An Idea for future tournaments

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An Idea for future tournaments

Postby kim willis 57 on Mon May 25, 2015 7:19 pm

Hi Gentleman,

I have been thinking about some subjects about our future on locations of our nationals and other tournaments. I know in the past we have had bids but now it seems it has become a chore to get places for a good venue. Costs have been sky rocketing for playing rooms plus the players have been spending a lot for rooms. And our bids are declining for soon we may not even have any bids. I am sending this idea for I know for a fact that the ACF hasn't made any money. The donations are few and we every year have to take memberships to pay for the bulletins and there isn't anything left. We can't supply our website for equipment. Updates of our ACF site is depleting and not kept up as it should. So I am going to place a rough draft below on how we may be able to bring revenue in.

This is my proposal:

1). We find a central area to buy a building or home,hotel that would take care of ALL district, Nationals, WWQ's, plus Title matches being played in the US. I know that the Checker hall of fame has done this over the years. But we need a more central place. This would help a lot. Below will give a rough draft for a start.

a).Have a kitchen (this would feed our players)

b).dorms or rooms for players ( construct of course)

c).office with all updates to where important info could be kept

d).Restrooms available.

Now I know that is would cost but this is how I believe we could in the long run get it back. Below is how:

1).At all events

A). We charge for the meals for instant

weekend lets say 3 days (pay for food ticket at time of registering)

9 meals ( couples $100.00, single $50.00 or $10.00 per meal at time of serving

B. Rooms usually cost players anywhere from $60 to $85 a night.... but if we charged 1/2 that we would be making money instead of the hotels. Plus this would I believe solve a lot of problems.

C. Each district also pays for using this. Like renting it.

I have figured that between all costs we could bring in revenue.

Thank you

Kim Willis
kim willis 57
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Re: An Idea for future tournaments

Postby Chexhero on Mon May 25, 2015 9:12 pm

Hi Kim,

I can see the possible revenue in this idea, however, I don't know how it can be practically achieved. I don't know if the ACF could afford to purchase a house or building in our current state. I also fear that this may detract people from attending tournaments. The benefit of rotating, which we currently do, is that travel expenses are varied in a more equitable way. If there is a constant location, then those that are closest to the location will be easily able to attend. However, those further away will have to incur more substantial cost, most likely driving people away rather than drawing more people in. For example, I know that Ohio has a great number of players and I would easily be able to attend tournaments in Ohio. However, Tennessee also has a great number of players and I would not be able to attend annual tournaments so far away. I think this could be a problem for many of the outlying states like Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania. I also think it would be unfair to require people to travel out of state and district for their own district tournaments that would incur unnecessary expenses making district tournaments less feasible and decreasing attendance at district tournaments.

Kind regards,

Joe Moore
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