There is no pink !!!!!!!!!!!!! + Schrodinger's cat

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There is no pink !!!!!!!!!!!!! + Schrodinger's cat

Postby Danny_Alvarez on Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:54 pm

Apparently there is no pink, it is just "minus green' .....
Minus Green Floyd just doesnt sound the same.... :)

this is a great youtube channel and my favourite episode is this one... ... ure=relmfu
Schrodinger's Paradox .... (aka the cat experiment.... PETA would have castrated Schrodinger and then fed him to hungry lesbian cannibals)
have a look at it.... this fellow explains quantum mechanics with humour and whiteboard sketches.... i wish my high school physics teacher was more like this...

Danny "i love shcrodinger's paradox" Alvarez
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