Who Agrees?

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take that!- God Bless

Postby kiwinurse on Wed Dec 14, 2005 8:23 pm

Dont make sense lindus
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Re: Who Agrees?

Postby Alex_Moiseyev on Wed Dec 14, 2005 8:48 pm

Incidentally I was involved into this drama (or saga ?). :lol: I spoke several minutes ago with Mr. DeWeber about my book (one more bonus copy gone), then he asked - how I want him to pay, and finally he told me, that Ms. Becky is on vacation to the rest of the year.

He asked me to pass this message to all Ms. Becky friends and correspondents in this forum. Finally Mr. DeWeber kindly mentioned: "God Bless you and have a nice day".

This is exactly what I am doing now - read all these posts and enjoy rest of the day. After Ms. Becky disappeared from horizon to the rest of year = may be we can hope now end of saga ? :idea:

I am playing checkers, not chess.
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Re: Who Agrees?

Postby matthewkooshad on Wed Dec 14, 2005 11:40 pm

Lindus, you are a stronger person than I am. I always leave when someone is annoying me and I don't feel it will end within reasonable time. Keep the faith man :) Thanks for wanting to keep checkers a strong, fun, and friendly environment.

P.S. I hope to get to play you in the near future; I enjoyed our game (very good play you made in it). I have been lazy for past few days since after finals :lol:
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Re: Who Agrees?

Postby Lindus Edwards on Thu Dec 15, 2005 12:49 am

Hi Matthew,

I shall look forward to playing you again at IYT. Please know that I will do all I can to help you improve your game, but you must help with the improvement of mine also 8)
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