Article found today on Mr. Victor Niederhoffer's Web Site...

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Article found today on Mr. Victor Niederhoffer's Web Site...

Postby Alan Millhone on Thu Dec 29, 2005 9:52 pm

Hello everyone:

Today on I noted a noteworthy article from GM Nigel Davies (Chess) , and I quote.............................

" Until recently chess players were allowed to write their moves down before playing them. Many players actually did so because the 'announcement' of their moves somehow got them to look at the board differently and often they'd pick up on whether or not it was a mistake ( I wrote about the Blumenfield Rule many moons ago).

I only used this with 'big decisions', finding that it makes me 'too wooden' if I did it on every move. Though now the powers that be have decided that this practice constitutes 'making notes during the game' and the penalties you can suffer are only surpassed if you forget to switch off your cell phone".

From a Checker player's perspective I have gotten myself into the habit of noting my move before making same. It gives me one last look at the board before moving . I occasionally makes notes to myself about another move I considered or a possible move I had considered from my opponent.

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