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Lilli, Round 3; Game 1 > Borghetti (B) / King (W)

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By Emanuele D'Amore

Michele Borghetti gold medal at the "WORLD MIND SPORTS GAMES"

The silver medal won by Sergio Scarpetta

The Grand Master Michele Borghetti of Livorno, won the gold medal at the second edition of the "World Mind Sports Games" (Olympics of the mind), which took place in Lille (France) 9 to 23 August 2012, and the United Master Sergio Scarpetta di Cerignola, is in second place and won the silver medal.

He competed in the specialty "Three Moves" Lady of the English (Checkers), the most prestigious and important, that restriction American, that is, with the opening raffled off three moves and playing back and forth between each player.

The extraordinary double blue of the two samples, both members with ASD Lady Foggia, is an historic event because for the first time the Italian athletes are imposed at the highest level in a worldwide competition so important.

In addition to the resounding affirmation of Borghetti and second Scarpetta, are relevant also the bronze medal won by Erika Red in the group of women and the fifth place achieved by the young master Matteo Bernini, his first experience in a major international event , which has proved its value. Too bad only for the Grand Master Paul Faleo, unlucky, who scored a respectable 12th place, but that does not reflect its real value.

The great performance of damisti Italian French soil in the "World Mind Sports Games", along with brilliant performances Borghetti and Scarpetta in the recent World Match, the Junior World title won by Alessio Scaggiante, the next global challenge of Erika Red in female Match , cast Italy in a leadership position of Checkers and outline a new scenario for the movement damistico of our country.

I wonder if the FID leaders with vision, you need this time to say, have planned our entry into the Checkers, expected results so important and in such a short time.

However it will be clear to all that it is necessary to continue on this path, where we are getting so much success, with a development policy.

The "World Mind Sports Games", organized for the first time four years ago in Beijing, would have taken place in London. Then, however, were assigned to the French city of Lille.

Mind you compete in the Olympics in CHECKER CHESS, BRIDGE, GO AND XIANGOI.

The event was organized by the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA), the "International Federation of Sport of the Mind", the prestigious patronage of UNESCO.

The IMSA brings together four international federations of the Lady (FMJD), Chess (FIDE), the Bridge (WBF) and Go (IGF), divided into 400 national federations with about 500 million players around the world.

With the Olympic title just won, Michele Borghetti has acquired the right to challenge for the world title in 2013, the world champion of the specialty "Three Moves" Alex Moiseyev, the 'athlete of Russian origin living in the U.S..

It will be the long-awaited rematch between two of the challenge held in Cleveland in August 2011, which ended with seven wins to six in favor of the American, in which Borghetti, even with little training and experience, it has been shown to have all the cards in order to make her the title of world champion, one of the few missing from his impressive record of victories.

The English lady, who was a little in decline, due to the generational turnover of the great champions of the past like Marion Tinsley, Walter Hellman, William F. Ryan, Asa Long, Derek Olbury, has now found a new lease of life by the overwhelming arrival of Italian athletes, led by Borghetti and Scarpetta, by some called the "Bolt" the Lady.

We believe the day is not far when our two bishops in the Checkers will face off in a match for the world crown.

Now even the world scenario has changed. The strong showing of the Italians, will surely be an incentive to do better for nations with great traditions such as the U.S. and Britain or emerging nations such as Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

In Lille, in the group of male Checkers were played nine rounds, for a total of 18 games, 17 to 22 August 2012.

Present, except Moseyev, all the best athletes in the world, from different countries, it was an exciting tournament, which Borghetti led the lead for almost the entire race.

After a double equal initial Sergio Scarpetta (Vice World Champion GAYP, ie move free), Borghetti in the second round 4-0 to inflict a German Igor Martynov.

Another in the third round 4-0, heavy, Ron King (Barbados), World Champion GAYP.

As the same Borghetti has confirmed, after the victory of KING, our sample took even more confidence in himself and without giving up his lead, he oversaw a sensational victory, resulting also came at the end of the race.

The Grand Master Sergio Scarpetta was the author of a brilliant tournament. But this time he is unable to overtake in the final against Borghetti, as happened recently in San Giovanni Rotondo in the Italian championship Checkers English.

Scarpetta had to settle for second place, result, however prestigious, which earned him the silver medal, embellished with a 4-0 victory against Ron King on the sixth turn and finishing the tournament undefeated.

Very good result that the young Matteo Bernini, Livorno, who finished fifth.

To complete the triumphs the bronze medal won by sixteen Erika Red, Aosta, third-placed nation in the women's tournament, which in December will play the match for the world title against the Turkmen Amangul Berdiyeva, finished second in the Olympics after the 'Ukrainian Nadiya Chyzhevska.

Vast echo had the Olympic victory of Michele Borghetti, well known in the circles damistici world and beyond.

Borghetti is considered the greatest Italian player of all time Dama.

It 'the only athlete to be Italian Grand Master in three different disciplines (English Checkers, Checkers Italian Checkers and International).

In 2003, with 23 games played simultaneously blindly, won the world record.

Among his achievements: 11 times Italian Champion Checkers Italian and 8 times the team.

3 times Italian Champion of International Draughts and twice in teams.

Several other titles in various specialties, for a total of 41 Italian titles in total to date.

It 'was the first athlete to compete in the Anglo-Saxon World Championship Checkers English since it was established in 1847.

It 'Olympic Champion and V. World Champion English Lady in the specialty "Three Moves".

At the following link: Miki Borghetti Hall of Fame can be viewed and record curiosity and Curriculum Sports Michele Borghetti.

Led by the technical director of the FID Daniel Bertè, Lille Italy was also present in the International Draughts, where he got some good results.

In the specialty semilampo team (Rapid Draughts), Italy (Milan Loris, Daniel Macali, Walter Moscato) wins a good 7th place (Russia gold, silver Holland, bronze Cameroon), improving the lightning team (Blitz Draughts) to obtain the 6th place (Russia gold, silver Lithuania, bronze Netherlands). In the individual tournament blitz 20th place for Milanese, 39 ° and 48 ° for Moscato Macali (gold and silver to the Russians Getmanski Schwarzman and, bronze Dutch Boomstra). In the individual tournament rapid 41st place for Milanese, 44 ° and 62 ° Macali to Muscat (Dutch Boomstra gold, silver and bronze at the Russians Chizhov and Shalbakov).

The Olympic tournament Checkers was directed by Ingo Zachos assisted by Ian Caws.

At: you can see the results of tournaments Dama.

That's the most important victory of Michele Borghetti (against Ron King), with commentary by the same Borghetti.

Black White

Borghetti (Italy) - King (Barbados)

1. 10-14, 22-18 2. 6-10, 25-22 3.11-15, 18-11 4. 8-15, 22-17 5. 4-8, 23-19 6. 8-11, 17-13 7. 1-6, 26-23 (?) - In my opinion an inaccuracy, compared to the more concrete 29-25, and a move that probably is a prelude to the plane (illusory) in mind to world champion King. Just latter 'has moved, in my mind took the form of a one page red Damasport of the' year 1983, where in his interesting book "move for move" the Master Lo Galbo Palermo commented on his game against the Venetian Chinellato.

The interesting thing is that the location is identical to that between me and King, the Venetian master, with my own color, brought into port with a pipe of the same narrow, rather than choosing the promising variant that will occur later in the game that I'm commenting. In my lucky case, it is just the saying "knowledge is power".

8. 14-18! - Made after long reflection, motivated by the possible answer 9. 21-17 ... by the white and that would make the game sharp. What will happen rather beyond my wildest expectations ... - 23-14, 9. 9-18, 30-26 - King reflects little of this move, discard 21-17, and probably already feels the smell of victory - 10. 11-16 (!) - Rightly or wrongly I did not make this move now, not to give way to my opponent to get suspicious that I had already planned the sequel, but not give it much thought, not to do so, in both cases, stay on your toes - 10. 26-23 ...?? - The "bluff" has been successful; King responds immediately to my move unaware of the "tragedy damistica" is coming down on him.


In fact, if 18-22 hours? simply follows 24-20, but if 6-9? 13x6, 2x9, 23x14, 10x17 (9x18 if 29-25 and 25-22) 19x10 (21x14 also okay), 7x14, 24-20!, And black capitulates.

As so often, or too much security, or the desire to achieve a result in an immediate way, leads to a "blindness" that can not objectively evaluate any one position.

11. 7-11! - The brilliant and unexpected move that undermines the entire floor of the white - 7.23 12. 16-23, 27-18 13. 15-22 - The view is turned upside down position, the black is going to recover the pawn of disadvantage and completely dominates the Damiera - 32-27 14. 3-10 27-23 15. 10-14! - Probably the coup de grace, the incumbent 3x3 14-17 and 6-9 that would leave three white men out of the game if both of which 24-19 24-20 - 15. 23-19 ... 16. 5-9 (!), 24-20 17. 6-10, 13-6 18. 2-9, 31-27 19. 22-26, 19-16 20. 12-19, 27-23 21. 19-24, 28-19 22. 11-15, 19-16 23. 26-31, 16-11 24. 31-26, and after a few moves my opponent raises the white flag.
CHECKERS: The Mind Sport of Kings and Ordinary Men.
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