Extend the number of forum groups.

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Extend the number of forum groups.

Postby Alex_Moiseyev on Thu Dec 08, 2005 3:34 pm

Hello, Jason / Alan !

Originally, when forum was re-opened, I saw this issue, but decided to wait a little bit and see development of forum. Today, when we already have good number of various posts here, it is a quite obvious, that extending the number of groups in forum will be very beneficciary, have better structure and make search easy for users.

Today most not games/problems/openings related posts go under two groups only - General Discussion and not checkers related group.

However, if we look at postings, we can see, that they can be better organise.

I propose instead "General Discussion" create such groups as:

1) Checkers Promotional discussion
2) Federations.
3) Collectable and memorable.

For non-checkers related things we also may have new groups like:

1) Greetings
2) Politics, weather, sport :lol:
3) Announcements (tournaments, funeral etc)

Today, when total number of all postings, since forum started, is relatively small - only couple hundred, and if you decide to create new group - you can manually move posts into right location. If you decide to delay this process today - it will be much harder to do this later, because number of posts is growing every day :lol:

Think about ...


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Re: Extend the number of forum groups.

Postby Jason Solan on Tue Dec 13, 2005 9:57 am


I like the idea of more forums, however when designing the forum, i could not think of many topics.

I would like to split "General Discussion' into a couple, but not until we get more users actively posting.
Seeing a lot of forum options can be disconcerting for people. Its been my observation that people will always post where they feel it will be read by more people. Hence the reason the BBS was much more successful than ACF forum the first time around, and why General Discussion and Folded Boards have the most posts here.
Now that Folded Boards no longer allows guest, it might make sense to split it as well.

Does anyone else have any thoughts or suggestions on this matter?

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