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Re: European cup 2015

Postby George Hay on Sun May 17, 2015 10:46 am

champion374 wrote:so sergio had lost one match?

Sergio did not loose a match, as shown in ChessArbitor Pro draughts. From the first page (main) MENU just under MAIN REPORTS select List of players
and then select the player under NAME to see how that player did in each round (match). Of course 2-2 could be two draws, or a win and loss. But it does show a lost match if the player only scores 1, or worse yet 0. It looks like the individual games were scored, not the match.
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Re: European cup 2015

Postby sergio on Sun May 17, 2015 4:05 pm

Congratulations to Matteo Bernini on impressive victory.

Matteo won the first stage of world cup. His score was 10 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss (23 points altogether).
I think his performance was superb. He was able to win two games against Igor Martinov, Claudio Ciampi, Elena Valentini, Erika Rosso and Nadiya Chyzhevska. He drew 2 games against me, and lost the first game with Miki and drew the second.
My score was 8 wins and 6 draws (22 points altogether). Although I beat Miki in the second round by the score of 3-1, it was not enough to prevent Matteo's victory.

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Re: European cup 2015

Postby Igor on Sun May 31, 2015 7:28 am

I was lucky to be invited to the Italian Open and to be a witness of the great checkers-draughts events. What I saw impressed me very much. It was a complete contrast to what I watched in Great Britain and Ireland before, where I met mostly the seniors. The Italian Open in English Checkers coincided in time and in place with the final tournaments of the National School Games in Italian and International (10 by 10) draughts - “Scudetto Scolastico” in Castiglione della Pescaia. In the final competition of these games took part 55 teams with almost 200 kids representing all Italian schools that qualified through various selections involving 50 thousand pupils. The two events had huge public interest and were detailed covered in the press and television. The Games were opened by the Mayor of Castiglione, Giancarlo Farnetani who played the symbolic „first move” in both events.

Only 8 players took part in the Italian Open but of the highest quality with 3 actual World Champions: Michele Borghetti, Sergio Scarpetta and Nadja Chyzhevska. I remember that Alex Moiseyev when I met him on the 1st World Mind Sport Games in Beijing in 2008 told me that he came to win the tournament and the 2nd place will be a big fiasco for him. And he really confidently took his 1st place, nobody could make him a worthy concurrence. But now the times have changed and the 3rd place in such Italian Open could be quite a proper result and success for Alex if he would have played here (just before Micky!). As you still know the Italian championship finished with a big sensational victory of Matteo Bernini. Now Italy has 3 strong players of the same heaviest caliber and I think that they will dominate in the Checkers world in the next years. They will get all places - the World Champion as well as his Challenger in both versions: GAYP and 3-move. For all other Checkers players there will remain the only possibility to watch their high level internecine struggle.

As for me I played bad in the tournament, made a lot of mistakes and took the 5th place but even if I had played well, all the same I could not jump higher than the 4th place…

On the closing ceremony with participation of the local authorities, representatives of the Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Education the Bishop of Grossoto father Rodolfo celebrated the solemn Mass. The best players of all tournaments were awarded with cups, medals and diplomas. In the evening the old city of Castiglione della Pescaia turned into draughts-checkers Mekka. On the main street there were covered tables with draughts-boards and organized the simultaneous games against kids, local people and tourists. Our World Champions Michele Borghetti and Sergio Scarpetta played “blind” with the local authorities. It was a great holiday of draughts and checkers! Both championships were perfectly organized. The all staff of FID led by their tireless President Carlo Bordini made a great job! I enjoyed the nice friendly atmosphere around the games. It was very interesting to be among Italians and to feel their southern temperament.

I want to use this opportunity to share some my thoughts about the future of Checkers. I don’t want to criticize anybody but I find that our WCDF is very passive and conservative. Recently the Asian championship took place in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). They played 3 kinds of draughts – international 10 by 10, Russian-Brazilian and even Turkish. WCDF lost contact to Turkmenia and did not make the connection to China. There is no Checkers in the huge Asia region at all. It is a big pity.

Checkers has very few tournaments but we have 3 actual World Champions. It is very irritating. One World Champion is enough, isn’t it? I think that it came time to join all of them in one. We can change the system of Drawing Cards and to expand the 156 Openings of 3-move with separately each GAYP-Openings, as well as to add 11-Ballot Openings – all in one deck. Or another idea – with two draws. First to select a version which to play: GAYP, 3-move or 11-ballot and then to choose the Opening. In the future it is possible to make even one more step forward, just like Russian draughts had done some years ago – so called “jumping men” when both sides are doing impossible first moves, for example: 1.05-20 32-05; but it is really too complicate…

To make Checkers more attractive for more players there is a sense to change the system and the cycle of the definition of the World Champion – once to hold the World Championship in Robin system with 16 – 20 players and once to organize a qualifying tournament with a following match: the Challenger against the actual World Champion.

I have one more idea-desire-request which concerns more to British – Irish federations. And namely – to create the calendar of their tournaments so that one competition follows another with one week interval, for example: first tourney takes place on Saturday – Sunday – Monday and the next on Friday – Saturday – Sunday. So the players could take part in the first tournament, later on to relax two days and finally to go to the second one. It may be very useful for the participation of foreign players and to reduce their travel costs. In this case the ideas of the European and the World Cups can work much better.

One suggestion also to our WCDF: it would be useful to have nice certificates for the grandmasters and the international masters. It may motivate many players of the highest as well as of the middle level to take part in the more international tournaments.

Of course WCDF does not need to do necessarily any changes. I have no doubts that it does not play a big role which system and openings will be used – the winner will be the same – the strongest one… But the changes can make the competition more interesting, exciting and attractive.

I understand that the main problem of Checkers is financial but here I can only dream and beg. I am not a businessman, I am a romantic and a dreamer…

I also used my trip to visit Rome, Vatican and Florence. It is unforgettable! Viva Italia!

PS For more results and pictures you can visit my Checkers Homepage:
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Re: European cup 2015

Postby liam stephens on Sun May 31, 2015 1:18 pm

So…. A potpourri of GAYP, 3 move and 11 man ballot to determine the world championship.
Somehow, I doubt that Grandmasters (USA or otherwise) will be queuing up to adopt that system.
GAYP is, after all, just a subset of 3 move.
However, 11 man ballot might be a useful option for tie splitting a drawn match.
For those in favour, there is a good precedent: Dr. Tinsley played Prof. Fraser of Canada in such a match in 1952.

Reminds me of a slap up meal referred to in Finnegans Wake:
“None of your inchthick blue blooded Balaclava fried-at-belief-stakes or juice jelly legs of molten mutton or greasilygristly grunters’ goupons
or slice upon slab of luscious goosebosom with lump after load of plumpudding stuffing all aswim in a swamp of bogoak gravy”.

Or, Oldbury’s comment on systems for calculating the move:
“… the ancient alchemists’ formulae… take 3 goblins and stir well”.
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Re: European cup 2015

Postby champion374 on Mon Jun 01, 2015 1:57 am

good idea Igor.some people might not even be Aware there are Grand Masters lol.

in my view in checkers people just fight for one thing to be World champion.
i think the World cup and Euro cup needs to be hightlighted more to.
in chess to be a Grand Master is like being a Doctor. lol

with or Game of Checkers to much is on being World Champion.
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Re: European cup 2015

Postby champion374 on Mon Jun 01, 2015 2:20 am

good Checker literature liem.

i think we need to get this more advertise the Euro cup.
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