TN Open results and more.

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TN Open results and more.

Postby Alex_Moiseyev on Sun Mar 05, 2006 7:48 pm

Hello, everyone !

If I am not mistaken - this year in TN Open was the highest turn over - 59 attendatns in 3 divisions ! We also had a very special guest from England, who just travelled all way down to play in this historic event - TN Open Checkers Tournament, 2006. In memory of Frederica, who always made a cake for checkers players in TN tourney, this year tradition was extended (even though Frederica not with us) and we had a nice cake.

Congratulations to new debutants of Master Division - Ryan Pronk and Jonathon Chappel, who did exetremely well in tournament. Before last round Ryan had 15 points - more than 50%, and Jonathon had 16 points, which gives him a good chance to finish 2nd or 3rd.

Hugh Burton finished with 19 points, but Larry Keen who has 16 points and plays 2-games round with J. Chappel (16) can reach him in points. So ... we don't know yet - who is a State Champ, and who finished 2nd and 3rd - it maybe either Burton, Chappel or Keen.

I comeup with 50% - 8 wins and 8 draws (24 points), and there is a good chance I hit 2700 ACF rating bareer! :lol: The only game where I may have been in lost, but was lucky to draw was with Michael Holmes. I didn't have a serious competition in this event for the first place, but all games were very interesting and I learned something.

From 16 games I played, 11 didrectly or undirectly (same openings or lines) covered in SIXTH. So ... one way to improve in checkers, is - write a book !

The only trouble I had during the tournament: Michael Holmes son (7) has the same first name - Alex, and any time Michael called "Alex!" - both of us turn our heads !

I hope Clayton Nash or someone else post here a full technical results of all 3 Divisions.

I am pleased to say that 6 regular copies and one bonus edition of SIXTH were pre-sold during the tournament. Many thanks everyone for support.


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Re: TN Open results and more.

Postby Palomino on Sun Mar 05, 2006 8:26 pm

Congratulations Alex,

I spoke with Frank Davis on phone after the tournament and he told me in the majors 1st place was a tie.

1st Place (tied) John Estes/Frank Davis
2nd Place (tied) Larry Pollard/Teal Stanley

1st Place: Paul Bryan
2nd Place: (tied) Mike Ross/Jim Stokes

Regards, "Pal" Bucker
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Re: TN Open results and more.

Postby AKA on Sun Mar 05, 2006 9:34 pm

Why does Mike Ross still play in minors?

Re: TN Open results and more.

Postby bazkitcase5 on Sun Mar 05, 2006 11:29 pm

i am current posting the full results on the ACF website as weak speak (having to calculate the honor points myself)

just a few corrects alex...

jonathon chappell played masters in 2005 and did well there too, finishing for a tie with hugh burton for 3rd (4th on honor points), so this is not his masters debut

also, he is from kentucky, so he had no shot at winning the state title, only hugh burton, larry keen, and gene lindsay did (hugh burton won it, finishing 2nd by himself)

results up soon
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Re: TN Open results and more.

Postby Alex_Moiseyev on Sun Mar 05, 2006 11:35 pm

Thanks for corrections, Clay ! Getting old - bad memory :roll: I remember now Jon played in 2005 and did very well. I know - he is KY resident. My message about State Champ competition wasn't very clear.

Unfortunately - I don't have editors for my forum messages, as I had it for SIXTH ! :lol:

Even more - when few of us went to restaurant on Friday night to CrackerBarrell, i failed to order properly orange juice, and waiter brought me ... oranges !!! :twisted: :roll: :lol: Ryan Pronk and couple other fortunate guys, who witnessed this - can prove this fact. Other day waiter didn't understand my order, which forced me to spell the word H_A_M !

I'm waiting now to see the full and complete results of final standings in all 3 Divisions, including accurate HP's

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Re: TN Open results and more.

Postby Alex_Moiseyev on Mon Mar 06, 2006 9:24 am

bazkitcase5 wrote:i am current posting the full results on the ACF website

I find it !!! It was a bit tricky puzzle, but I like challenge :lol: I started from "Tournament", then "Results", then "Other", and finally cliked at "Search Tournaments". At the bottom of list (which starts from 2003 events) there are full complete results of TN 2006 with HP.

When I was on page "Other" - there were links here to "2003 events", "2004 events", "2005 events", but nothing yet for 2006.

If someone need a quick link - it's there ==> (scrool down to the bottom of list)
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Re: TN Open results and more.

Postby Gene Lindsay on Tue Mar 07, 2006 1:33 am

I don't think 59 players is a record for attendance at the TN Open Ty. If I am not mistaken we had 63 players one year.

Gene Lindsay
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Postby Patrick Parker on Tue Mar 07, 2006 4:36 pm

these points are from a picture i took with my camera... so i claim no accuracy ...also this is from when i took the picture not the end of the tournament

don brattin 14 pts
hugh burton 19
jon chappell 16 but in the 7th round
michael holmes 16
larry keen 16 in the 7th round
gene lindsay 15 at the end of the 7th
Lamar mcbrayer 12
alan millhone 14
alex m 24
clayton nash 17
ryan pronk 15 at the end of the 7th
herbert reed withdrew
dr shuffett 16
lynn steelman 12
albert tucker 13
joe tucker 13
john webster 18
don west withdrew

ralph agee withdrew
ken christian 15 8th
arnold cook withdrew
frank davis 22 1st
john estes 22 1st
earl harvell 16 7th
dale hedrick 15 8th
day hughson withdrew
hollis mcclard? 15 8th
bill mcclintock 15 8th
perry mccracken 13
billy perry 17 5th
ken shultz 15 8th
teal stanley 21 3rd
byron woolum 17 5th
shelby mays 12
h jones withdrew
larry pollard 21 3rd

josh armstrong 20
paul bryan won first dunno the points
deborah burge 13
henry frugard 10
leonard hickman 14 in the 7th rd
alex holmes 11
robert jackson 13
vonda jones 11
patrick parker 19
jim poland 11
harvey powell 17
dallas ramsey 17
jimmy reliford 18
bobby rice 16
mike ross 20 in the 7th rd
willis shewcraft 20
j r smith 16
o w smith 19
bill shoffner withdrew
bill stanley 15
jim stokes 22
kim willis 13
gary wilson 14 in the 7th

congrats to paul for winning minors
frank and john in the majors
alex in the masters

it was a good tournament, good people, and the place we stayed at was really nice. i hope to go back.
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Great time in Tennessee

Postby Alan Millhone on Wed Mar 08, 2006 8:25 am

Hello everyone:

I had a wonderful time in Lebanon and took along my oldest Grandson who turned 21 that Friday ! Guess I am getting older as well :-)

The ACF took in around 8 members dues and I signed up one new ACF Member from Springfield,Tn. by the name of Sanford Roath (a very good player) and he intends to compete next year.

I took along 6 of the 10th. ACA at Flint books and sold all 6 ! Young Master player Jonathon Chappell bought my last one. He beat me both sides of our opening and I can see him rapidly improving.............. Checkers and the ACF needs many more like him. It was nice to see several other younger players at the touney as well. Hope to see most of them this June in Medina,Ohio for the 2006 Arthur Niederhoffer ACF Yough Tournament. Young Master Ryan Pronk and I drew the Montrose Cross and we both won one side of the opening, I was lucky as he is most improved as well :-)

Mr. Alex took orders from around 6 players for his upcoming book "SIXTH" which should be a real learning tool for any player wanting to enhance his or her playing ability.

The Lebanon,Tn. Tournament is close to out growing the current playing room, which is a good thing ! Mr. Frank Davis and his Wife do an excellent job of running the tournament.

My next journey will be to Marion,Illinois for the excellent tournament held there every year. Mr. Roger Blaine, our official ACF equipment dealer will be there with a new supply of regulation Crisloid pieces and folding plain and numbered boards to sell as well as other items he carries in stock. The Marion Ty. is a well oiled machine and Mr. Gene Ellison and his crew do an excellent job of promoting Checkers for the State of Illinois. I look forward to seeing many familiar and hopefully new faces there in April. Complete details can be found on our ACF Web Site.

I am pleased the 2006 Checker season has begun. I was getting "cabin fever" and was glad to have traveled over 500 miles each way to Lebanon again this year.

Alan Millhone, Presdient
American Checker Federation
District 6 Champion
" Reading my copy of 10th. ACA at Flint till my "SIXTH" copy arrives"
Alan Millhone
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Re: TN Open results and more.

Postby bugs on Wed Mar 08, 2006 9:00 am

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2006 TN State Open TY ScoreSheets

Postby JR Smith on Wed Mar 08, 2006 8:58 pm

2006 TN State Open TY ScoreSheets on
A Checker Friend, JR Smith
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