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Tinsley position

Postby williamdocherty on Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:52 am

While going through Complete checkers by Richard Pask I came across a Tinsley problem (arising from an opening) that I had first seen in Wiswell's 'secrets of checkerboard strategy' and that I had initially thought to be a composition!!
This is one of the finest problems that marked my mind when I was about 12 years old and just starting out in checkers :

White to play and win

The main solution goes
32-27 16-20 27-23 24-27 31x24 20x27 23-18 27-31 17-14 31-27 14x5 6-10 5-1 27-23 1-5 23x14-13-9 and black cannot avoid walking into the shots 1. if 14-18 then 21-17 18x25 17-14 etc W.Win or 2. 15-19 11-8 4x11 9-6 2x9 21-17 W.Wins

And while we are on the subject of problems arising in play here is a beautiful win that I missed in play against Alex Moisyev in our 2001 World qualifier match

Black to play and win

The main line would go : 8-11 9-6 11-16 (I played 15-18 and only drew) 6-2 16-20 32-27 4-8!! 2-7 8-11!!7x16 3-7 Black win
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