Checker Books and related material for sale

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Checker Books and related material for sale

Postby neilwenberg on Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:58 am

I have the following for sale. If intwerested in any I will also need $5,00 for postage and handling.

Price on the following books is $15 each.

Anderson, Andrew The Game of Draughts Simplified 1878

Call, William Timothy R. D. Yates Checker Player 1903

Dunne, Frank Draughts Praxis or Modern Match Games 1911

Hill, James Hill' Pocket Manual ????

Jordan, Alfred, M. D. Teetzel Fifth American Tourney 1923

Kear, J. A., Joseph Gould, Charles Hefter The Game of Draughts 1888

Ketchum, P. H. Checkers The Handy Manual 1923

Lasker, Edward Chess and Checkers, The way to Mastership 1948

Lieberman, Harry Fourth American Tourney at Cedar Point, Ohio 1921

Mitchell, David A. Checkers 1918

Ryan, William F. (Willie) Championship Checkers Simplified 1951

Ryan, William F. (Willie) The Modern Encyclopedia of Checkers 1940

Ryan, William F. (Willie) The Modern Encyclopedia of Checkers 1943

Tescheleit, M. Francis Master Play on the Draught Board, The Edinburgh 1926

Miscellaneous Checker Material For Sale

Fortman, R. L. Seven booklet set called Basic Checkers 1978-1983 ($35)

Oldbury, Derek Four volume set called The Complete Encyclopedia of Checkers 1979 ($60)

Stearns, Lyman M. Four pamphlets The North American Checker Board July 1897; November 1,1897; September 1, 1899; June 1901 ($25)

Wales, George F. Three pamphlets Checkers, Wm. Payne's, Walker's, Sturges' 1956, 1957(2) ($20)

Wales, George F., Maurice Chamblee, William F. Ryan 14 booklets called The American Checkerist (Assorted dates from about November 1943 to June 1950) ($25)

Wendemuth, F. R. Three pamphlets of Checkers Handy Manual No. 2, Single Corner, Cross, Switcher by P. H. Ketchum ???? ( $20)

Wood, Rex Small box containing many copies of Woods Checker Studies

(August 1934-September 1939) Our Checker Player (December 1936-June 1938) Wood's Checker Player (August 1938-September 1946) ($50)

The following are individual pamphlets at ($5) each.

Call, W. T. The Checker Player, Second Double Corner 1905

Cass, S., R. Cass Modern Magic with a Draughts Board 1970

Fortman, R Third International Match Book 1973

Fortman Richard L, Basil Case, Eugene Frazier, Asa A. Long World' Championship Match Games, Walter F. Hellman vs. Asa A. Long 1962

Hall, Leonard Hall's Correction Guide, Book One ????

Hester, Gordon Transposition Studies in 5-Move Checkers # 1 ???? (2 copies)

Lenox, C. W. Beginners Checkers ????

Parrow, Wilder National Checker Journal for November 1878 1878

Ryan, Willie The Checkergram, April 1930 1930

Stiles, John B. Styles Checker Guide, Part One, 12-16 Openings 1939

Wendemuth, F. R. Gonotsky vs. Ginsberg Match Games 1925

Chess Books for Sale ($15 each)

Capablanca, Jose Raul Last Lectures 1966

Chess Digest Sixty Best Games: 1969 Through 1971 1973

Hanauer, Milton L. Chess Made Simple 1958

Horowitz, I. A. Chess Openings: Theory and Practice 1964

Lowe, E. S. Chess in 30 Minutes 1955

Sullivan M. W. A Programmed Introduction To The Game of Chess 1963

Pool Checker Book for Sale ($15)

Hines, Theodore P. Pool Checkers or Spanish Draughts Scientifically Known as Minor Polish Draughts 1969 Reprint
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