IN 2010, Rd3, G1

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IN 2010, Rd3, G1

Postby Alex_Moiseyev on Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:17 pm

Rd.3, G1. A. Moiseyev vs M. Holmes

10-14 24-20 11-16 (A) 20x11 8x15 22-17 6-10 17-13 (B) 1-6 25-22 (C) 14-18 23x14 9x25 29x22 4-8 27-24 (D) 12-16 26-23 (E) 15-18 (F) 22x15 10x26 30x23 8-12 23-18 (G) 7-11 31-27 (H) 3-7 27-23 7-10 32-27 16-20 (I) 18-14 10x17 21x14 6-9 13x6 2x18 23x14 11-15 (J) 14-10 5-9 10-6 9-14 6-2 14-18 2-7 12-16 7-10 16-19 10-14 19-23 Red Wins

#1. White to move .................. #2. White to move .................. #3. White to move, red wins
Image ... Image ... Image
27-23 best ........................... 32-27* the only draw

A. I think the status of this opening is more critical than originally considered.

B. Here I introduced in Sixth an extravagant 25-22, however in nowdays I switched back to more usual and classic 17-13. After 25-22 red can play 14-18, 23x14, 9x25, 29x22, 1-6! having a good game.

C. Giving up on opening advantage and taken me in surprise: knowing Michael as a good analyst I was afraid that this might be his another fine cook. Not this time huh ! 28-24 is certainly best without any alternatives.

D. Extremely passive and unsafe at least to say. Even though my prime time is in the past as Michael mentioned once, one must be a very brave man to make such move against me!

See diagram #1. Kingsrow opening book recommends here 27-23 as the only acceptable and certainly best move. After then red can play either 15-19 with small edge or 8-11, 23-18 etc with complications.

E. Anything better than this ? After white played 27-24 at previous move, any surviving move now is OK ! 24-19 instead 26-23 actually is also souds move, but nothing easy: 16x23, 26x19, 15x24, 28x19, 8-11, 22-18 (or 31-27) Red Strong

F. Just a matter of personal choice. 15-19 is also a promising move, and Kingsrow prefers it. However, in this particular situation I decided that weakening white single corner may work better than weakening a double corner.

G. This move doesn't lose yet but starts a wrong plan. After this move, with holes on the white left flank, man on 18 will be a permanent target for attack and pressure. 32-27 instead 23-18 at this point worked easy and better for white.

H. Loses and setting a final practical gem! See diagram #2. White sill had a technical draw here after 32-27, 3-7, 24-20, 7-10, 31-26. After Michael played 31-27 I saw a clear win to the end.

I. It is a very unfortunate fact that 10-15, 18-14, 2-7 also wins here without much beauties. But I was completely captured by idea of pretty win after 16-20 and didn't look much for other moves.

J. See diagram #3. Once in life time! When we get there and I played 11-15, Michael asked me "Draw ?" When I declined his offer, he was very surprise and curious and said "Are you kidding ?" In position on diagram #3 red has scientific and one of the most beautiful wins I ever scored in important play against strong opponent.
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