2016 Ohio State Tournament

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2016 Ohio State Tournament

Postby rich beckwith on Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:56 pm

2016 Ohio State Tournament Results
Sept. 10 & 11 in Lyndhurst, Ohio

1. Alex Moiseyev (OH)- 19
2. Richard Beckwith (OH) - 18
3. Joe Moore (PA) - 17
4. Louis Cowie (OH) - 16 (233)
5. Joseph Margolin (MA) - 16 (209)
6. Mark Sokolovsky (OH) - 15
7. Alan Millhone (OH) - 14
8. Joe LoConti (OH) - 11
9. Kim WIllis (MO) - 9
10. Bob Amicarelli (OH) - 2 (withdrew after Rd. 4)

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev, who has won this state title every year beginning in 2003 (and also won this tournament three additional times prior as a PA resident). It was real good to see Joseph Margolin, Kim Willis, and Joe Moore attend, as they all had to come from far away. $1000 in prizes were awarded, with $360 going to first place. Special thanks to Joe LoConti, and Joe McDaniel who contributed heavily to prize fund, Mark Sokolovsky, Richard Beckwith, and Alan Millhone to providing the meeting room, and to Joe LoConti & Richard Beckwith with offering two hotel rooms. Kim Willis handled photography and prepared a CD (similar to what she made available in Branson).
Richard Beckwith
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Re: 2016 Ohio State Tournament

Postby kim willis 57 on Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:48 pm

hi everyone,

I would like to say this tournament was one of the most high skilled players remarkable playing. I went to take the pictures and write a article really not to play. But I did play knowing that I was out of my league and not even close to their level. I was never intimidiated by them. I do say I enjoyed playing I can say this has opened my eyes. I have always been afraid to attempt master divisions. I want to say 9pts may not be much but I was very happy with that or even 1pt.
I want to thank each and every person that was there playing, And the good sportsmanship, and letting little ole me play right along side them.

Thank all I really enjoyed.

plus this cd is up for sale for 20 dollars.

thanks again to all for this tourney

kim Willis
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