Even Tolstoy played

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Even Tolstoy played

Postby liam stephens on Thu Dec 11, 2014 4:19 pm


The composer Igor Stravinsky told an amusing story about Sergei Diaghilev, the impresario of the Russian Ballet, playing draughts with Tolstoy, as follows.

“Diaghilev once told me about his visit to Tolstoy to see Tolstoy’s family portraits. The old man received him cordially and showed him round his gallery with a big lantern, but his only real interest in Diaghilev was as a draughts opponent. He asked Diaghilev if he played draughts and Diaghilev said he did, so terrified was he, though he had never played in his life. They played and of course Diaghilev did everything wrong. Tolstoy said: ‘Young man, you should have told the truth right away; now go upstairs and take tea.’ “

Quoted in ‘Stravinsky in Conversation with Robert Craft.’

A Pelican book published in 1962, price 7/6. (seven shillings and six pence)

Presumably, it was Russian draughts they were playing?

......... maybe I should have used this for the Christmas Quiz ? - but never mind, just watch this space on 15 December. :D
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