Ed Lucas 1928 - 2011

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Ed Lucas 1928 - 2011

Postby Palomino on Tue May 24, 2011 9:20 pm

My good friend Ed Lucas died this past Saturday and I attended his funeral today.
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I would visit Ed and his wife Geneva in thier home and Ed and I would play checkers in their little breakfast nook just off the kitchen. We had many good and enjoyable games.

Ed was a good, kind and generous man, he and his son Phil always carrying me along with them to tournaments and Ed always picking up the tab for the room and meals.

At the 2009 Indiana State / 6th District Tournament, having riden 20 some hours on a Greyhound bus Wade Holder arrived from North Carolina just in time to get registered. Wade and Ed had never met before but played each other in the second round.

Wade was worried about where he would get a room and how he would find and get to a motel in that he had come by bus, didn't have a car, didn't know the town, was near dead on his feet having barely gotten any sleep on the bus trip and was telling this to Ed. Ed said, "Wade, I have a car and I have a nice big room at the Farm Stead Inn so you just come along and stay with me, my son Phil and Pal and it won't cost you a dime." Wade's mind was put at ease and Ed had made another good friend in Wade Holder, we all had!


Ed loved people and I loved Ed. Knowing Ed was a real blessing to me and everyone he came in contact with.
It's guys like Ed Lucas that make checkers the "Grand Old Game" it is!

I will miss him..."Pal" Bucker
CHECKERS: The Mind Sport of Kings and Ordinary Men.
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Re: Ed Lucas 1928 - 2011

Postby Irma Sierra on Wed May 25, 2011 7:31 pm


Pal, I am very sorry to hear this, he was very nice! please tell his son I am very sorry !! :(
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