Making Diagrams

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Making Diagrams

Postby Alex_Moiseyev on Sun Nov 13, 2005 11:16 am

Here are simple instructions, step by step, how to insert diagrams into your post on forum.


1. Visit diagram page ==>

2. On the right top side choose (put cursor and click right button) what piece you want to place - white man/King, or red man/King.

3. After then put cursor on square of board and press right button. If you did it right - piece shall be appear on the board.

4. Place all other pieces on board. If you work with the same type of piece: white man/King or red man/King, you don't have to chosse it again.

5. If you mistakenly place wrong type of piece, you don't have to clean the board. Keep your cursor on this piece and just continue to press right button, until you get correct type.

6. After you set position, you have to choose design. Check correct box on the left site and press "SEND" botton below.

7. Correct design will apeear on your screen. If you want to change design, check another box on the left site, and press "CHANGE DESIGN" button. Design will be change.

8. If you are satisfy with position and design, press on "SAVE ON SERVER" button.

9. You will get screen, which has below text, which looks like:

You diagram is saved.
If you want to use it in your webpage - put the following code in your HTML documents:
<img src="">
If you came from Forum you can
click and go Back to Forum


10. Copy red highlighted text.

11. Go to forum, and at the end of your post click: "Img".

12. You will get in your post:

12. After this paste server address right after this:

13. Click "Preview"

14. If you did everything right - diagram will be created !

15. Press "SUBMIT" button to finish post.
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