.
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