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Re: Sport Accord 2014.

Postby Ingo_Zachos on Wed Dec 17, 2014 2:08 am

Ingo_Zachos wrote:Games: ... _rapid.htm

Sergio caught Alex with a GAYP opening line. That is what I call style for the GAYP World Champion :-)

Yes, they played it off, and (3-move) World Champion Michele Borghetti, Italy won the tie breaker 3-1 against (GAYP) World Champion Sergio Scarpetta.

Final Standings:

1. GM Michele Borghetti, ITA, 15 Points, 3 -1 winner in play-offs
2. GM Sergio Scarpetta, ITA, 15 Points, 1-3 loser in play-offs.
3. GM Alex Moiseyev, USA, 10 Points,
4. GM Lubabalo Kondlo, RSA, 8 Points.

Double congratulations to Italy. Miki did not win the Italian Draughts 100 title, but his titles in the national Championships in Italian Draughts and the Gold Medal at the SportDaccord World Mind Sport Games finally secured him a very happy old year.

Sergio Scarpetta took another " almost joint first place" after losing the WCDF Qualifier in November only by tie breaker, he now lost in the play-offs,

Alex Moiseyev could not score from a winning Position against Kondlo in an early round, and things got worse in the final rounds, suffering from an italian fever...

Lubabalo Kondlo could not repeat his excellent performance from the WCDF Qualifier. Bad Shape is the worst thing to suffer from against the very best players in the world, but in good shape he certainly will do much better in the upcoming World Championship Match.
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Re: Sport Accord 2014.

Postby Chexhero on Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:28 am

Congratulations to Michele Borghetti on pulling it out against a very tough competitor in Sergio.

Lubabalo certainly seemed far from his best judging by his games in which some terrible errors were made. There is no way this tournament is representative of his real ability. I expect a close match between him and Miki.

I also believe we have officially seen the passing of the torch. For over a decade we have had Ron King and Alex dominate the competition, both in GAYP and 3-move. Looks like now it is the Italians turn.
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Re: Sport Accord 2014.

Postby George Hay on Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:56 am

Congratulations to Mr. Alex for representing the USA, and winning the Bronze Medal. I'm sure it goes well with your Gold Medals from
2008 and 2012. To win a medal in a WMSG event is a very special accomplishment!

--George Hay
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