Is this problem original or trifling?

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Is this problem original or trifling?

Postby Bill Salot on Sun Sep 19, 2010 6:07 pm

W. T. Call in his "Midget Problems", July 1913, wrote: "To set back a finish a few moves, without concealing the idea in an original way that is crafty and misleading, is trifling."

I believe the finish of this problem was published in every edition of Gould's Problem Book beginning in 1881. I set that problem back 8 moves.

The players at the recent Virginia Tourney were offered the chance to win a choice of out-of-print checker books to the first player to solve it. Several players worked on it before the first round, between rounds, after hours, finally gave up late on the second day, and were then shown the solution.

John Webster, the winner of the Tourney, was the only player to solve it. It took him most of the first day. He said he loved such problems, and declared it very good. He chose as his prize Oldbury's problem book, "The Hand of D. E. O.", 1947.

I doubt that participants on this forum will have the patience to solve it. I'll withdraw that doubt if one of you responds with the solution.

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